2 Birthdays and a Miami Beach week

It’s hard to schedule things for this time of year because I have 2 birthdays 2 weeks apart.

Peace’s birthday was small and fun. She loved it. She cried when she saw the whole set up. I told her that the virus was still out there and we couldn’t have a big blowout. She was upset at first until she saw her party. I had Sarah decorate it with her Brazilian friend and it came out perfect. We had a pool party with small kids carnival games, we had presents, cake and ice cream. I mean, my family and friends always take care of my kids on their birthdays. They get way too much stuff but I use that as a time to get rid of the old toys to replace them with all the new stuff. We clean things up and donate what we can. It’s very important. She loved it, I asked her at bedtime what her favorite part was and she said the part where you said it wouldn’t be a big party and it was the hugest party ever Lol I think 4 years with me has made her dream big, and want for big things. I love it.

Now we ride out this week at home and continue to look online for a new Chicago house. We are going to leave on Friday to fly down to Miami Beach, Florida. We will be staying for a week. My kids wanted one last “big trip” before they start school. I just want out of Denver, its too hot here. I can’t jump in the Ocean whenever I want here.

And then on Friday evening we will be throwing Sky’s birthday party. She’s turning 2. OMG. My baby is growing up too fast. She is going with a Peppa Pig party. That will be easy. She loves Peppa Pig.

After 2 years of struggling and dealing with things I have no more diapers to change. I am officially off diaper duty! And FYI I refuse to change another diaper the rest of my life Lol I’ve done my time. It’s someone else’s turn. Sky is potty training, walking, talking. She’s her own little person now. It’s awesome. I’m glad I’m finally out of the baby/toddler phase. It was too much.

I hope to relax and catch up on sleep on our Miami Beach week. I need it. I’m so tired all of the time lately. I don’t know what’s going on. I just know that life is a blessing and I’m trying to enjoy everything I can.

Love you guys, stay in the nice cool breeze inside if you can. It’s too hot outside! Love you guys!

Another Chicago Weekend

We have a lot to cram into one weekend but it’s going to be fun for the kids. Lindsay is actually home so she will be hanging out with us all weekend. She came over last night to talk about today’s house hunting. She took the women back to her house for some fun and because I didn’t have enough room for everyone to sleep here. Gabby came with us, so did Sarah and her baby. I kept the baby because she doesn’t need to see what goes on over at Lindsay’s house after dark. It’s shameful behavior.

This morning we are going to go look at 2 newly renovated Brownstones. Move in ready. If I find one I like, I’m buying it today. My condo just doesn’t fit all of us. It was perfect before I started adopting a million kids plus 2 nannies, not 1 nanny. I didn’t think Sarah or Gabby would be traveling with us much to Chicago, I was wrong on that one too. It’s time to upgrade. I need at least 5 bedrooms OR at least 5 rooms I can turn into bedrooms. My boys can get bunk beds and all share a room. That makes it much easier to deal with. My daughters share a room now, so that’s not an issue. That leaves me with my room and a room each for the nannies. However, if others join us, they can share a room, a bed, a couch, I don’t care. As long as my kids are comfy.

We are also going clothes shopping. The weather is going to be nice and cool, so I’m looking forward to some shorts/tshirt weather. And tonight we are going to a kids play. It’s a social distancing event outside. We have one of those tent things that you sit your chairs in. That will help us social distance, keep the riff raff away, and also get the bugs to stay off of us. It’s going to be a lot of fun. My kids love things that are interactive like that. It’s like tv but a live performance. I’m excited to see their faces.

I’m doing well. I plan on having a nice, calm weekend. Nothing too crazy. Tomorrow we are staying late because Lindsay wants to spend extra time with the kids. Peace Taylor will be turning 4 next weekend. The party planning has been nuts. Sarah is in charge of it, I’m paying her to do the birthdays and holiday planning, I’m useless. It’s going to be a beautiful pink/teal theme party. She did not want Winnie the Pooh or anything like that because “she is not a baby daddy, duh”. Okay.

Have a great weekend, folks. Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. Yes, that one rumor is true, and I will be going up to Utah soon Lol And no the other 2 rumors are all bullsh**.

Kallie the kitten is insane

Monday is coming up too fast. I have to decide what we want to do with Kallie kitten. She is 9 weeks old. The vet hasn’t found a home for her yet but she will take her to her vet clinic and start advertising her to find a forever home. The problem is Trey is in love with her. He loves Kaia and Kallie the most. And I’ve been giving Kallie to my neighbor Gabby because she has been interested in having a cat.

Kallie has done nothing to advertise herself because she bites, pounces, chews, and attacks everyone Lol She is the most playful kitten. She plays so hard she passes out. At Gabby’s house she started climbing all of the curtains, drinking all of the milk in one sitting, and doing one other thing that I won’t describe.

I don’t want another cat. I really don’t. Gabby wants a cat, but not THIS cat Lol I get it, she’s wild. I keep telling Gabby she will calm down as she gets older but I doubt she’s convinced. So today we will be having a family meeting at breakfast. I have to prepare Trey of 2 things. Either she’s hanging around our area or she’s gone. He’s going to be upset if she leaves. I know we can provide her an amazing life. She had a very bad start. I just don’t want another pet. I really don’t. I’m old, a cat adds 10+ years to your home life. I just don’t want to do it again. Kaia just turned 1 the other day. That’s good enough for me. Kallie will make a great addition to someone’s home. I have a feeling though Trey and the other kids will have a fit. I mean I caved in when we got Amanda from the pet store. I caved when we kept Kaia but she was an orphan. Kallie could be a great cat somewhere else. I don’t know. We will see. That’s going to be a hard conversation.

It’s coming down to the wire. I want to be honest so everyone can have 1 more great day with her in case she leaves us. I already know how this will go. I’m probably getting a new cat Lol

Everything else has been going great. We are traveling this summer. We do have big trips. I don’t think we are going to make it to Bolivia because of COVID. That’s okay. I understand the travel restrictions. I would rather go when I can be nice and relaxed instead of screaming DON’T TOUCH THAT, DONT GO NEAR THOSE PEOPLE every 10 seconds. We may just bounce between Chicago and Miami Beach. I haven’t wanted to go to Miami Beach until they find everyone who perished (or not, I still have hope) in Surfside building collapse. It’s such a sad, heartbreaking event and I wanted to distance ourselves from that a little until everyone has been accounted for. That being said, our next trip may be back to Chicago. This coming weekend. This time I have to take Bubba or he may disown me. He gets upset with my dog sitter (Mike’s mom) and misbehaves. I have always taken him on my trips. It just gets hard with the kids plus the dog. I think Chicago will be a lot of fun. We have been there a few times since we moved. The kids love it. They get to see their friends and their 2 previous nannies. It’s always a good time. Plus I’m missing my friends.

Hope everyone is having a fun summer. If you can’t get out and about, go out to your yard or a close by park. Get outside. It’s going to be a beautiful summer day!

Happy $5000 Father’s Day Giveaway

Update: We picked a winner and posted the screenshot for PROOF on my Twitter page.

Today we will be doing another $5000 Cashapp Giveaway. The last one went over very well. I’m opening up the comments/email sections on this blog as well as posting on my Twitter account/Social Media accounts. Just drop your CASHAPP tag if you can see this and someone will be randomly selected. The winner will be asked to post a screenshot of their Cashapp activity to prove they did receive the funds. I have loaded up my Cashapp with money a while ago. It’s ready to go. I pray it helps someone or a family.

Happy Father’s Day to all the cool dads holding it down. I know how hard being a dad is in 2021. It’s a lot to shoulder and a whole lot of doing things you don’t necessarily have to do. 2020 kind of sent everything we have ever known into a tailspin. Supporting the family has taken a whole new meaning. I appreciate my kids, I love them dearly. I know I’m a 2 star Dad raising 5 star kids. I try very hard every day and I’m trying to lead by example. I never thought I would be here with 5 kids, living my life in Denver and still no mom in sight. I am trying to figure all of that out but I refuse to settle.

We have some very fun Dad things planned for today. We are going to plan our next day trip for this coming weekend. We had a trip planned for Friday night but we had some unexpected things come up. That’s okay we will be visiting that place this week instead. I think that will work out much better for the weather anyway.

Call your dad. Don’t buy him a tie. Dads love food. Give him something good to eat and tell him how much you love and appreciate him. That’s all we really want. That and the remote all day. Love you guys! Eat your veggies and fruits!

Catching Up

This is the week I’m trying to do about a year and a half of catch up work. I did our medical appointments the past 2 weeks. That was top priority. I did the Trey finalizing his conversion to Catholicism. I took him down to the Church by myself after the poor kid had to do virtual/delayed/virtual/delayed again class. I felt so bad for him. It took 3 times longer than it’s supposed to take. That was number 2 on my list.

Sigh. Clothes shopping. Like probably, all of you, I’ve had to shop online to buy clothes for 5 children that outgrow everything in 2 months. They are all at different growth spurts. It feels like I just get one re-clothed? Is that even a word? Lol We get everything in, someone else pops up with a shirt that is now a bib. It’s ridiculous. Throw in, I don’t know how to shop for kids. I had Sarah do that. She’s gone, enjoying her quiet life before she starts her new work life. I could have called her and asked her to help but I want to figure things out on my own. I signed a contract with Lynn and Brenda for 5 years. We are in the 2nd year of that, I have 4 more years to figure parenting out because at that time, they are moving on. I wanted to get Sky (MY LAST CHILD I SWEAR) into school and everyone else into a routine.

Clothes shopping with my boys is a nightmare. They want to look at everything but not pick anything out. And then there’s my favorite, the BAD ATTITUDES. One gets going, the other 2 join in and next thing you know I am saying PICK A SHIRT, I DONT CARE WHAT SHIRT. JUST PICK 1! And when they refuse, I grab 2 shirts and off we go with a chorus of I am not wearing that, That’s ugly following me Lol

My daughters have always been much easier to shop for. They love everything. Everything is Ohhh Daddy, its pretty. Easy. And now today, I have to finally shop for myself. That means I have to go to the Big & Tall stores because regular clothes do not fit me. I’m too tall and lanky. Also I have a round bubble butt so regular shorts, dress pants, jeans do not fit me either. I got the family butt and mixed with my dad’s tall tree family traits, I’m a freak Lol

It’s also uncomfortable because I’m going into a store where most of the guys are just Big, not so much Tall. My skinny a** is looking for things and the other guys are looking at me like you A**HOLE, get out Lol It sucks. So here is the game plan for today. The nannies are going to play a few games with the kids. I’m taking 2 hours out of my morning to hit 2 stores. I’m going to grab lunch on my way home to make it easy. I will spend the rest of the day doing laundry for my new clothes and finishing up the girls laundry with their new clothes from yesterday. We are going to swim and swim often. It’s been hot in Denver. I love it!

And then I am going to host a neighborhood dinner. I am FINALLY ready to make friends and invite people over to my house. My house is done, my yard is done. I’m ready. I’ve had my house in disarray for almost 2 years now. I’m ready to gather the few neighbors I sorta know and get to know them much better. I have 1 friend here in Denver, Gabby and 2 down in Colorado Springs. My buddy Mike and his mom. I haven’t made time to go get me some new friends. I tried to sign up for an Open Mic night, but then the place got shut down and they re-opened with no spots for a few weeks. I’m also planning on going to the Farmer’s Market on the weekend because honestly, that’s mostly where I’ve met my friends. That is one perk on being a Vegan. The minute you say that, the veggie/fruit vendors chase you Lol HAVE YOU TRIED MY GREEN BEANS? Uh no. HERE, YOU WILL THANK ME. Uh, okay.

My life has been on pause. I just hit Unpause, and off we go. We have several trips planned over the next many, many, weekends. I’m taking my kids the heck out of the house. This weekend is another trip. We just did Nebraska, last weekend. Next weekend is a trip, and the following week I have the car permit passes to drive up to Estes Park.

I’m happy to be in the air again. I love to fly. I love the convenience (Had to look up that word, I forgot the other e) of having my own plane. Right now it’s very safe and private. Right now, its the best way to get across the country. I don’t need hot weather trips, I have 99 degree weather in Denver. We are exploring up North. Yes, really. My babies need some heat relief. We have some beautiful tourist spots that even I have never seen. I want my kids to enjoy our land. It’s part of their lives too.

I need to go, this blog post has taken a year and a half to write my goodness. I can hear one of my son’s looking for me. Have a great day guys, Love you!

I still don’t know what the heck I’m doing Lol But I’m trying.

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

This is the year that all 5 of my kids are enjoying the pool. My daughters used to play for a few minutes, then want out. I think that was a little bit of fear added in with some boredom? I’m not sure. They are all fish this year. I love it. We swim twice a day. One after their ABC Mouse Academy school. We do 1 hour per day with them after breakfast. That’s when our pool is heating up. Swim for an hour. Go play downstairs while I prep lunch. My nannies are telling me how easy it is with them now. I appreciate the turn around on attitudes. My boys did not like virtual school at all. That was surprising. I thought they would love to stay home. It was sitting in front of the computer all day that was the bummer. Now we know.

We will be flying back to Nebraska this weekend. It’s time to visit my family. Some of them have never even met Sky or Trey. It should be interesting. I hope nothing offensive gets said but we will see. I would like a nice, social weekend with a few family announcements about the Holidays. We have to start working on our Thanksgiving and Christmas giveaways. We try to be creative but the fact is, we just give away money and free food. That’s our tradition. Maybe we will give away a new car just to spice it up. I don’t know about that though. Car insurance, car tags if you have to pay them, that kind of muddles up a gift that big. We will vote on ideas this coming weekend. I know my family is much more creative than I am. I can’t wait to see everyone.

It sounds like Canada is finally getting their sh** together. Kate and I hope I can venture up there in July or August. It would be nice to get a weekend away from the kids but I have to know it’s safe. She has already had her 1st shot. I won’t go until she gets her 2nd shot which will be soon. I’m looking forward to hanging out in Canada again. This will be my 3rd trip up there with her. It will be a lot of fun.

Hope everyone is having a strong beginning of the week. I’ve been busy. These kids run me around. We had medical appointments to catch up on. The boys have to do a hearing test soon. That will give me an update on how their ears are doing. I hope there is some growth and improvement. I’ve been praying on that for years. Be sure to enjoy the nice weather if you have it. Eat your veggies and fruits. A balanced diet is the only way to enjoy your food. Love you guys!

Kallie is doing fine. I see a lot of questions about her. She’s eating well, she’s playing with my cats. They are taking good care of her. We almost have her weight up to a normal range and her wounds underneath her body are almost all healed. I’m still cleaning it out twice a day to make sure. She’s going to survive. No we are not adopting her. She will go where the vet takes her OR my neighbor Gabby is going to take her. She is spending time at Gabby’s house for a test run.

Kindness equals Love

This morning my beautiful boys and I will be going to our local Food Bank and helping pack boxes with donated food for others to take home. I’m very happy we get to work as a team with other volunteers. I’m very sad this is even necessary. I want my boys to meet the Director so she can explain why Food Banks are necessary. I know my kids will have a lot of questions. When we are done with our hour I’m going to load them up in our truck and make them watch the boxes get distrubted for a few minutes. They need to understand, the work you do, gets passed on to others. Helping others is a big part of my life, I want it to become part of my legacy.

The boys are actually excited. I’m making them wear masks and gloves. I don’t know if that’s policy at the Food Bank. I’m excited to see how many boxes we can do.

I’m a little bit bragging because I want my Batfans to know I am doing my small part to make my community better. Think about volunteering this summer. I’m leading by example in my house. I’m trying to teach my kids about teamwork, community, and putting others before yourself, even for just an hour a week. It’s very important to stay informed and get involved.

I love you guys. I pray all the families we help today know we put a little love and kindness in each box.