Kallie the kitten is insane

Monday is coming up too fast. I have to decide what we want to do with Kallie kitten. She is 9 weeks old. The vet hasn’t found a home for her yet but she will take her to her vet clinic and start advertising her to find a forever home. The problem is Trey is in love with her. He loves Kaia and Kallie the most. And I’ve been giving Kallie to my neighbor Gabby because she has been interested in having a cat.

Kallie has done nothing to advertise herself because she bites, pounces, chews, and attacks everyone Lol She is the most playful kitten. She plays so hard she passes out. At Gabby’s house she started climbing all of the curtains, drinking all of the milk in one sitting, and doing one other thing that I won’t describe.

I don’t want another cat. I really don’t. Gabby wants a cat, but not THIS cat Lol I get it, she’s wild. I keep telling Gabby she will calm down as she gets older but I doubt she’s convinced. So today we will be having a family meeting at breakfast. I have to prepare Trey of 2 things. Either she’s hanging around our area or she’s gone. He’s going to be upset if she leaves. I know we can provide her an amazing life. She had a very bad start. I just don’t want another pet. I really don’t. I’m old, a cat adds 10+ years to your home life. I just don’t want to do it again. Kaia just turned 1 the other day. That’s good enough for me. Kallie will make a great addition to someone’s home. I have a feeling though Trey and the other kids will have a fit. I mean I caved in when we got Amanda from the pet store. I caved when we kept Kaia but she was an orphan. Kallie could be a great cat somewhere else. I don’t know. We will see. That’s going to be a hard conversation.

It’s coming down to the wire. I want to be honest so everyone can have 1 more great day with her in case she leaves us. I already know how this will go. I’m probably getting a new cat Lol

Everything else has been going great. We are traveling this summer. We do have big trips. I don’t think we are going to make it to Bolivia because of COVID. That’s okay. I understand the travel restrictions. I would rather go when I can be nice and relaxed instead of screaming DON’T TOUCH THAT, DONT GO NEAR THOSE PEOPLE every 10 seconds. We may just bounce between Chicago and Miami Beach. I haven’t wanted to go to Miami Beach until they find everyone who perished (or not, I still have hope) in Surfside building collapse. It’s such a sad, heartbreaking event and I wanted to distance ourselves from that a little until everyone has been accounted for. That being said, our next trip may be back to Chicago. This coming weekend. This time I have to take Bubba or he may disown me. He gets upset with my dog sitter (Mike’s mom) and misbehaves. I have always taken him on my trips. It just gets hard with the kids plus the dog. I think Chicago will be a lot of fun. We have been there a few times since we moved. The kids love it. They get to see their friends and their 2 previous nannies. It’s always a good time. Plus I’m missing my friends.

Hope everyone is having a fun summer. If you can’t get out and about, go out to your yard or a close by park. Get outside. It’s going to be a beautiful summer day!

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