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    1. You got me with the domain name while searching for some villains online. Anyway, I’ll stick around for a while. So you have a bat-fan on board as well 🙂 Nice blog man.

    2. Each relationship leaves something on your heart. Some good and some bad. Some we learn from and some we grow from.

      I think that is the difference between relationships and soulmates. (At least that is what I think about it….lol) My life experience anyway.

      Many people can touch your heart but we allow few (if any) to touch our soul.

      Life is a journey ……..not just the destination. Enjoy the ride, learn from your mistakes but NEVER be afraid to start over!

    3. Sam,
      I am compelled to write a note.

      Write your book, tell your story.

      Never give up on “Love”! I’m 56 and still hope to meet my soul mate…

      It is frustrating that writers of “reality shows” forget that they are dealing with real human lives and not fiction television.

      My first thought in all of this (and I only heard a few weeks ago) was that you do not have an email relationship with someone for six months and never meet them. That in itself made me not believe the TV catfish story. You don’t send email pics to someone you have never met that are of sexual nature especially if you are a television star. I would have guessed that the Brown’s would have taught their children about internet safety, so don’t play that card and expect us to believe it.

      You are a very interesting writer who causes people to want to keep reading.

      Don’t beat yourself up for having an affair with Meri, learn from it and move on! It is her loss for not having the courage to move forward and leave Kody. We who have watched the show can tell that there is only one HAPPY and loved wife in the family.

      I wish you well!

    4. Doesn’t really matter if your a guy or a girl…either way it is apparent Meri was having, at least, an emotional affair with you. She no longer wanted Kody, she wanted you. You don’t leave 100’s of messages over the course of months saying “I love you” in all of them…

    5. I also believe Meri is trying to cover herself by denying your existence. But really does it matter. Isn’t violating her vows the same if you’re in love with someone other than your husband. All the photos that she sent you prove her intentions so how can she deny it. It’s not in Meris or Kodys best interest to admit the issues as it will ruin them financially. If in doubt just ask John and Kate how that works. I think the only two wives that I’d trust are Christine and Jannell.

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