Are these the Bears or not?

I took John and Josh with me to Milwaukee for a quick meeting with some investment people we have been talking to there. They listened and kept quiet through the whole thing. Then we stopped, got Tin Roofs and went back to the airport. I love Tin Roofs. I know they aren’t vegan but I just love them.

We got to Green Bay earlier than expected. Lambeau Field is one of those historical places you have to go to once. For a college game or a Packer game, just go. It took me a while to get tickets for this game and our seats weren’t that great but who cares. We watched as once again our Bears looked bad, had no offense, and could not do anything on defense. There were maybe 4 big plays the whole game. We left feeling bad about our team turning things around.

I walked in the door at 1:30am this morning and saw Sarah sitting on the touch with Alex. He had an upset tummy. I washed up, got in my pajamas and came out to hold him. He finally went down a little after 2am and I crawled into bed shortly after. Well whatever was going on came screaming out of him because when I got up to go get them the entire nursery smelled of a demon exiting the foul underworld Lol It was bad. I had to give him a bath it was so bad. I also had to get Sarah up to tend to Heston until I got Alex and I showered up. I know you aren’t supposed to shower with babies but I had to get showered for work and it was fine. He liked it I think. He didn’t cry which usually he does. So that’s something.

Josh and John don’t want to go to anymore Bears games until we get a win. That might be awhile so I told Sarah she’s invited to come to the next home game. She said she would love that. She also said she wants to get a new Bears outfit Lol Okay. Whatever you want.

We are staying at the condo all weekend. I’m getting off work at 4pm today to go home. Unless the girls decide it’s pizza night which they usually do on Fridays. I get a text around 3 saying Lou’s? Which is code for we already called it in please pick up the order on the way home. So funny. Their salads are very good so I don’t mind. When I get hungry later on I just munch on some veggies.

Tonight there is not Bears and no Cubs game. How about them Cubs! I do have 2 tickets to Game 6. My buddy promised if they made it that far he would sell me 2. I paid a hefty price but this may never happen again in my life time. I offered the ticket to Lindsay. She said Who? The what? No thanks. Of course not. So then I offered it to Drew and he said let me ask my wife. She said he can fly out Saturday morning only. He can’t leave here with the kids tonight Lol So we are making flight arrangements for him now and he’s so excited. Drew can’t wait to see the boys crawl in person. Lindsay loved seeing them but she wants to see them go faster now that they are getting better at it. She said it didn’t really count since they were mostly scooting not really crawling. It still counts. There’s a learning curve and it took a minute to get up and going.

We are also in the midst of first baby teeth. Sarah said she felt one when Heston took a chomp out of her arm while she was playing with him. So she looked and sure enough it’s starting to come in. Alex we can feel his first tooth but it hasn’t started to bust through yet. He seems to be a few days behind on everything. It’s so interesting but it’s making it a lot easier for me to write in their baby books. Yes I am up to date on both of them which is a miracle since I can’t seem to update my checkbook that often.

Things are great. I’m single, loving it and not interested at all in looking for the Mrs. Cooper that’s out there waiting for me. I like giving all of my time to my boys. We do all kinds of fun family stuff. Most of which is memorialized on my Facebook page for all my family and friends to see. Every time I upload new photos I get some great comments.

I’m spending tomorrow morning finally switching out my Spring/Summer clothing for my Fall/Winter stuff. I have needed to do this for the longest time but have put it off. I have 4 clothes full of my stuff Lol That includes my giant walk in closet. I am a clothes hoarder and I admit it. In my defense it’s really hard to find clothes that fit me so unless it has a hole on it, a food stain or whatever else I keep it. I still have tshirts from college that still fit me.

And on to one last thing I have grown a soul patch. I’m very aware of how much people hate those by all the comments I have gotten Lol I like it and that’s all that matters. When Lindsay first saw it on Facetime she said WTF is on your face you need to wipe that off. I told her it was a soul patch and she said that it’s a lady repellant and I’m lucky she’s not around to shave it off while I’m sleeping it. She said if it’s still attached to me when we get to Las Vegas on Sunday it’s going to be gone by Monday. What’s the big deal? I had one back in college and I liked it.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and an awesome weekend! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

Chicago Bust

Josh and I went to the Chicago Bears game last night. Fun guy’s night out. Wrong. Well we did have fun and we laughed a lot but the game was a bust. Cutler got hurt, then 5 others got hurt. It was bad. And now the next day one more went down. That game didn’t look that bad. Ouch.

Today has been busy. I have been going out a town a lot for day trips. But I make sure I’m back in Chicago by 5pm. That way I can get home in time to cook for supper or at least pick something up for me and Sarah. The boys are enjoying their random and various baby foods. We are trying different ones. Figures they both like the same ones and both don’t like the same ones. Very interesting.

Work is busy. My boys are perfect and my personal life is so quiet it’s finally back to normal. Finally. I love that. No one bothers me, no one harasses me online anymore. The trolls are have imploded. I knew I would be old news soon. The entire world is over me. Thank goodness! I’m over myself actually. I was over myself months ago but it was still a small presence.

Things are going great. I’m training hard for marathons. I’m working out every morning and taking my dog for a walk every night. We hang out a lot actually. He misses me during the day. Sarah plays with him some, the pet nanny takes him out to the dog park if it’s not too hot. Lately the weather has been great. He’s got a funny personality. Great dog.

I’m going to a Cubs game tomorrow night with Cam. I promised him I would take him to a game this season. Our schedules finally lined up. He’s excited. He’s taking me to a Cuban restaurant before we go. I’m chugging pepto before we eat there. I love Cuban food but it’s spicy for me. Different flavors and I don’t even know what they make the sauces with. But it’s very easy to find vegan cuban food. They load things up with veggies.

Great week so far. Well it is Tuesday. I can’t wait to get to Friday and head back up to the lakehouse. I’m really looking forward to some boating/jet skiing combo adventures. Should be a nice relaxing weekend.

Have a great week everyone! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

Sunday Family Dinner

The Bears game was not as fun as I thought it would be. Because we lost and it looked horrible. Where is the offense this year? Why are they not throwing the ball? Traditionally the Bears are a running game but geez. Throw the ball! Cutler looks awful and he says the same excuse every year. We’re working it out. How about you work your way over to the bench Cutler?

Sarah didn’t even know what was going on so she said it was a lot of fun. She even booed when the crowd boo’ed at halftime Lol We did more shopping than eating. Which is great news for me because I have 2 marathons coming up and I don’t need to unfocus my diet right now.

Which brings us to family dinner tonight. Cam started a family dinner tradition with us a while ago. If we are at the lakehouse like we are this weekend he comes over at noon after we get home from Church and running around, and we plan out a menu. Then he hits the store or I go with him and we get what we want.

Today it’s pasta dishes. Lots and lots of cheese and meats. Yuck. Can’t eat either one of those so I’m making myself spaghetti squash and eggplant coins. Yummy! They are very delicious. Even the girls like them. We are going to cook all day until the gravy is thickened and perfect. We will eat at 2 then pack up and head home.

My boys, my adorable baby boys have all of a sudden become mobile. They just scoot themselves all over. And they are both up on their knees a little too. I think crawling is right around the corner, God help us all!

Both houses have been babyproofed since before they were born Lol I am crazy, I know. So we are ready. But are we really? Babies will get in places I never thought so we are trying to figure out some fencing and baby gate options. We have to because Sarah can not chase around 2 crawling babies all day long and also deal with my dog. That’s too much. If we can contain them on one of the living room areas, that’s plenty of space for them to zoom around it but she can also see them from the kitchen when she’s getting food ready.

Which brings me to the next milestone. My boys are eating baby food. Sort of. It’s more spitting it out than actually eating it but we are working on it. We started a little bit last month. Just to see what would happen. That was a no go. So we work on it on weekends and finally out of nowhere they like it. We are still doing some formula too. But it’s a lot of fun for me to sit on a chair and feed my baby birds. It’s so funny watching them try a different flavor. I bought one of each with the baby food. It’s all vegan. And I firmly believe that is the only kind of baby food you should feed your children. It’s the best for them. You can’t really argue that with me. And I won’t listen to any disagreement anyway. They like carrots, peas, and applesauce. Not a fan of anything else yet. We keep trying. It’s so funny when one is full but the other isn’t. So then I keep going until we give the doctor recommended amount. I was unclear on how much to start out with. The doctor told me they will let me know when they are full. And he was right. My boys are chunks! I mean they are not chubby rock by any means but they both weight a lot. Still very healthy and doing great. Things are changing so fast right now. I come home from work and Sarah reports the newest thing one of them has begun doing. It’s awesome.

I am starting to miss our late night feedings. They are sleeping mostly through the nights now. We put them down at 8:30 and they usually knock out around 8:50 each night. They sleep until 5 or 6. Then it’s time to get up. Which is when I get up to workout anyway. So I change butts, feed them, then bring them into my home gym and put them in their playpen. They watch me workout or run on the treadmill. They babble away and pull on their stuffed animals. When one starts crying I have to stop and see what’s up. And usually it’s just an attention thing. Then I get Sarah up, she comes to get them, I finish my workout, shower, eat breakfast then play with them both until it’s time to go to work. It’s a routine. I love it. It works great for me. And it’s working better for Sarah. She used to get up early with them but I told her let me do it because you have the rest of the day to do it. I can always come home and take a nap if I need one.

My life is completely different from a year ago. This time last year I was mending a broken heart and wondering WTF did I get myself into. Now things are completely calm and quiet. My life is awesome and I’m very happy. I’m making better decisions and I’m no longer chasing love. Love is finding me. And I feel so blessed.

Church was amazing this morning. It was about resiliency. I can honestly say I feel like I came from a really bad time in my life and things worked out great. Last year I felt like everything was bad. Now I know that life is meant to challenge you. That’s when it’s time to do your own work and figure yourself out.

I’m still here. I’m still me. And I’m still smiling through everything. Thank goodness God showed me how to forgive and let go. That’s the only way I could deal with all of it.

I am happy. I really am!

Have a great Sunday. It’s time to get this suit off and get ready to stir gravy all day Lol Cam will be here in a few minutes to help me plan out our family dinner.

Love ya’ll!

Chiefs vs Bears game

I’m taking Sarah to the Bears game tomorrow. It should be fun. My first Bears game this season. I have season tickets again this year and I’m really excited to see how the defense is looking. The offense, well I still feel Jay Cutler should be gone. He hasn’t produced anything in the post season for me to talk about. It’s hard to get rid of a seasoned quarterback. Look at Tony Romo. Already hurt again. Time to let him go too.

Sarah is excited. She went out last night and bought a Bears tshirt. It’s pink. Yes, pink. I can’t complain but when she came out wearing it last night I said Ooooohhhh oh. That’s pink. She said isn’t it cute? Yes it’s cute. It’s pink. It’s football! She said be quiet and then she did a twirl and made the babies laugh so then I dropped it.

This has been a busy week at work. That’s why I haven’t been writing much. Sorry about that. I get home and I’m on dad duty until 9. Then I have to get my stuff done and set out my suit for the next day, make my lunch if I am eating at work then start laundry or help do dishes. Play with the dog or take him for a walk. By the time I get to bed at 11pm I’m exhausted. Then I think I should write a quick blog. Nah, it can wait.

I haven’t been sleeping well at all this week. I’m laying there with my mind going over work stuff. Or I’m worrying on silly things. Then I fall asleep and wake back up. It’s almost Nyquil time to knock me out. I’m hoping this weekend I can pass out and catch up on my sleep.

Brandi and Heather are taking the boys up to the lakehouse tonight. I’m taking Sarah to a nice dinner. She found a fancy restaurant she wants to try. She saw it on tv. I made reservations and we are going to dress up and go eat. Then tomorrow we are going to the noon game and leave from there to go up to the Lake. That gives us all a little break from each other.

Sarah watches that show Flipping out with Jeff Lewis and keeps telling me I’m getting more and more like that. I demand a lot, I become critical and then I just flip out and then storm out. I have had 3 major blowups since she came to live with me. All 3 were my fault. All 3 I apologized for. But I reminded her I haven’t had a flip out in months. So that has to count? Or is she still upset by them? I don’t know. We watched the show last night and she kept giving me side eye and going Mmmmhhmmm. See that? Lol Nice. I’m nothing like that as a Boss. That guy is crazy. And to yell at his main or house manager like that? That’s extreme.

Drew finally sent me copies of the photos from our trip. His pictures are hilarious. He has a ton of his kids doing Greek Olympic poses that cracked me up. I picked one of the best ones and put it in a frame to add to my photos in my office at work. I showed everyone at work and they cracked up. Those kids are the best. They really are. I’m so happy I got to spend a lot of time with them. It had been a while since I’ve seen the whole family so it was fun.

I better get back to work. My lunch break is over and I’m done eating my sandwich.

Have a great weekend guys! Love ya’ll!