I can’t BEE-lieve its almost Spring

Good morning #Batfans! I know it’s been a minute since I have updated my blog. It’s been a very busy year so far. I survived my twins’ 5th birthday party, my birthday weekend celebration, eat-a-thon, and the beginning of our family Spring cleaning.

I have been spending time outside with Peace clearing out all of our flowerbeds, and garden spot doing the prep work. I can’t plant until the end of March but almost everything is cleared and ready to go. We decided to put the garden area in the back part of our yard near the fenceline. It seems to have the best soil and I need to keep our dog out of it. He likes to go in and sniff everything. Not this time! I’m putting up a temporary fence around it so he can’t get in there. I’m a little concerned about other varmits getting in my yard because the girls think leaving my gate open and not shutting it is a thing. I’m about to padlock it for life and make sure we have no more runaway dog issues.

The outside work is getting done. I’m proud of myself for how hard I’ve worked. I did not hire someone to do it. That being said, we all know, I’m going to hire someone to tend the garden Lol I will help. I’m just not a big weed pulling guy. I know I can plant it wide enough to run the rototiller up and down, but I’m sitting here admitting I’m a lazy gardener. We have already planted our indoor spring flower pots. The kids were so excited to get them going. I have them all lined up across the back sliding glass window to soak up the sun. I hope we get a great start on them so we can move them around the house and enjoy.

We have also been spring cleaning the entire house, room by room. I even painted the boys’ bedroom myself. They got new bunkbeds and really wanted a different color in their “man” room Lol They still have separate rooms but they always end up back together. I let go, Let God on that one. Heston is the one that prefers some alone time. He says “Daddy I just need some Me time”, which means to not open his bedroom door. I hear him in there playing and talking to himself so I know he’s fine. Alex is my social bug. He wants everyone together all of the time. He talks nonstop and is teaching Peace everything he learns in school. I think he’s going to be a teacher. He’s SO patient with her. It’s amazing. I’m so happy to have smart little boys that know who they are and have their own little boundaries already.

My daughters are amazing. Always. I get to spend all day with them during the week and I love it. I’m obsessed with my baby, Sky. She’s getting so big. She’s laughing and doing all the cute baby things we all love. She’s sleeping through most nights and that helps me. Rooms are cleaned up, toys are went through and donated. New toys are in toy boxes, clothes are donated, new clothes bought and put in their places.

Life is pretty darn good right now.

Oh and who can forget my beautiful girlfriend. She’s amazing. I keep telling her how much I love my nice, boring life. It’s fantastic. I appreciate each day and whatever kid crisis I have to deal with. I have nothing to complain about. I really do miss Chicago. It was my home. Denver is my home now. I’m making new friends. I’m taking small trips and getting to know my community. I love it here.

Today is going to be 69 degrees. Can you believe it? All the next week 60’s also. That’s shorts weather for me, not the kids. I love how weird the weather is here. Snow for decades, then the sun says Hi for a week straight.

Also today, both of my boys qualified for the Kindergarten spelling bee. Instead of studying the 3 and 4 letter words, all we have been working on is not cheating Lol My boys can do sign language to each other and help each other out. We have them sitting on their hands ONLY when a brother has his turn. It’s working at home but who knows on stage. The one cautious thing I’ve been working on is they mess up a word and their potty mouths being in front of a hot mic Lol If I hear a bad word today, THAT’S IT and I already warned them. Just say dang, or shoot. Be 5 year olds. I don’t think either one will win but I am so proud they made it out of the 10 kids that will be up there.

I did bribe them with food right after school. I admit that. I think it will help out. The judges said they are going to put down a piece of tape so the boys don’t stand too close to the mic and get feedback from their hearing aids. I hope they can hear the word, sound it out, and do their best. That’s all I want for the rest of their lives.

How are you guys? I’m great! I’m getting ready to go to the store to get a few things for the weekend. Sarah is getting really close to her due date. She will be moving at the beginning of April. She’s going home to her parents in Texas. They want to be there for her and I am so happy she decided to have her baby there. I wish her and David could work things out so he could also be there but it sounds like he’s not interested. It’s sad and it’s also none of my business. We all do not know if Sarah will come back to us. It’s okay if she doesn’t. I want her to be where she belongs. If it’s with her parents, okay. If it’s with us, okay. I’m ready either way. I’ve been taking on more responsibility with all 4 of my kids. They are finally at an age I can handle all 4. Brenda will be staying with us until the first part of June. She plans to also go back to Texas and start her life over.

I wanted this family. I want to raise my kids. I needed nannies but I really want to raise my kids myself. That’s why I quit working. My family means more to me than a job. I couldn’t always say that, but now that I have them, it’s all I care about.

Have a great weekend guys! I love you. I just uploaded a bunch of new photos and videos. The birthday party (both) are up now. Don’t I look so freaking happy now? I really am.

The Crud is almost gone

Sarah, myself, and my two boys are almost well finally. The past 3 days have been pretty bad. I am still not going into work this morning. I think I’m going to take this week off. Sarah has tried to help but was sick all of yesterday still. I told her to just rest and worry about herself. I’m feeling better. I had a few days of problems but I’m much better. We have all been hydrating.

My wife called last night and said she’s coming home. I told her no. I told her to just stay there for a few days. It’s not like she has nothing to do, both condos are staged and getting ready to be sold. I asked if the tv was hooked up and working and she said yes Lol Of course it is. She said they are eating a lot of take out food for now because they didn’t want to dirty up the kitchen. We will get a cleaning service in there as soon as they take off. I want the condos on the market by mid November. The sooner we can put them up for sale the faster they will go I hope. In my price range I’m not sure how long they will sit on the market. I told my realtors to do a pocket listing first just in case we can find buyers faster. They said okay.

My wife wants to be here to help us out but she’s pregnant and I don’t want her, the baby, or our daughter Peace catching this crud. It’s nonstop something around here Lol The boys are finally getting around more. They have been hugged up on me for days. I know they feel like crap and I’m doing my best to hold them both as much as they want. They are still eating and so far we have managed to keep the water down both of them. That’s a good sign.

I think by Friday I can have my wife and baby come back home. My 2 part-time nannies love it because they are back in the city and they are able to take shifts watching Peace. She really is so easy to care for. She is becoming a little more active now which is awesome. She’s 10 weeks old this week and I’m so happy she’s growing. I miss her cute little face. I can’t wait to hug and kiss on her when she gets back home.

I hope everyone is doing okay. I’m trying not to watch too much news about the Las Vegas shooting because it just breaks my heart. I am reading articles on it and getting info that way. We will never know why, but we will know how, when, where, and what soon.

My family is still praying for all the lives that have been lost the past few months. For all the families that have to live with pain and suffering. May God ease your pain and help you in your time of need. We have donated money to that Go Fund me page that was created by the Las Vegas city councilman. We have directed all of our employees to voluntarily do the same if they would like. We know that money is going straight to all of the victims.

Thank you all for the nice messages of concern for Lindsay and for my sick kids. We are all going to be okay. We just need a little more time. I’m doing my best to take care of everyone. I love being home with them. I can’t wait until January when I can stay home with all of my kids for as long as I want. It’s all I have ever wanted, my own family. It’s the best part of my life. I’m so happy. Even when I’m sick, tired, drained, I’m still happy to be with my boys. I hope they are over this crud today and we can go back to having our whole family back together. I don’t like sleeping alone in my bed! I need my wife to curl up next to me and kick me in the middle of the night like she does Lol I miss her very much. I pray she doesn’t catch this stuff and our baby is okay. Miss you girls!

I think Heston is up I need to hit Publish on this. Have a good day, guys!

Almost Defame’ed goes paperback for round 2

My book Almost Defame’ed is almost done editing to be sold as a paperback again. This is our 2nd round for this book as well. I’m very proud of this book because a lot of people have commented on the moral of the story. I’m happy how the book turned out and am very happy to finally get time a few months ago to add more to it and end with an update. The extra info inside is very entertaining. I’m happy my publisher is sending this out for paperback form. It looks really good and I like the new design. I’m happy with how it turned out. I will post the link to purchase it as soon as I get the info.



Stay warm guys! It’s really cold out there this weekend.

Paperback book is Pending

  Look at that! My 2nd round of paperbacks are going out soon. They said in 12 hours so by morning you can buy my book in Paperback again. Thanks again for all that have supported me. This is the first time I’ve offered it for sale on Amazon. They charge so much to print the paperback. I am charging $20 to cover the printing cost per book. They print it on demand. I’m told you order it and they print it the next day. Then you receive the book within 3 days or so. That’s pretty fast. I’m going to order 10 copies tomorrow to make sure it all works. I also want to check the quality of the book. My publisher did a great job with the printing of the 1st editions of paperback. But we used CreateSpace to make it easier to set up the sale of the paperbacks on 11 other websites.

This is exciting news for me. I’m very proud of this book and my story. It’s been an adventure and I will always defend the truth and all of my proof.

Please enjoy my book in paperback! It’s an interesting read!