I took a Buzzfeed quiz

I shared my results with my nannies. They all agreed.

Have You Ever Wondered If You’re An Asshole?

Take This Test And Find Out

No, you’re not an asshole That’s right. Sometimes, people might think you’re a dick. But the reality is that you are a good-hearted person on the inside. You care about people. You care about everything and everyone around you. You might not have the best social skills, but that doesn’t make you an asshole. Keep being you.

Well that’s good to know. It’s what I have always thought about myself. I know I can be a dick sometimes. Ask Kate Lol She knows, but it’s very rare. Most of the time I’m upbeat, happy, joking around. I love to laugh. I have a lot of fun in life. It’s because I’m tired or I’m frustrated with something when I can be a dick. It’s short lived. Give me about 5 to 10 minutes, and it will stop. At least I can admit it. I’m not perfect.

What else is going on? More cleaning. I’m getting closer and closer to hiring a maid service. I can move everyone out to the guest house while they clean. That way we have no interaction with them. That may be the best case because at this point I’m exhausted.

Oh, I am taking my family out of town next weekend. I have been in quarantine for a week waiting for Canada to get their shi** together. They apparently took that to mean, let’s not mask up, lets not social distance. Let’s try to beat America on Covid cases. It’s ridiculous. So now no shot of me crossing the board, Ontario is on a 6 week lockdown. No sense quarantine myself anymore. We are out of here. I’m so excited. I need to pick a spot then check out all of the Covid restrictions. We will not be going into town for any reason. We are going to rent and AirBnB close to a town and do outdoor stuff. Away from people. The only time I might be around folks is getting the rental cars. That may be in. I think we will be okay. I have no idea where we want to go. I’m going to start that discussion tonight at Family Meeting. It should be entertaining.

I’m dreaming of somewhere WARM! I would love to sit on a private beach and do nothing for an entire weekend. That would be heaven. I need it. I’m beat up. I’m so tired from doing everything, worrying about the kids. It’s draining. I want to also have some fun. We haven’t been doing much big fun things recently. I would love to hear my kids laugh and play. I think my nannies will be happy if we get out of here for a few days.

What do I do with Sarah? She has her baby. They are kind of a load Lol You have to take both of them and the baby stuff. It would be nice if we all got along but that never happens. I need to think about it. It may depend on some good behavior this week. I don’t know. Brenda and Lynn do enjoy getting off of work and going to their home. They come back the next day appreciative, refreshed, in a good mood. A nice weekend away would be a small treat.

What’s the Covid numbers in Miami Beach? How about South Padres? Malibu? I don’t know. I’m going to start looking up AirBnB rentals now. I’m excited to go!

I just thought about renting an RV, but I would rather line up my kids, and let them each kick me in the nut sack before I pile us all into an RV for 3 days Lol No way that will ever happen. I’m done camping. I don’t mind hiking or kayaking but I’m all done setting up tents, cooking, and trying to wrangle my kids out in the woods. We camp in my backyard. That I can do. Cross RV off the list, cross of camping, and any type of theme park. Too soon for Covid life. Where should we go?

In Pyrex, I trust and Free Money Giveaway!

I’ve been cooking this morning and afternoon. I’m working on a few things for a much later on mention. It’s kind of big news. IF I CAN get this recipe perfect. It’s been a dream of mine to offer some form of Vegan food for the masses and we might just be there. IF. Only IF. We will circle back to that in the future.

It snowed. *&^*(^%! That’s what I think of that. I am so looking forward to Spring weather. Real Spring weather, not this Colorado gotcha weather. Just when we were hitting some 70s, Mother Nature said BWWAAuuhhhahahahaha, watch this! And she threw snow all over. It’s actually a lot worse than I originally thought it would be. I’m only aware based on my local CBS news channel coverage. A ton of snapped trees, broken branches and so forth out there. I haven’t ventured out so I have no idea. As per usual, I stay home. I did ask the UPS guy how the roads were. He said stay home at least another day, its sloppy now. Okay, we will do that. I keep dreaming of a cool breeze, sunlight, maybe some green grass and budding trees. When will that be happening? I hope soon.

Things are going well today. I’m cooking, I’m cleaning. My daughters are singing the vegetable song to me. They aren’t anywhere near the key it’s supposed to start out in. That’s fine. They are cute. They know they are cute. They do everything together. It’s heartwarming. It also makes me ache for a mom for them. My boys are all so vocal about it. When are we getting a mom? Are you even doing ANYTHING to go get one? How come we don’t already have a mom? It’s relentless.

Let me see what else. I have rearranged the rooms a little. I finally bought my own matching dresser and bigger dresser for my room. Long story, half of my dresser set went away in the divorce. I was tired of arguing about a stupid dresser set so I said take yours, I’m keeping mine. The pettiness of it all. I finally found the one I wanted. I bought it and got it in place. It makes me happy. I feel like I’m finally getting my house in order. Little things here and there. Just waiting on spring time. That would be a great song lyric. Let me think.

Waiting on spring time

When everything is green

and newness all around me

for all the world to see

Hahaha, I tried. I get goofy like that. In fact I do have an entire notebook full of song lyrics I haven’t done anything with. Some days the kids want to go in and record things. Some night when I can’t sleep I work on things. It takes me forever to get a full song done. Months. If only I had more ME time. Oh well, kids need me. I need them. We are a family. We Are Fam a Lee! I got all my. enough. Okay see you guys later. Keep checking back soon. I will have a Money Giveaway coming up soon on here! We are celebrating my 5 Million VISITORS!

Those 5 aren’t my 5

I found this article. I’ve read it 3 times.

5 Essentials to Having a Healthy Relationship (joinonelove.org)

If you want to be that #relationshipgoals couple, here are 5 essentials for having a healthy relationship.

  1. Communication. You’ve definitely heard the very cliché “communication is key.” But here’s the thing – it’s a cliché for a reason
  2. Respect
  3. Boundaries
  4. Trust
  5. Support

While I appreciate these answers they aren’t mine. Some of them are on my top 5 list. I would say Loyalty is a must for me. That ties into Respect and Trust, but for me to be in a love relationship I need someone that is loyal and stays loyal. I’ve been cheated on in every single relationship I have ever had. Except 1. I don’t know if it’s the women I pick or it’s the situations we mix together. Either way if you aren’t loyal to me, forget it. There are a lot of really good women out there. I can find one that doesn’t cheat.

Support, I really don’t need it. I support myself, I support others. I certainly support my significant other. I wouldn’t claim Support in my Top 5. I really don’t need that much support. Respect is good. Boundaries are necessary. You can’t build a life around someone without knowing what is their breaking point areas. It’s usually a conversation when you are both decided do we take this to the next level.

What are your Top 5?

I just wanted a Yoga strap, they mailed me a shoelace

When I first decided to move my family to Denver, Colorado one of the things in my dream scenario was to do Yoga, overlooking a mountainous view while the sunrise slowly made it’s light shine over me. I mean, I had some Mile High hopes. So far I’ve made it through Yoga in my basement home gym, outside (Once) on the patio until my neighbor came over and made a comment about my big round butt. I am really trying to get back into Yoga. I have noticed without, or at least the slow stretching motions I was doing, my lower back is tight. It makes it really hard to lift heavy things, to lift a kid, to carry my canvas grocery bags in that I fill way too full. I mean, it’s a mess.

I found this video.

Yes, it is for beginners. But I’m going to use it as a warm up to get my body ready for either a 2 mile or 4 mile walk with Kate, or use it as a cool down after I pump iron. It’s 10 minutes long which is perfect. The motions are easy. She does a LOT of stretching that helps the lower back and every time I watch the video I can hear Enya singing Only Time. You know that song. Who can say where the road goes, where the day flows, ONLY TIME. Yes, that one.

That’s a goal. I’m setting a new fitness goal. Add Yoga in a few times a week. The days I can’t go walked because of my weather, (Snow in APRIL!) I can at least do 10 minutes. It’s something.

So I was looking at different kinds of Yoga Mat carriers over the past 2 weeks. You know, for my drive up some mountain one day to do morning Yoga. I ordered this really cool looking bag. I thought it would be awesome because it sorta looks like Legolas’s quiver bag. If you don’t know Lord of the Rings, you won’t get that. That’s what I liked about it. I got it earlier today and it’s a black shoelaces, with 2 clear plastic slip knots on either side.

Now yes, I can use it around my yoga mat. Yes it works just fine. But I wanted the quiver bag. That company got a snarky email comment. They already said they sent it in mistake and instead of giving me my bag, they gave me a credit. I just wanted my yoga bag, man. Breathe. Just breathe through the resistance.

So that’s a new goal for your 2021 Batman bingo cards. Yoga.

Hope you guys are doing great. I’m doing good. I am sleeping much better. I know I have not been posting on Twitter that much. I’m spending a lot more time with my daughters in the mornings. I get chores done after lunch and I’m trying to spend more time with them in the afternoon. It’s a hard balance to get laundry, cleaning, cooking, time with my kids in. This house is too big for me to handle it alone. I don’t make my nannies clean my house or cook. That’s not their job. But I also didn’t think we would get rid of our maid service that came twice a week. I’m debating on starting that back up again but I feel like it’s way too soon. Maybe in a few months if they can prove they are vaccinated. I don’t know. I feel like all I do is clean the house. It sucks.

Have a good day guys. I need to go. My UPS guy is here (Again), don’t tell Kate Lol

Let the Packages In

For Lent I gave up online shopping. It really was a sacrifice since the pandemic is still ongoing, I had to figure out how to get all of our food, extras here. Plus I’m well known by all of our local delivery companies. Our boxes could build their own shipping hub. We do recycle every one of them so don’t worry. I’m very conscious about my carbon footprint in Denver.

Let me see. I tried out a weighed blanket last night for the first time. That was one of the packages we got yesterday. I slept so soundly. My insomnia has been visiting for a few weeks and I’m tired all of the time. That blanket held me down from the tossing and turning. I had it across my chest to start out. A few friends on Twitter told me not to pin my arms down under it. I followed their advice. I slept great. I can say I feel better. I need a few more nights just like that but I am pleased with my purchase.

I got my morning started and got the boys all in school. They are doing well. It can’t be easy sitting there all day in school but they are trying to finish up strong. The school year is a mere 7 weeks from being done. I know they can’t wait. I’m working on some fun summer travel plans. I want out of here for a while. We all need a real vacation. Not a Covid getaway.

I did a very cold but brisk walk with Kate. She’s on her spring break from work so we have time to get in some walking this week. We did a full 2 miles. I was proud. We are slowing working back to our 4 miles every other day pace. We did do a quick 1 mile yesterday. That was pretty fun. The rest of this week because I will be getting some snowy cold weather, she will walk and I will be at home doing Yoga/Stretching. I am working on that too. My lower back is trash. It will not release. I’ve tried everything. I finally realized I need to stretch in a routine on a weekly basis. That’s just how my life is going to be. It sucks.

Things are going well. We all finished our lunch and I’m getting ready to go play with my daughters. It’s so fun now that they are both grown up a little bit more. They are very talkative and I love watching them interact with each other. Peace Taylor is the boss, no doubt there, and she tells Sky what to do and what toy she can play with. I’m hoping they continue to be this close as they get older. I mean I have 5 kids, some of them will hopefully be LifeLong friends. I can only hope that’s how it works out.

I’m good. Kate is good. Kate is very sweet. She’s the best. Hope everyone is doing good too. Love you guys! Have a fun day. I got my new gaming mouse in a few minutes ago. I can’t wait to set it up and test it out tonight. Logitech makes some of the best gaming gear for Gamers. I know this mouse will improve my gaming.

I’m not a chef, I wish I was

This week I’m working on a bunch of new grilling recipes that I found in my Vegan Cooking Community. I love Twitter. They have an entire group thing now you can trade stories, recipes, and fun. Today I will be grilling out Beyond Meat Burgers that have been marinated in grape jelly and Lemon Pepper seasoning. I know. WTF, right? I’m going to try it. I don’t know that my kids will like it so I’m only making a few. The kids will be getting grilled Beyond Meat Sausages that I will cut in half and serve on our gluten free hot dog buns. I’m also roasting a foil pack of veggies. I love how they taste off of the grill. And then I made a Whacko Cake for dessert. I’m not sure how that wil taste but it’s going to be fun to see my kids expression when I bring it out. My left hand is trash so trying to frost the darn thing and make it look good isn’t easy. The colorful sprinkles help the appearance.

Just another fun day around here. I get to prep and cook while my boys are in school. My daughters help (sorta) and then we all eat together and talk about our day so far. I like being at home. I like working too but not at the pace I used to work. This downshift in gears is fine. I’m comfortable. I don’t miss all of the travel. I don’t miss listening to people upset or questioning things I have no control over. I like the simple chaos of my home life. I’m happy. I really am happy. Things could not be better.

Hope you guys are having a good day. Stay safe, the police are still out there killing innocent people. It’s senseless and heartbreaking. Having to talk to my kids about how to not come off as a threat to police officers is necessary but disturbing. I hate it. I hate this is part of their life. It’s the only way to keep them safe and alive. They have to be prepared for what life brings. Love to Daunte Wright’s family. It’s senseless. Stop killing our kids!

I’m getting a headache

I pulled my kids from the Catholic school some time ago. I had fundamental issues with them telling me how important my donations were and how my income level they expected me to give more.


I’m sorry it still makes me laugh every time I think about that phone call. When I yanked my kids from that school, they were shocked. I had the Father of our Church call me immediately and he was trying not to pick sides but he was also telling me I was wrong and my kids need to go back. Fat chance my brother. I put them in Denver Public school and we have not had any issues with their teachers, students, or staff since. Not once. It’s such a relief. My kids like Public school. My grandmother and my mother I’m sure turned over in their graves. I’m not even kidding. When I get to Heaven I know who will be meeting me Lol And they will be hot under their angel wings.

So today I got my mail and found a packet for the same Catholic school giving me the paperwork for next year’s school year, included the tuition fees and administration fees.


No thanks. I threw it away. I believed my kids will be raised within the Catholic school system. But I can’t do it. I’m not going to be told how much of my money needs to go to them. I have always been generous. I have given what I am comfortable with. But it’s not an expectation and I believe that’s what a lot of it has become. I won’t play in that system. I don’t have to. So we will be public school people. And we will continue our Catholic faith, and our virtual attendance. But no more of the bullsh**!

Yep, I have a headache now.