Non-Disclosing the truth

The least Meri could do was try to tell the truth at least some times. Instead of blatantly lying all over the tv.

This is THE ORIGINAL Non-Disclosure agreement she emailed to me. Lindsay and I reviewed it and we DID NOT SIGN IT. We do not invest in retail businesses like this. Especially ones with very poor quality products. The business only makes around $50,000 per year in 2015. I’m sure that’s gotten lower the past 2 years. I was not the one that talked about investing in Meri’s business. She asked if I had interest. I said I would have to see your financials. That part is true. She had Robyn go to a lawyer, draw up this agreement and she emailed it to me. She said once I signed it Robyn would get the Financials from Janelle, then we could all meet up to talk about any questions or concerns I had.

We looked at this and decided not to sign it. Now if I was the one begging to invest in her company why would she go to a lawyer to have this drawn up? There’s no way I could possibly have made that happen on my own. Meri would have to put that in motion based on her own decision to ask me to invest. If you read this agreement we would have been bound by it for 5 years. And NOT BEEN ABLE to talk at all about the show or the family.


The purpose of this was as it says here” To facilitate discussions about, and the evaluations of a potential business transaction between the parties.

That being said if I had signed it, as Meri claimed, they could 100% sue my ass as well as Lindsay for any and all things we have said about the show, the family, and her Lol

No lawsuit has ever happened, no police report for all the HARASSMENT and THREATS she claims she made against us. There is nothing at all she has ever done to bring any type of legal action against either one of us. If she was in such fear of Lindsay why did she continue to talk to her, go see both of us and keep the affair with me going up until the last part of August? Does that make sense at all? No. Because it’s bullshit.

Meri lied. And this is proof once again she lied about me, again.

Interesting Interview

Someone emailed me a link to this interview.



During the interview Meri says this:

We don’t have the romantic love that we did at the very beginning. We don’t. But I definitely love him and I have a lot of hope for our relationship and our future.

Kody says:

On a platonic level. I mean we are just not in a loving relationship.

The host ask is divorce on the table.

Meri says:

Not for me.

Kody says: No, then.


Be sure to check out my interview with a local Utah Fox station we filmed last week. It airs this week and will go on Youtube.


Season 7 Episode 11 Recap – Tell Lies Part 2

Back for more bullshit. Welcome to hopefully the last time you ever hear about me on this show.

Meri kicked Kody out in May of 2015. She said her marriage had been over for a long time and there was no point pretending anymore. She kicked him out so that her and I could spend more time together and we could make plans for her to leave. We all find out that Kody has never moved back into the house since he was kicked out. And it seems like he isn’t even going over on his day’s schedule to spend with her. That was something Andrea told me but I didn’t believe it. This also means they aren’t sleeping together anymore either. Which is sad since the last time I had sex with Meri was in August of 2015. No wonder she’s so depressed Lol

Everything I have said about Kody being kicked out is finally being told in the full truth. He was kicked out for May, June, July and in August that’s when we broke up. I had just assumed in August or at least September of 2015 he had moved back in and they were working through the affair. Nope. He stayed away.

The host lady asks why they fell in love to begin with. And the answers are pretty standard. You get along, you are happy. They want to build a family. Seems normal. Add in the I need another woman so that I can sit on a cloud throne when I die and we have polygamy. Nice huh?

Meri talks about how they have to build trust all over again because of all of the damage they have caused. People in the family want them to stay together. Social media wants her to leave. Everyone does. Kody says if Meri left it would affect his ego at this point rather than affect how he feels. Then why even keep her around? That’s the most selfish reason to keep an unhappy woman in your life. I hope she leaves him soon. She really does deserve so much better. As I have always said, this guy is a douchebag.

Again Kody tells the whole world exactly what I said 2 years ago. Meri was leaving. He admits Meri said that to him. This proves once again how much she has lied about that. She was leaving to be with me.

Kody was asked would you save Meri if she was on a burning bridge and he basically says no because we aren’t at that place in our relationship. WOW. Just wow. Douchebag.

And of course Robyn comes to clean up his mess, as usual. That used to be Meri’s job. This is very embarrassing for all of them. It really is.

The host lady asks what does your Faith say about being gay? Robyn says We are Christian. What?????????????????????????? When did an FLDS polygamist family turn Christian? Why isn’t this entire show being pulled now? The whole thing is based on polygamy. So now they are Christian polygamists? Because there is no such thing. Which brings me back to what Meri had told me early on. They are their own religion. I said what does that mean. She said we don’t have a Church all we have is Kody leading our services. I said that’s a cult not a religion and she said no it’s not. I said yes, yes it is. You are in a cult. She didn’t like that at all.

So now we have a bunch of Christians Lol Come on. This show gets more ridiculous every season.

Again Robyn just said we are Christian based. No that’s not Mormonism at all.

The backwards hat is a statement. She’s owning the gay it looks like. Good for her.

A lot of the issues with Meri’s conversations is she’s always self-centered and she doesn’t see or think outside of the self bubble.

Mariah talks about being gay. I think that is very cool. If things had worked out between Meri and I, that wouldn’t have been a problem.

My cousin Taylor was gay. She was also a twin. So I grew up with twin cousins who I saw every weekend. All of her life her brother Tyson and I protected her. And when she began dating and got kicked out of the Catholic Church she didn’t care. She found a different Church and continued on loving God. She said God didn’t kick me out of the Church, those ignorant fools did. I miss her very much. She is the whole reason why I love and support gay people. She taught me a lot by living her life the way she wanted. If one of my kids turns out to be gay I will be happy. Because at least they will know who they are and I can guide them into God’s grace much easier than trying to figure out what’s going on. I pray I can be a great parent if that comes into our family.

Maddie is pregnant. That’s very cool! I knew someone eventually come up with a baby. That’s awesome. Congrats to them!

They revisit the burning bridge comment because obviously Kody was embarrassed and thought he needed to fix what he said. What an asshole.

I will finally address the tabloid stories since they seem to want to use my name and blog to quote from. I have spoken to tabloid reporters before. I have never approved or signed away my story to any of them. None of them have ever been authorized by me or anyone that represents me to do any kind of story about me. Anything the tabloids say about me they get from my blog.

That being said I will tell you all the truth. Since September of 2015 it is Kendra and Lindsay that have been running the tabloids. Everything goes through Kendra who gets paid very well for her quotes. Lindsay finds out the info from the trolls or others and she gives the info to Kendra. Kendra is contacted weekly usually on Tuesdays from the reporters that need a story by Thursday. They have to print things out. I didn’t know this whole tabloid thing would get as big as it did. Kendra and Lindsay have successfully gotten over 12 cover stories on the tabloids. Something they both find hilarious. They are currently still working with the tabloids but not as often. For over a year, Kendra and Lindsay have been in total control of what stories the tabloids have printed. All money has gone to Kendra. Lindsay has never asked for money or wanted any money from Kendra. She wants the story to keep going so that I can sell books and my version of the story gets out to more people. That’s why she has helped Kendra.

They work with In Touch, Radar, Design & Trend, and a few of the other online blogs.

So if you wondered who the anonymous source is or wonder if Kendra really did give a quote about the Brown family, yes, all of that is true. Now the tabloids do spin the stories sometimes. But for the most part whatever those 2 decide to use for that week, they must have proof to back it up to get it printed. And that’s what they have done. They continue to get out smaller stories as this whole thing is dying down. But I wanted to give them both all the credit and also let everyone know I have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TABLOIDS. I refuse to speak with them now. They are all horrible people and use you to get info either true or not.

So now I will start divulging the stories and more info on each rumor the Browns are talking about.

1. Is Kody in debt? That’s a story Lindsay found out about. He is in debt because he’s attached to Robyn and Christine. They both have medical liens on their homes because of Dayton’s accident and Truely’s sickness and hospital stay. He has money and they are making payments to the mortgage liens but he is not in debt at much as you think.

2. Is Robyn doing her own spin-off? Kendra came up with that one based on the TLC producers coming to Kendra and asking her to scout talent for a new show. Robyn is the one that stays up late reading things on the internet. Kendra told us that. She reads the blogs too and twitter. The reference Sobbin Robyn came from Facebook because that’s what all the Robyn hate trolls call her. I think that’s mean. Robyn is a nice lady but she’s also shady af.

3. Does Nancy travel with you everywhere? That one is Kendra’s Lol So funny.

4. Is Meri leaving the family for good. That one was Lindsay’s. Lindsay had heard from Andrea that Meri was wanting to leave but didn’t know how. So for now she’s trying to earn some money so she can leave in the next year or so. The guy in Hawaii is gay Lol Lindsay started that one just to be a shit but got busted out a week ago because Lindsay finally told Alex from In Touch that the guy is gay and gave the link to prove it. That one did float around for months though and to date is the longest rumor that stayed alive. Lindsay was pretty proud of that one.

5. Is Kody taking Mindy as the 5th wife? Kendra started that one Lol

6. Is there plans for a 5th wife? That was Kendra Lol But Lindsay kicked it up a notch and added it in that there were 2. She even floated a photo of Meri and Kody around about it.

Thank God it’s over. I hope that I am never mentioned on that awful show again. The ratings have been shit. We found out for both of the Tell Alls they only got around 400,000 viewers for each one. That is less than half than normal. I hope they get cancelled. They lie and do everything they can to keep the money from the show coming in. It’s time to cancel it and move on. Go get real jobs and take care of your kids. Not lay around with your dirty ass feet and read gun magazines Lol

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday everyone!

Season 7 Episode 10 Recap – Tell Lies Part 1

First thing I notice is Meri is still not wearing her wedding ring. Why is that? She chose to stay. Interesting. And what the hell is she wearing? Is that a triple layer thing? Weird.

They continue to talk about the struggles in polygamy yet won’t address the main reasons men lure women into it. Yes most women go in voluntarily these days. But the men use backwards faith-filled ideology that’s out of date and nonsensical. And what really does a woman get in this type of relationship? A lot of people say the man gets a higher place in Heaven with God. He is awarded the more wives and children he has.

This is the AUB wiki. This is where I’m getting my info on this stuff.

The entire purpose of polygamy according to the AUB wiki is this statement.

While not all members take part in plural marriage, it is considered a crucial step in the quest for obtaining the highest glory of heaven.

This is what these people believe. Going further you click on the 3 doctrines and practices they subscribe to.

The first is called the United Order. This one is mostly about sharing everything you have and own. As well as sharing with other community members.

In this doctrine the only notable thing I see is this statement:

The United Order established egalitarian communities designed to achieve income equality.

The wives each earn a paycheck from this show. Kody earns his paycheck from the show. And each of the children earn a smaller fee for being on the show. It has been widely speculated on what that amount is per episode. That’s how TLC pays their people. They also are given bonuses based on the ratings and audience size. Each episode they earn $75,000. The bonuses can be as much as $500,000 depending on the advertisers they can gather up to support and pay their talent. Remember there are writers for this show. The producers/director come up with the premise and say here, this is what we want you to do, where to go, and what to talk about. It is up to the actors/talent to say whatever they want. That’s where they earn their pay. It doesn’t matter this is supposed to be reality tv and none of it is authentic or real. It’s all planned out. The one good thing about this show is if they did not get their shot or they missed a moment they refuse to reshoot. They want it all to be organic. Most reality tv people will do a reshoot. And it’s all up to the editors. 2 of which are very good friends now with Lindsay Lol That’s where she has gotten all of her info. And with Andrea, a mutual friend of Meri and I. Andrea has been on my side for over a year now. We have met in person and we have been trading info for months. I did stop getting updates and everything shifted between Andrea and Lindz. I no longer cared. I also felt it would be very disrespectful to my wife.

Each wife is paid around $5,000 – Meri all the way up to $7,500 – Janelle per month by Kody. Kody makes all of the money decisions with Janelle’s help. The woman are forced to live within these means. No matter what. Anything that is too expensive or out of budget they have a weekly meeting to talk it out and Kody hands out checks at those meetings. He does not allow each wife to collect her entire check. Because that’s not For The Good of the Family. Yet he is allowed full control over the money. And he spends it on guns, ammo, and whatever the hell he wants. Sounds fair? Right? Isn’t polygamy great? It gets better. Keep reading.

The second doctrine is the Adam-God rule. The AUB says this about it:

Apostolic United Brethren

The Apostolic United Brethren (AUB), a fundamentalist Mormon group, accepts the Adam–God teaching, and their leader Joseph W. Musser wrote a book on it in the 1930s. In the book, Musser contended that the rejection of the doctrine by the LDS Church can be linked to its rejection of plural marriage, which occurred around the same time:

    And let us here remind the reader that as long as belief in the Patriarchal order of marriage and other advanced principles of the Gospel was maintained, the minds of the Saints were open and receptive. … But with the surrender of the glorious principle of Celestial Marriage—a union for time and eternity—came darkness, mental drowsiness, a detour from the Gospel path, until all sorts of speculation pertaining to the plan of Salvation was indulged in.[71]

It also states:
 According to Young, he was taught by Joseph Smith[1] that Adam is “our Father and our God, and the only God with whom we have to do”.[2]

According to the doctrine, Adam was once a mortal man who became resurrected and exalted. From another planet, he then came as Michael to form Earth.[3] Adam brought Eve, one of his wives, with him to Earth, where they became mortal by eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. After bearing mortal children and establishing the human race, Adam and Eve returned to their heavenly thrones where Adam serves as God and is the Heavenly Father of humankind. Later, Adam returned to the Earth to the ancient prophets, and to become the literal father of Jesus.

So Adam is Father and God.

Really? No. Not at all.

And in the final doctrine the 1886 Revelation. This is the exact text that I discussed with Meri over and over again. The one that caused us to have differences in beliefs and I asked her why does she believe in polygamy if this is what it means. She didn’t know how to answer me and got very upset with me. She called her Brother in law and asked him about it and he told her to go read her texts and see it’s the sole reason all polygamy works. To me it’s disgusting.

Read it here:

 41 And as ye have asked concerning adultery, verily, verily, I say unto you, if a man receiveth a wife in the new and everlasting covenant, and if she be with another man, and I have not appointed unto her by the holy anointing, she hath committed adultery and shall be destroyed.

 42 If she be not in the new and everlasting covenant, and she be with another man, she has committed adultery.


 54 And I command mine handmaid, Emma Smith, to abide and cleave unto my servant Joseph, and to none else. But if she will not abide this commandment she shall be destroyed, saith the Lord; for I am the Lord thy God, and will destroy her if she abide not in my law.

 55 But if she will not abide this commandment, then shall my servant Joseph do all things for her, even as he hath said; and I will bless him and multiply him and give unto him an hundred-fold in this world, of fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, houses and lands, wives and children, and crowns of eternal lives in the eternal worlds.

So when Meri and I had the affair she knew it was wrong. She asked me if I thought it was wrong and I said yes. But I also said once we are married I will ask God for forgiveness and spent the rest of my life paying for that sin. I would do all I could.

The AUB uses this to show that a man can have as many wives as he wants. Because he is promised a higher glory in Heaven. The husband has to CALL upone each wife and invite her up. I guess to his big pimped out cloud mansion Lol I don’t know. But the fights came when I said so you will be destroyed if he takes on a wife that you don’t want or support? He will destroy you how? She said he would unseal himself from her and put her out. That’s what she said. I said so do you get alimony? Child support? She said you get nothing. And that’s exactly what she got when she got the legal divorce. She stayed sealed to him spiritually. And she lost all money, property and position. As you can tell, Robyn is now the wife that Kody defers to for everything. Robyn has taken over and as much as they say all wives are equal. Kody listens to Robyn. He sides with Robyn. They are the main unit and they are running the show now. Meri has been demoted and as I can tell after watching this season, she’s on her own.

The AUB is not that big.

Apostolic United Brethren
Main article: Apostolic United Brethren

The Apostolic United Brethren (AUB) is estimated to have about 5000 to 9000 members throughout Utah, Montana, Arizona, Wyoming, Missouri, and Mexico. Several of its towns are organized into United Orders; the church has established a temple in Mexico, an Endowment House in Utah, and operates several schools.

The AUB emerged when their leader, Joseph W. Musser, ordained Rulon C. Allred as an apostle and counselor, which led to a split between Mormon fundamentalists in Salt Lake City and those in Short Creek, Arizona. The AUB is currently headed by Lynn A. Thompson and a priesthood council.

The AUB is one of the more liberal of the Mormon groups practicing plural marriage. The leaders of the AUB do not arrange marriages nor do they authorize plural marriages for people under 18 or for those who are closely related.

Looks to me like Mykelti made her own choices. She found someone who didn’t kick her out of the house and refuse to help her grow as a young lady and adult. Good for her. She was thrown out and she spread her wings and flew. I’m happy she found a great guy.

Here we go. I appreciate the people finally saying that I am real and maintain we had an affair. Finally they show that side of this.

Meri went to go see Cheryl, my stalker. I have proven she has been stalking my since 2011, without me ever knowing it. Twitter and the police got her to leave me alone. Thanks to both of them for the help. She has lied to Meri and got her to believe her insane stories, yet offers NO PROOF of ever knowing me! She had her 15 minutes of fame and she only used it to make shit up. That’s how stupid this woman is. But Meri is using her to make her own lies believable. The good thing is a lot of people reached out to me about Cheryl and said she has a long, long history of stalking men online. Her own family told me she is mental and dangerous. I’m happy to know that she was watching and screenshotting everything I said or did online for the past 6 years. Now I have changed the things I post and I am very protective of myself and my family. That’s the only good thing that I learned about this Cheryl stalker. You can read about Cheryl on my blog.

Yes Lindz and I have been friends for 21 years now. She got that right. Meri and I met several times. For months. Weekly. She is lying. She met with Lindsay, several times. For a few months. In July Lindsay stopped talking to Meri. Because Meri was driving her nuts.

Look at how red Meri’s face and neck are. She’s making shit up. Keep in mind that Lindsay nor I have ever threatened Meri. Not ever. If we had, where are the police reports? And keep in mind the Disney trip with just Meri and Lindz happened in April of 2015. Meri and I broke up at the end of August 2015. So you tell me why did she carry on and leave me all those voicemails and send me all of those photos, as well as continue to sleep with me if we were threatening her? She is so full of shit. Thank God a lot of people finally see that for themselves. I have been so humbled by all of my support. And I’ve made great friends from all of this.

Yes I wanted her to leave Kody and the family for me. We were in love. She told me over and over again that’s what she wanted. Did I push her? No. Did she leave? No. I made the right choice in ending it. And she has stayed there.

Keep in mind the first tell all this came out, Meri did say I was never going to leave. Now she has lied and been caught. She finally admits that she was going to leave. So what else has she been lying about all of this time? Think about it? Her face is all in red. She can’t stop it from happening.

Until Meri takes full responsiblity and tells the truth about the affair they will have no interest in fixing anything with her. Mariah and Kody know there is a lot more to the story. And because Meri has never came out with the full truth or even anyway to show proof of what she says about me, they punish her by pushing her away. That’s her fault. All she has to do is talk it all out and tell the damn truth. So I don’t feel bad for her at all. She can fix it and change it. She wants to continue to lie to both of them. And they won’t move forward in any way with her until she does that.

Kody admits that for 10 years or more their marriage was shit. And that’s why she found me. She wanted to feel loved again. And I loved her very much. I wanted to marry her.

See. She chooses to stay. That’s on her. She hopes things with Kody will love her again. She wants Kody to say I want you here honey. Please don’t leave. And he never will.

Interesting to see how bad their marriage is now. I would have thought they would have fixed it by now. That shows how horrible he is to her.

Season 7 Episode 9 Recap

I thought it was nice they got back to filming something fun instead of all of this heavy stuff all of the time. We all know Meri’s pet name for me was baby. When I started getting serious in dating my wife she knew this and told me not to ever call her that. I said fine, I will call my children that. It’s just a southern thing to call your woman baby so I came up with 2 different pet names for her. Which I won’t share. My wife has one pet name for me, it’s not baby. And we have gotten past that.

I will say my wife being so much younger than I am, she gets her monthly Cosmo magazine and lawyers answers out of me like the vicious lawyer she is Lol If I get even one question wrong I am immediately accused of not listening enough. But when I get one right she says Very good, (insert pet name). I can also say taking those relationship quizzes makes me want to poke my eyes out with a fork Lol It’s just all a big set up. Cosmo does not have relationship saving advice. And that magazine is very raunchy. I don’t like that she reads it when there is so much more informative thing to read. But Cosmo and Vogue are her dirty little things she does she says. And she doesn’t complain about all of my pilot, food, or veganism magazines I get. We work it out.

Great way to get the audience back to watching, some silly fun and getting more insight on who these people are.

Season 7 Episode 7 Recap

First I want to say thank you for reading this entire thing. I had a lot to say and I was mostly pissed as I watched it and wrote this. I’m calmer now. I just laugh at all the lies.

Speaking of lies. Judge Judy said this once about a woman lying:


She can’t stand a liar and can read right through people spinning a tale to save their rear:  “Well, first of all the most important thing about the truth is, if it doesn’t make sense it’s probably not true. So you start with that as a premise. If it doesn’t make sense to your common sense its usually not true.”

Sometimes a liar is easy to spot:  “There are certain people, unfortunately women, who wear low things and when they lie this gets all red, bright red, oh, and you cant do anything about it.”

Every single time Meri lies, the part in her hair where you can see her scalp, her neck and her chest turn RED. That’s how you know she is lying. Look at this where she was talking about how we used to talk and laugh a lot. Not red at all. Because that is very true. We laughed a lot.










And when she lies about me or us it turns RED:

See the redness?


It starts off with  Meri telling Robyn and Kody she’s going to Georgia to go meet Cheryl. If you need to know who Cheryl is read this and this. That will explain that I don’t even know Cheryl and she is the one that has admitted to stalking me since 2011. Never met her, never talked to her. She offers no proof that we know each other. She just makes shit up. My only guess I have ever come up with is that Cheryl used to be on my old blog website. And that website has turned into this website. She claims to know a lot about me and that would be the only way she could know things. Keep in mind the information she has is either so old or it’s completely false.

Meri wants to tell Kody and Robyn about the trip because they are the 2 that have been in the middle of all of this. Meri confided in Robyn first that we had an affair. For an entire week Meri and Robyn kept it a secret until they could come up with a plan. Their story is that I “catfished” Meri. TOTAL LIE! I have plenty of proof and after you read this blog post please go about reading all the rest of them. My entire story is here. I offer mountains of proof that we did in fact meet, have an affair, have sex, and talked for 6 months.

Just to remind everyone, Meri started out the affair story with this:

To catch you up with my life. I got married to a beautiful woman in November of 2016 and did not tell anyone on this blog. The only reason I’m telling ya’ll this now is because Lindsay posted it on her Twitter last week Lol So I had to talk to my wife about it being public now on the internet and get her ready for the onslaught of things that will now happen. She is on my Twitter and I am on hers but we do not communicate with each other that way. We met at a work party. She is an attorney. She was giving me shit the first night we met. I told her there’s two sides of every story and just because I chose not to share my entire life with the internet does not make me a bad guy. She was curious to find out more about me and over time we started dating off and on. I was also dating other women. No one serious. We were friends and slowly she gained my trust. After having such a public breakup, public scandal and very public bashing from the affair I have major trust issues with women. We reconnected at another work event and she asked if I was dating. I told her I was now the proud father of identical twin boys (Heston and Alex) and had sworn off women until after their first birthday. She asked to see their picture and I said no. I said they are too private for me to share with a smartass lawyer and that she would have to take me to dinner before I was ready. She laughed and said Deal. The rest is history. We dated, became engaged and had a huge, wonderful wedding. Her family is still warming up to me but having instant grandkids helps. They love my boys. My wife loves my boys and I know she understands the pre-nup. If we should divorce she gets ZERO custody of them. She can have visitation with me and my boys but she will not take them away from me. Since their legal adoption, also in November of 2016 I have made a lot of arrangements on their behalf. They both have college funds. They both have trust funds and they both have savings accounts. I’m already putting money aside for their lives. I want them to go to college and get a good job. I don’t care what they do. I don’t care what they want to be. I want them to be educated. She understands the reasoning and the fear. These are her stepchildren and as much as she loves them, she can’t be their full-time parent like I am. She works way too much right now to stay at home and raise my kids. I told her I have 3 nannies so that Sarah doesn’t burn out and so that the other 2 can trade-off and work a schedule out. It has been awkward at first but Sarah has been really great. She loves seeing my wife with the boys and we have open dialogs frequently about my need for Sarah in our life. Sarah is not going anywhere until Sarah decides. Which means I’m keeping her forever Lol It’s been me and Sarah from Day 1. My boys depend on her and love her. When Sarah goes out shopping, my boys want her back. When Sarah goes home to see her family my boys cry and hug on her when she comes home. My wife is working on becoming a mom to them. Their birth mom is still in the picture and I had to marry someone who can handle an open adoption. My family is weird and tangled but everyone is someone I need around and that will never change. My wife and Lindsay get along great. Thank goodness because that was the one concern I had. Lindsay is a huge part of my life and the boys’ life and I need those 2 women to be at least nice to each other. Drew is the one that doesn’t like my wife. He is also an attorney so that’s no surprise. I did not want to share anything about my engagement or my wedding on here because of the internet trolls who still bully and stalk me daily. You can see all of the rude comments and lie these people post to me on my twitter, just go to and search @notbatmanyet That’s what I have to deal with on a daily basis. I have muted or blocked most accounts and I rarely respond. My wife sees it and just laughs. She has been so great about that part of my life and does tease me when she sees a picture of Meri. She can’t believe I had an affair with an older woman and the lies Meri tries to tell about me. I’m happy to have her support and love as well as her quick logical thoughts on how all of this has played out. She told me from the beginning if I did not stand up for myself against all of the lies she would have nothing to do with me. It’s because I’m still here fighting for my truth to get out there that she knows I’m telling her the full truth. She has also seen and heard the things I won’t post here. The photos of Meri and I together, the videos of her and I that we made and some very explicit proof. Nothing I’m proud of but all things that seal my truth into 100% proof. My wife really is the best. And she’s gorgeous. I am a very lucky man. And she reminds me of that everyday Lol

Meri talks about how it took her a few months to figure out that I was “catfishing” her. More lies. That never happened. So let’s see how this goes according to her. I’m so glad she is finally saying my name. I have been waiting for that to come out so I can sue her and TLC Lol We have had the paperwork sitting there for a long time.  I knew her ego and her incessant need to keep me in her mind would boil over at some point. I also knew weeks ago that she had filmed with Cheryl and that Cheryl had completely made up a mountain of bullshit to get Meri’s friendship and to try to make me look bad. Again, I don’t know Cheryl at all. Cheryl is what a real live internet troll looks like. And I will dismantle her story one lie at a time. She is full of shit. They both are. It also shows you that Meri is the one that can’t move on from the affair. She devotes all of her time to this lie she has created. I wish she would move on but whatever keeps her with the most attention I guess. Who knows why she has drug this affair out for 3 seasons of her show Lol Keep cashing the checks because the more she talks about me the more books I sell. And the more money I can donate to charities for people who want to escape polygamy.

Meri did not break up with me. I broke up with her. We mutually agreed to end it. Then she continued to contact me. The last voicemail from her proves this. That is here:

The End August 30th, 2015 10:26am

Sam I need you to know that I love you. Okay? I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. You told me once that you were not going anywhere, well you told me lots of times, that you weren’t going anywhere either. I know the last couple of days have been a struggle and I’m really, really sorry that it’s been hard for you. I just need you to know that I’m just working on what I’m working on and I hope that you come back to me. You know you’ve said that you would never leave, you said that you would always be here. You’ve said that you would wait for me. Lindsay said the same thing that you were never going anywhere. She’s said to me  too many times how much you love me. And I’m just going to have to trust, and hope, and pray that that’s really, really true. And that you really do and that you are coming back. So I just want you to know that I love you and I’m just going to focus on my stuff and pray that you’ll come back to me. I see that you’ve blocked me off of your twitter and I don’t know if you’ve blocked me off of your phone so I don’t know if you’ll even get this message or not. I just don’t know how that works, but, anyway. I just love you and I’m not going anywhere. And I’m not saying goodbye. I promise. I made you a promise. And I’m keeping my promise. I’m not saying goodbye. I’m not going anywhere. I’m just going to stay working for you, working towards you, and hope that you’re there. I’m really sorry that you’ve had a rough couple of days. I’m really sorry that in your words that I’ve fucked up your life or that you’re in, you’re in, your life is all fucked up because you are with me is more how you put it now that I’ve messed it up. Anyway. I love you…

Does that sound like she cut ME OFF? That’s her begging me to not leave her with Kody. That’s her not saying goodbye. Because as she says she’s not going anywhere. She was going to stay working for me and towards me. No thanks. I’m very happy with my wife Lol

Meri doesn’t want to be a victim because she knows she is lying. She had an affair. She isn’t a victim. If she truly believed she was catfished by me she would own and go around shouting she is a victim. Claiming she thinks it gives a catfish power is just her way to control the situation in the way she feels more powerful. Whatever floats your polygamous boat, sweetheart. She claims now that I’m a she. Despite the many pronouns of he at the very beginning of her coming out with this. She is the one that flip-flops on pronouns. She is the one that claims there are multiple people involved. She is the one that can’t keep her story straight. And you are about to find out how much of a liar Meri Brown really is.

Kody chimes in with his wisdom that if they ignore me I will disappear Lol How’s that working for ya, bro? I’m not going anywhere. I have a right to defend and reply to every single thing these liars say. They are the ones that are professional liars because they decided not to even be truthful about their family life. They told everyone for years that Janelle was Kody’s sister. Which is disgusting. And I don’t even know how Janelle got over that. I would never in my life want to reference my wife as my sister. It’s gross. But these people know how to life to keep their secrets. Nothing they present adds up. You will see as we go along here.

I like how Kody makes sure it’s a woman Lol He really doesn’t trust Meri anymore. I don’t blame him. Kody wants to know what Cheryl thinks about his opinion. He is such a narcissistic ego maniac that he also wants to control this. That’s fine but how can he think he can control me or my story when he couldn’t even keep his wife away from me. Remember they both admit that Kody told her to stop talking to me and she said no. She said she wouldn’t do that. Then she turned around and kicked him out of the house and kept me around Lol He’s still bitter over that.

Kody wants Meri to stop looking at my blog and my twitter. Kody wants Meri to let this go. I wish she would to. But I don’t think she can. Meri still has feelings for me. I honestly don’t know what those feelings are, I will assume she’s not able to really let me go yet. This is her way of keeping me close. If she can still talk about me to her trolls than I am still in her life. Even when I’ve moved on in every possible way. And I still refuse to talk to her. We have had some communications but I have never told her I got married. She found out a few days ago and was devastated. What did she think would happen? That I would sit around and wait for her to finally leave him? No way.

If she’s saying it’s a year after this was filmed in late August. So her trip would be in September of last year when she went to go meet Cheryl. Kendra sent Lindsay a screenshot of when Cheryl tried talking to her back in May of 2016 wanting to get in touch with Meri. So since May of 2016 until September of 2016 Meri and Cheryl have talked about me. 4 months it too Cheryl to weasel her way into Meri’s head. Not cool. You will see what happens.

Meri admits she still has no way to safely talk to Kody. She uses Robyn as the buffer because she’s still fearful of him. Why else would she put Robyn in the middle of this? See what I mean? Kody is abusive. And Meri is scared of him. If you notice Meri hugs Robyn but not Kody. She also admits it’s Robyn that is trying to heal things with Meri. And Robyn keeps trying to get Meri back into the family. It’s been a year and they still aren’t over this? My gosh. That’s sad. Aren’t all of these adults in therapy? That therapist is not very good. I hope she’s getting her money out of them. I would ask for a refund at this point. What kind of therapist lets this shit go on for this long? Take accountability, work through it, talk through things and get on with your life. I had no idea I was that important to Meri. Well actually I did. I just didn’t think she would be still talking about me a year later. That part is shocking.

And just like I said, Kody agrees with me he does not believe Meri is past the experience. Why is that? Does anyone want to guess? Then Kody goes into blaming Meri and himself for the affair.

Oh god. That’s Cheryl? Wow Lol She is not even close to my type and she’s 50 something? I think Lindsay told me she’s 55 when she looked her up months ago. No way would I EVER GO FOR someone like that. She’s not even blonde! Everyone knows I only go for blondes. Geez. She’s also bigger. Not my type at all. Sorry Cheryl. Nice try.

Her name is Cheryl Crisafulli. And she’s a stalker. She’s also an internet troll. If ya’ll wondered what a troll looks like, there ya go. Cheryl contacted my former friend Jodi Salata and they have been talking for months. Cheryl stalked Jodi on Facebook while Jodi and I were still friends. This was years ago. I had no idea because Jodi never told me until last year. She said that Cheryl had Facebook messaged her about 5 years ago to ask how I knew Jodi. Then Cheryl tried to get Jodi to stop talking to me and I had no clue. Jodi Salata and I used to be good friends. For several years. We stopped talking 3 years ago and I haven’t spoken to Jodi since probably May of 2016. We talked briefly on the phone a few times and a few texts. She is out of my life and we are no longer friends. I will expand on that later. So from all of this mess Cheryl reached out to Jodi and they are now friends. Because Jodi knows a lot about me so Cheryl has used that to gain info. This shows how twisted this woman really is. That’s what she does. She attaches herself to anyone that talks to me and tries to become their friend. She does it to get details about me and my life. Because that’s what stalkers do. Why Cheryl stalks me I have no idea Lol I did get the police to go to her house and tell her to leave me alone. I also got Twitter and facebook to shut down her pages. That’s proved by looking up just 2 of her many accounts that are still suspended on Twitter, @cher711 and @truthseekerllc

Meri is finally using my name. The thing is if I really was a catfish why would she ever put power and meaning to my name? Why not just go with the female name she claims I am? Why not use this opportunity to completely bust the name out there, continue to call the catfish a SHE and just blow the whole thing out for public knowledge? This is Meri protecting me still and I don’t get it. You will see how she flip-flops in her story.

Thank you I am a southern gentleman 🙂 Raised in Nebraska and Texas. Still got my Texas drawl! I spoke very respectfully always. I am very kind and I am funny. At least I think I’m funny. We did laugh a lot. Everyday. I really did enjoy talking to Meri. She is not at all what you expect. But it wasn’t just a friendship. We connected very deeply early on. We had a very strong connection. And we fell in love fast. Meri says she spent a lot of time in her house alone. Where was Kody at? Why wasn’t he spending his days with her? Even just to pop in?

Is anyone else noticing her body langauge? Here she is telling the full truth. She’s almost grinning and smiling a little because she is remembering how great we were together. Now if you had gotten catfished by someone would you EVER say anything nice about them? Would you ever sit there and rub it in your husband and families face like this? Wouldn’t you stick 100% with its a woman, she, she, she. Would you go back and forth saying He? Them? Wouldn’t you be pissed? Does she look pissed as she reminisces here? Nope.

She envisioned me coming to save her from her husband. That’s exactly what she wanted. She wanted to meet me so I flew to Las Vegas the first weekend after we talked. We had sex the very first night I was in town. About 3 hours after I got into town. All of this is on my blog. Go read it to see that story.

I would meet Kody Lol O M G Meri. Why would I want to meet Kody when I have said from day one the guy is a douchebag. I would meet her family yes, but not him. If she wanted me to meet Kody why didn’t she ever tell Kody we were talking as much as we were? Why didn’t she tell him we had gone to dinner together several times? If I was just a guy friend why didn’t Kody know what was going on? Come on, sweetheart. America is not that dumb. And keep in mind in May Kody and I had words on Twitter. He was pissed that she kept talking about me all of the time to him and said this on Twitter:




Then I said this back:


Does that look like I want to be friends with him? I wanted to knock him on his ass and I told her that several times. For all the ways I heard him yell at her on the phone and all the horrible stories she told me about him, I wanted to punch him right in his big fat mouth. There was no hope of him and I ever being friends. And she’s lying.

Oh Lindsay Lol She just got mentioned. This should be good. Lindsay HATES Meri Lol She calls her Big Hair. Lindz and I have been best friends with Drew for 22 years in July it will be. We all 3 are inseparable. She just said she had never heard the word catfish. That’s a lie. She knew the word but didn’t really understand what it meant. Neither did I. But she was the one that told me what it was and what it meant. And I had to go watch part of a Youtube clip to really get it.

Do ya’ll see when Meri lies she looks to the left or she looks down? That’s her tell. She wouldn’t be very good at poker. Every time she looks to the left or down she knows she has just lied. So sad.

So now I’m Fake Sam. And I’m friends with Fake Lindsay Lol Awesome. Lindz will be so happy to hear that.

Meri is again making shit up. Cheryl didn’t talk to Meri until May of 2016. We just proved that by the screenshot from Kendra. Meri is going to make up this entire story and by now I’m sure her and Cheryl have worked on their script of how it goes. This should get interesting.

It was Cheryl who has lied to Meri to befriend her in order to continue to stalk me. It was Cheryl that went after Meri when all of this went public to make Meri believe that I know Cheryl. When the truth is I don’t know Cheryl at all.

So if they really don’t want to give ME, a man btw, anymore attention why would they film this scene Lol Why continue to even mention me on the show or on Twitter? It goes against all Kody says he wants. Right?

So now there’s a lot of us? Who Lol And where are they all at? This story has been public since October of 2015. Where are they all at? My wife just said A lot of us huh and laughed. I said yes baby, you have sister wives Lol

9 LMAO Wow. That’s awesome. I would love to know who. Because that’s bullshit. Total bullshit. The proof in that statement is that no one else is coming out of the woodwork. No one ever has. No one has ever proven anything in any way that I dated or have known them. No one. So for her to claim there are 9 people, ALL LIES.

Yeah it blows my mind too Lol Because it never happened.

Wrong. Meri asked if I would be interested in investing in her company. She said they needed money. I said I would look at her financials. She sent me a Non-Disclosure agreement which is here:

She asked me to sign it and to have Lindsay sign it. Then she said she would give me financials to review. I never signed it, Lindsay never signed it and we never got financials. So I didn’t mention it or even think about it again because I didn’t care. She mentioned to me several times they needed money because she told me from 2014 to 2015 it only made enough to support 1 wife which equals about $70,000 a year. I know that number has significantly dropped because the website was hacked and attached to some porn site for months before anyone did anything about it. I did not hack it (As if I know how to hack, come on) and Lindsay (Who does know how to hack) didn’t touch it either. Ironically on twitter when someone mentioned that website was attached to porn and not online, Lindsay said all they need to do is blah blah blah to fix it, I posted that on Twitter and within the next day the website got fixed. After months of being down. So you tell me that the Browns aren’t still watching my Twitter Lol They are. If you want me to invest I have to see financials and a business plan. I told her that. She said they did not have a business plan. They had a few documents that outlaid the entire business but not an official business plan. She said they had taken a $150,000 loan from the owner of a Pawn Shop in Utah that was a family friend to support and grow the business. To date I found out they still owe that guy money. Somewhere near $85,000. That shows you how little business the website is doing. So if you want to support crappy jewelry and lying women, go visit

I NEVER SIGNED it. I have it. I just posted it but I didn’t want to give her money for her business. She told me Robyn is the one that was doing everything and I basically would be giving money to Robyn. So I let it go.

More lies. We did meet. And have sex. For months.

I still have leukemia and I’ve been in remission for years. So at least that part is true.

I just texted Lindz to ask if she has colon cancer. She said yea it’s all over Lol She never had colon cancer. She never claimed to have colon cancer. That’s a lie. Why Meri made that up is starting to show me what direction this is going to. Meri doesn’t want to just stand up and say I had an affair and I fell in love with a guy. She wants to make all of you feel sorry for her. She wants to make you all believe she was fed some heart-wrenching stories and THAT’S WHY! It pisses me off she is using this cancer thing to make her seem more truthful. That’s disgusting. LINDSAY has NEVER said that. Not ever. Because it’s not true at all. My gosh Meri! What the hell is wrong with you.

The truth is I wanted Lindsay to hand Meri a box of stuff. Lindsay did that and it was Meri that kept her in the La Quinta parking lot in Summerlin to talk. They stood there for an entire hour talking to each other. Lindsay did not want to talk to Meri or meet her. She wanted to give her the box and say bye. So that her and her friend could sleep. They had just arrived in Las Vegas for the post divorce bash weekend and had driven 18 hours. She wanted to crash. Meri kept talking to Lindz and asking her questions about me. So Meri to sit there and lie with the story that Lindsay is the one that wanted to meet and talk or I wanted those two to meet is wrong. I was already in love with Meri and we had already met and had sex. The LAST PERSON IN EARTH I would want to hang out with Meri would be Lindsay Lol Because Lindsay would figure out very very fast something was going on between Meri and I. Which is exactly what happened because Meri was giggling too much to try to play off that we were friends. After Meri got the box from Lindz, they talked, Lindsay texted me and said so you’re fucking a sister wife? Isn’t she like married? Which led to a very long phone call where I tried not to tell her. But she figured it out anyway and that’s how Lindsay found out I was having an affair. She was PISSED. She told me stop. I should have listened.

Again do you see her eyes darting off. That’s all made up. I didn’t want them to be friends at all. That sort of just happened and I hated it.

Meri and I had our own trip to Disney with Mariah and Mike. The trip that Meri is referring to is the time that she told Lindsay she would take her to Disney so Lindsay could have a good time. It was to celebrate all the business stuff we all 3 were working on with Liv products. That’s a supplement company  Meri works for. She was my distributor and we were working on a huge order. They girls on their own decided to go. I was not even invited. They wanted to hang out and go have fun riding rides. This was on April 27th, 2015.















And the back of her ticket with the timestamp on it. Lindsay paid cash for her ticket. It was $99

Now keep in mind Meri is claiming to have figured out that I was “catfishing” her. It’s a lie. I didn’t catfish her at all. What happened is Lindsay and her were talking on the way home. And Meri slipped up and finally admitted to Lindsay that was in love with me. She admitted to the affair. And Lindsay called her out. She said she told Meri it’s about fucking time you stop lying about it. I have known you two were screwing around. She said Meri freaked out and told her to please not tell anyone. That she really did love me and wanted to leave Kody. Meri said don’t tell the tabloids don’t say anything. Then Meri pulled over at a rest stop and got out to walk around. She was panicked because the biggest secret of her life was just put on blast with my best friend. I’m sure it scared her thinking Lindsay now knows this huge secret. While Meri was gone Lindsay immediately texted me and said Big Hair just gave it up finally lol. I have all of these texts. So I began texting Meri just to see what was up. All of those Texts are on this blog. Go look at the end of April. You will see that entire conversation. Meri is lying here. She wasn’t freaking out at all because of anything Lindsay said or did. She freaked out because she fucked up and confirmed the affair. Meri was scared that would go public. That’s the whole story.

Wow Meri is really full of shit here. Lindsay and her friend had went to a Las Vegas show the night before and Lindsay got shit faced. She said she drank probably 12 beers in a 3 hour period. Meri picked her up at 6am so she was still hung over. On the way to Disney they stopped at Burger King and Lindsay got a breakfast sausage value meal. She got sick to her stomach as soon as they got to Disney and went into the bathroom to throw up. It was hot, she was hung over and she really thinks she was food poisoned off of the Burger King. She did throw up in the Disney theme park also Lol She said behind a trash can. Which made them leave the park about 2 hours after they got there because she was so sick. Meri is trying to make a hangover/food poisoning into colon cancer??? Really? Wow. Just wow. I had already put that story on this blog a year ago. Go read that. Search Disney to find that post.

Lindsay and I both have 2 phones. One for work one for personal. So that part is true. But Lindsay is NOT a texter. You are lucky to get more than a k from her. So Meri is making shit up again. Geez. Meri never questioned Lindz about anything. Not ever. That is a lie.

So if Meri was very fearful of Lindsay why did she continue to show up at her hotel to hang out and talk? Why did they go out to eat? Why did Meri go with Lindz and her friend to a Cirque de Sol show? Why would Meri continue to text Lindsay up into August? The last texts from Meri to Lindsay’s phone are on this blog. It says she wants me back. Meri was not at all scared of Lindsay. It’s made up. All of it.

Lol So now Lindsay hired a guy to be me. I hope he sounded southern Lol Come on. Do ya’ll really buy this shit? Do you see how twisted and non-sensical it all is? Does this sound like me? Ya’ll have been on my blog for how long now. Meri just won’t tell the truth. I’m convinced she will never admit to meeting me. She can’t. Because Kody will kick her out. And she knows it.

Meri took money off of me and Lindsay. Thousands of dollars. On top of which Lindsay and I both paid for EVERYTHING each time we went out to eat or did things. Meri never paid for anything. Not the Disney trip that her and Lindsay went on, not any of the meals. Nothing. Meri never even gave me FREE Liv products. I paid for them and Lindsay paid for them. Meri’s boss Jeff is the only one that gave me Free Liv products.

Lindsay and I never told Meri what she was wearing. We were not stalking her. We were not doing anything. That’s total bullshit. Notice how Meri never comments on how I would have seen what she was wearing Lol Maybe she slipped up here and just admitted that I have seen her. Which means we met.

Here’s how we know Meri is lying about being in fear of me or Lindsay. According to her we just talked on the phone. So why didn’t she just hang up and block our numbers Lol Easy solution right? Why would she keep talking to either one of us if she was in such desperate fear. AND WHY didn’t she ever go to the police? We talked to the police in North Las Vegas and in Las Vegas. Meri never filled out a police report. She’s a reality tv star. The police would take her fear very seriously. She could have gotten help at any time. She is lying. And her story is just pissing me off more. This woman will do anything to sell her lies. My goodness.

When Meri invited Lindsay over to the house she was working on a spreadsheet with Meri sitting over her shoulder watching. Meri didn’t even know how to make an Excel Spreadsheet. Lindsay had to show her and create the one we needed for the Liv order. That’s the only time she was on Meri’s computer and Meri was sitting right there. What a liar she is. If she was really concerned that there was a bug or some hidden video device in her house why did she keep inviting us to her house? I have photos proving I was in there. Lindsay has photos that she was in their working on the Liv order. This is bullshit. It’s ridiculous at this point. The fake crying really sucks you in doesn’t it. Well don’t believe it. Mariah was never a part of anything. It’s just one more lie to make you feel bad for poor Meri. And remember according to Meri all we did was talk on the phone. She could have just hung up, right? Come on. America is not this stupid Meri.

So now Lindsay died Lol Awesome. I just texted her and said did you know you died? She said I did? Well I hope I went out with a bang Lol So funny. I never told Meri that Cheryl would contact her because at that point I had no idea Cheryl was stalking me. That’s bullshit. And again Cheryl slips out by saying “Well HE was right about that”.  Thought I was a girl? Do ya’ll catch their lies here? It’s subtle and if you aren’t paying close attention it goes right over your head. Good thing my wife is a lawyer and studies dialog. Even I didn’t catch it the first time. She hit reverse on the remote and said right here babe. Duh. Good catch baby!

So that’s it? We never see any PROOF at all from either one of them? This is Cheryl’s 15 minutes. Why wouldn’t she whip out some kind of proof? You are going off of her stories? Wow. How stupid can you be.

So now Meri is seeing yet another therapist? Wow this affair must have really fucked her up Lol And now she’s dragging a troll into therapy. That’s awesome. Did Cheryl not change clothes? Isn’t that the exact same shirt? My wife just said Oh look your little girlfriend can’t even bother to shower and change her clothes Lol So funny.

So here we go. I have NEVER been on an online dating website in my life. Cheryl is claiming that’s how we met. She also says I was going to move to Miami. Also a lie. My family has had houses and buildings in the Miami and Miami Beach area since the 1970s. But I have never planned on living there. I have visited there. She’s so full of shit. My wife just said I LOVE MIAMI Lol I have never had a Miami phone number. Cheryl just messed up again. She just said “You want that person that HE PORTRAYS HIMSELF TO BE”. See what I mean. She is constantly getting caught in her lie. Cheryl claims I’m a girl. Then why would she ever say that? This is too easy Lol

The therapist is telling Meri to move on. So why doesn’t she? Let me go, move on and stop talking about me. She doesn’t because she makes the choice everyday to think about me. Even when I don’t think about her. I do when someone asks me about it. I do when I get sent nasty comments. Meri is the one that continues this. Not me. I have a wife and kids now. I’m happy. The affair ended for me in August of 2015. It took me a few months to start dating again but I did. And I let it go. I let her go. I think that’s why she doesn’t stop all of this. Because if Meri stops thinking about me she has to accept the fact that I never came back to get her. I never came to save her like I promised I would. I left her in a shitty marriage, all alone, with all of the world now knowing we had an affair. If she lets me go, she will finally realize that I don’t love her anymore. And that she hasn’t accepted yet. I think in time she wil. But still, even a year and half later I’m on her mind. And I just don’t know why. I must have treated her very well for her to continue to hold onto me this way. Which goes against everything she normally might feel. Why isn’t she pissed at me? Where did the angry Meri go to? Because this self-realization isn’t really about me. It’s about her. She’s trying to figure her new life since I left. She’s trying to find a way to stay married and cash those big tv checks. My wife just said she holds on to hope because you have money enough to save her house and to pay for her life and her daughter’s life. My wife just said I will make sure I spend all of your money so she can’t have any Lol Just great. My wife is getting way too much fun out of this. I’m trying to write this and she keeps pausing it to make a joke. I guess that’s her way of coping with it. I’m sorry babe. I really am. But this is my life. I had an affair with Meri Brown.

The wisdom from Janelle shows how much Meri was hiding me from everyone. She secluded herself not out of fear. She did it because she was in love with me. All of the voicemails prove how much Meri loved me. And I echo that. I’m not trying to be disrespectful of my wife. Meri is in my past. I did love her with all of my heart. I did want to marry her and have kids. When I was considering adopting my boys I did wonder what if with Meri. Meri would be a great mom to them. Meri and I could do this. And I had to put that in its place. Because it would never happen. I’m so thankful it didn’t because it opened a hole in my life big enough for me to reconnect with my wife and begin our life together. My wife is the best woman on Earth and she’s been so great about all of this. Yes she does tease me but she knows I’m a million percent hers. I make sure she knows it and feels that everyday. I will never, ever have another affair. I saw the destruction that caused in everyone’s life. It’s hard. It’s really hard seeing Meri’s douchebag husband sit there and have to deal with all of this crap that her and I caused. And then he goes off on Twitter calling me Fake Sam Lol And then I feel like Well that’s why, because you are an asshole and you still don’t treat Meri right. He still doesn’t love her, he’s not going to fix anything with her. And they will be civil and not romantic. I feel bad for Meri. But she stays. That’s on her.

Oh look we get to revisit when  Kody blasts Meri for kicking him out. How many times over the last year did I explain my side and give ya’ll the inside scoop on everything and I was proven right time after time? Because I’m not lying. I have proof and I’m not going to stop telling the truth.

Meri claims she’s going to ignore “her”. Which indirectly means me. I’m not a her. And Meri won’t ignore me because she is really obsessed with me. So much so she goes into a therapist to figure “me” out. Come on. Meri will read this post. That’s why I will add a message directly to her and Cheryl after I finish my recap. And my wife also wants to write something for both of them. Meri still reads my blog. Meri still looks at my Twitter. Last night was the first time Meri has EVER BLOCKED ME. I had a few not nice replies to what her and Kody were saying and I was tagging her in them. Her and Kody both blocked me. Finally. Does that sound like someone in fear of me? Why was I never blocked before? Because they both wanted to still see what I say about all of this. Because he wants to know the truth and wants to gain information and she can’t let me go. That’s why. I’m glad they blocked me because they both need to leave me alone and move on. Unhappy and with no chance to repair their marriage. Because neither of them want to. Meri told me they both are “not feeling it anymore”. That’s exactly what she said.

Well hell yes I was trying to get her to leave we wanted to be together. We were in love. Why would I want to stay in just an affair? The whole point of us making a plan in May was for her to leave her husband and be with me. I’ve always said that. Meri is the one that denied in. She has denied it and I need to go find the Youtube videos that prove she has said “I was never going to leave”. Do ya’ll remember those? I will insert them later. But it’s her on video saying “I was never going to leave Kody”.

But now…

Meri lies again. Now I did call Kody a douchebag and I did say Janelle was emotionally immature. Meri had told me why they hated each other and I felt tha Janelle is in need of some serious anger management therapy. You know the old saying, the quietest one is always the one that’s most violent. That’s because they internalize their rage so much when they are able to express themselves it’s usually a big blowout. For Janelle she used to get physical and verbally abusive with Meri. Of course Meri denies ever dishing it back to her in such a way. But she did tell me a lot of stories about her and Janelle. I was NEVER nice about talking about her husband. She has told me really horrible things he has said and done and I just felt horrible for her. So yes I encouraged her to leave and I still do. She needs to get away from him. He’s abusive.

In Alaska Meri admits she wanted to leave. That’s because we had a plan for her to come back and move out immediately. That’s also on video I will go find that link and insert it in here.

Her family and her daughter still think she was off with me having an affair. They go along to support her lies and story to keep the money coming in. But they all believe there is more to her stories. And they are just trying to let it go since she didn’t leave them. Her daughter is full on pissed. Because Mariah knows a lot more than they do. And the last time she talked about it, it was very clear her and her dad have never sat down and had a very detailed conversation. No wonder they are all in therapy and all look unhealthy, unhappy, and a mess. Geez, get it together. Ya’ll have a therapist, a pile of money and no jobs. You have all the time in the world to fix your life.

And see, Mariah even disagrees with her dad. She said that’s what she says. Mariah doesn’t believe Meri at all. And to point out again when Kody says “She never met this person” Mariah says I know then says well. Because she knows that I met her mom. She knows and believes that.

And here comes the truth. Finally. Been waiting over a year for her to say it but here it is. Meri just said “I considered leaving, I really did.” It pisses me off she denies the part of leaving with me but I’m glad she is at least saying the truth. She was going to leave Kody and the family. Yes for me. Yes we had a plan. Yes I had a house and a car and money just waiting for that phone call. She finally admits it. After all of her denials Lol BUSTED! Thank you Meri. You are making my side of this so much more believable.

Keep in mind and I’m really not trying to hurt or disrespect my wife here, but Meri and I had phonesex while she was in Alaska Lol And we were talking on the phone everyday. She had not figured anything out because it’s a lie. She was not just playing along. She was excited to come home to me.

So now Meri is claiming I sent her fake photos of myself. Which is a total lie. And claiming I sent her photos of Mike Vogel. That’s easy to prove. Where are they? Where are these photos on Meri’s phone or even a print out of any photo I ever sent her that would be matched up on a simple Google search with Mike Vogel. Where’s this proof? She says she has it. Let’s see it. Nows the time. And she can easily whip out her phone while she’s in the interview and show it Lol Why doesn’t she? Because it’s bullshit. I never sent her fake photos. I wouldn’t do that. Total bullshit. Who catfishes someone with a world-famous actor’s photos? Those catfish people use everyday people in their photos. Not something someone can do 1 Reverse Google image search and say BAM. Found ya. Come on. This is ridiculous. In over a year and a half what proof has Meri ever came out to show anyone? Ever. Not one damn thing. And where is Cheryl’s “research”. She has nothing at all to prove her and I know each other. Because I don’t know Cheryl. It’s sick and fucked up but let them align themselves. One stalker to another I guess Lol

There was no ultimatum. Meri got back from Alaska and started shutting me out because Kody was pissed at her telling everyone she wanted to leave. They had a big blowout fight and Meri and I barely talked. She did say she wanted to meet with me to talk to me and after not talking to each other much I figured out she was going to break up with me. So I told her no. Initially. I said I’m not going to come see you so you can tell me goodbye. Just do it over the phone and she refused. She said I just want to talk to you. So I said no. A week went by then I said ok. We agreed to meet up at Tropical smoothie on a certain evening. I went, I waited, she never showed and that was it. I was done with all of it. I never talked to her again. Now she continued to try to get ahold of me. And the last voicemail from our affair is above. Where she is telling me she loves me she will wait and she won’t say goodbye. That was her trying to get me back or at least letting me know she wants me still.

Since than she has continued to try to talk to me and up until recently I ignored all of it. I had nothing to say. She broke my heart. I knew Kody had yelled at her or probably threatened her to end it with me. I’m sure that’s because he would lose the show and all of the money. So she picked the family over me. I accepted it. I didn’t like it but I kep quiet.

It was Meri and Cheryl that went to the tabloids. That’s proven. They are the ones that talked to tabloids and blasted this story out. They came up with the entire script and how it all happened. So I replied. I began posting voicemails, photos, letters, All of it. And people started coming to my blog everyday. That’s how I met most of you. Hello 🙂 Over the past year I have written 2 books, done a few interviews that are all on Youtube or the news Channel’s websites and I have never backed away from my truth. We had an affair. She was going to leave. She chose not to. And now look at her life. This is what she gets for staying with him. This miserable, sad life all alone. I feel bad until I remember she had the chance to leave with me. She could be the one with the wedding band on her finger, not my wife. But going trough all of that led me to the beautiful, amazing woman sitting right next to me pointing out all of my spelling errors. And for that I don’t feel that bad anymore. Because Meri had a chance with me. And she chose money and the kids. I understand it. But at the time I didn’t like it. I left her alone. You all have never seen a police report, or an article or anything at all in relation to me “stalking her” or Lindsay bumping in to her somewhere in Las Vegas. Lindsay and I leave her alone to let her rot in that compound. Because that’s where she chose to be. I pray she does leave someday. I pray she meets a new guy and starts another affair because she really does need and want someone other than Kody.

Drinking wine is something Meri does. The first time Lindsay went to Meri’s house to work they had drinks. It was wine. Lindsay had 2, Meri had one. Lindsay said they would have knocked out the bottle if they hadn’t been working so late. I always wondered why Meri would drink alcohol if she wasn’t supposed to based on her religious beliefs. But then I remember she also wasn’t supposed to be having sex with someone other than her husband and it dawned on me she doesn’t really follow her religion. She does her own thing. I’m sure the AUB is thrilled with this. And she’s making her family so proud Lol Isn’t this show about an FLDS strict religion cult I mean family? If you aren’t supposed to drink alcohol, don’t drink. I don’t drink. I had some champagne at my wedding but only a few drinks and I gave my glass to my lovely bride who knocked it back Lol I married another Catholic so she’s well versed on wine. I do not drink. I don’t like it.

How cute, they are toasting me Lol You are welcome? It is weird. I’m not a catfish and Cheryl is a liar, but ok Lol Knock it back ladies!

Oh look Meri and Kody in therapy. Good. They both need it. She went on this trip and hasn’t seen his ass for 2 days? Wasn’t he interested in all about how it went? I guess that just answered that. Wow. He really doesn’t give a shit about her, huh. They didn’t even drive to therapy together? Don’t they live next door to each other? Great use of time to talk privately. This shows how much they really hate each other Lol

Let’s all see how Meri is over it and not talking about. These are the tweets from the night this show aired. Does it really look like she’s done? My replies are below. And that’s why I got blocked Lol

Now Kody is threatening to hit me with a bat? Nice. Come get some Big Boy Lol I live in Chicago and would even come out to Las Vegas so you can try. Bring a ladder because your sandals won’t even bring you up to my chin Lol He’s a warrior, everyone. The guy that didn’t even see how her trip to Atlanta was. He’s a warrior for his tv money. And will do anything to protect that. Not Meri. And now he wants Meri to hit me or Lindsay or both of us with a bat. That’s awesome. I will have to tell Lindsay that part. She will love it Lol

Nice shot of no wedding band on Meri. I wonder if she melted hers like Kody melted down the one she gave him at her wedding? Interesting she’s still not wearing it.

Well now we all see how bad the marriage has been and all the things I kept saying that it was a dead marriage for years is true. She was single when I found her. She was divorced and alone. That’s why she clung to me. Because I was funny and kind and respectful. But most of all because I really did love her with all of my heart and I told her how much she meant to me every day. Meri was so important to me. And without her I would never be sitting here happily married. You know my wife just said how sad for them. To see them struggle still a year after the affair. She said look at us. We can’t walk into a room without a smile or a hello or some type of affection. She said we are still in our honeymoon phase and can’t keep our hands off of each other. She said they just need to let it go and get back to fun. They need to go on vacation together and reconnect. Then she smacked me and told me we better never get that low with each other Lol I said I would never desert you emotionally. It’s good for me to see her moving on. I worry about her still because I care. But I also think she bares that cross. And she will be left holding it forever. I don’t believe he will ever want her again like I did. I think he’s over her. And he keeps her around to keep the show going. If he was being very honest with her he would tell her that if they did not have the show, he would let her go. He would unseal from her. And she could move on. I really don’t think after therapy it’s going to do any good. Not with this therapist. My gosh this woman is as slow-paced as a snail. Yes be emotionally fragile but you also need to get something going. Not sit and listen with zero plan. I hope Meri leaves. I really do. I hope she doesn’t come looking for me when she does. Because she will no longer be welcome. My wife made that very clear. No more Meri.

Okay Mariah wants to talk to the parents. I hope she got into medical school! That would be awesome. Here we go.

Oh wow. Mariah is gay? That’s so cool! I’m so happy to hear that. I had asked Meri last summer why Mariah was never out on dates and she said she never has had a boyfriend. She said she is busy with school and works a lot. I said yeah but that doesn’t make since. I asked her is she gay and Meri said no. I said what if she is and she said no. So I dropped it. So I had suspected it by the stories Meri had told me but I am very surprised to find out it’s true. Yay Mariah! I’m so happy she figured it out. I hope she met someone. That would be really cool. I can’t wait to find out more. Congrats to Mariah and her new-found love life. You have to love her for how excited she is. What a great thing to share. And so young to be able to figure it all out. She’s 21? I think. Great news!

Wait WTF? Why is Meri upset? Why isn’t she happy? That makes no sense to me. She loves that kid more than anything. Mariah is her other half. She isn’t happy? I don’t understand that. I guess we’ll find out.

Okay so now my wife would like to write a note to Cheryl first.

To Cheryl – Go away and stay away please. Your lies are seen through.

To Meri – Thank you for letting go of such an amazing, loving, sweet man. I picked up what you put down and I couldn’t be happier. Our life and our marriage is strong and I hope someday you will get over him. Watching the show tonight proves how much you still love him and I want you to know I get it. Because how you still feel for him I feel that every single day. He is kind and respectful and funny. And he’s all mine. So thank you for breaking his heart so I could find him and fix it. He is the love of my life and our family would respectfully ask you and your trolls to leave us alone. Our kids and Samuel deserve privacy. If you say you have moved on, please move on.

My baby is awesome Lol So happy she got her say in this. Okay guys. Thats all I have to say about that. If she continues to talk about me and lie, I’m going to continue to reply and defend myself. We are going to go ahead and file a lawsuit for defamation, libel, slander, and threats. I’ve waited a very long time for Meri to say my name on the show. And the truth is, if she was really catfished and had 100% proof she would mention the name that she believes is the girl responsible. She won’t and she can’t. She won’t because she can’t prove it. And she can’t because if she does she knows Jackie Overton will get a lawyer and sue her for lying. Jackie Overton did nothing wrong. She does not even know Meri. I had an affair with Meri Brown. There was no catfish at all. And I hope ya’ll are seeing more to her lies being blowing apart. I have proof. Her and now this Cheryl have and offer none. I wish they would go away but trolls don’t go away. Ever. So please keep yourself relevant with your life. I know damn well Meri will read this someday and start to piece together that Cheryl is only an internet troll interested in getting to know a celebrity. Their friendship will expire as soon as Meri has used Cheryl to leverage her story into some bullshit heap of lies that maybe some people will believe. I know people are a lot smarter than that. Meri has lied too many times. My proof is right here. Go read my blog. And thanks for coming here. I appreciate you all being interested in my story. I’m going to go to bed. With my happy and beautiful wife. So we can do the things a happy couple like to do Lol

Night ya’ll! Love you guys!

Season 7 Episode 6 Recap

Listen, if Maddie wanted her dad officiate the wedding that’s her choice. Her husband agreed to it. You get what you get with him. I’m sure he did a much better job than I would have. I’m happy to see the wedding went off very smoothly. Forgetting the rings, that’s just a small mistake in a day full of successes. They privately exchanged rings and it was fine.

Congrats to the happy couple.

After pulling off my own wedding in November of last year, I feel their pain. My wife’s family is as large as my own. We combined the weekend into a big family event. My boys had already been legally adopted but I didn’t tell my entire family. The next day was the wedding and at the reception I announced it so everyone knew at the same time. It really was a beautiful wedding. With over 500 guests it was a lot of hard work for our wedding planner and her team and herself were amazing. My wife looked gorgeous. I cried as soon as I saw her coming down the aisle. Everything in my life ran through my head as she came closer. Everything led me to that moment. My parents and grandparents had all passed away so I had Drew and Lindsay walk down the aisle with me. Drew was my best man but Lindsay gave me away. Then she took her seat and helped wrangle my boys who were my flower boys. Heston threw one handful but that was because whoever back there put the petals in his little fist and he flung them mostly all over himself Lol

Our wedding video is something my wife still watches often. She likes to snuggle up against me and relive the day.

You really can live happily ever after. God can turn your life around and you can get through all of the bad times. That’s the lesson. Never, EVER, give up on yourself.