Another Chicago Weekend

We have a lot to cram into one weekend but it’s going to be fun for the kids. Lindsay is actually home so she will be hanging out with us all weekend. She came over last night to talk about today’s house hunting. She took the women back to her house for some fun and because I didn’t have enough room for everyone to sleep here. Gabby came with us, so did Sarah and her baby. I kept the baby because she doesn’t need to see what goes on over at Lindsay’s house after dark. It’s shameful behavior.

This morning we are going to go look at 2 newly renovated Brownstones. Move in ready. If I find one I like, I’m buying it today. My condo just doesn’t fit all of us. It was perfect before I started adopting a million kids plus 2 nannies, not 1 nanny. I didn’t think Sarah or Gabby would be traveling with us much to Chicago, I was wrong on that one too. It’s time to upgrade. I need at least 5 bedrooms OR at least 5 rooms I can turn into bedrooms. My boys can get bunk beds and all share a room. That makes it much easier to deal with. My daughters share a room now, so that’s not an issue. That leaves me with my room and a room each for the nannies. However, if others join us, they can share a room, a bed, a couch, I don’t care. As long as my kids are comfy.

We are also going clothes shopping. The weather is going to be nice and cool, so I’m looking forward to some shorts/tshirt weather. And tonight we are going to a kids play. It’s a social distancing event outside. We have one of those tent things that you sit your chairs in. That will help us social distance, keep the riff raff away, and also get the bugs to stay off of us. It’s going to be a lot of fun. My kids love things that are interactive like that. It’s like tv but a live performance. I’m excited to see their faces.

I’m doing well. I plan on having a nice, calm weekend. Nothing too crazy. Tomorrow we are staying late because Lindsay wants to spend extra time with the kids. Peace Taylor will be turning 4 next weekend. The party planning has been nuts. Sarah is in charge of it, I’m paying her to do the birthdays and holiday planning, I’m useless. It’s going to be a beautiful pink/teal theme party. She did not want Winnie the Pooh or anything like that because “she is not a baby daddy, duh”. Okay.

Have a great weekend, folks. Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. Yes, that one rumor is true, and I will be going up to Utah soon Lol And no the other 2 rumors are all bullsh**.

Chicago, how I missed you, sorta

Over the weekend I took everyone to Chicago for a few events.

I attended my assistant’s wedding. It’s official, she is a married lady and she is officially done working for me. I am so happy for her. She met a great guy who will love and protect her. Her family loves him, it’s all good. I’m going to miss her. She could read my mind and finish my sentences. Soon, I will be on the lookout for a new assistant. The problem is I don’t have much work or personal stuff going on that I need help. Yet. Let’s see how COVID pans out this year.

The kids love Chicago. I wish we could have done more this trip but it was a busy weekend. I was able to take everyone down to Navy Pier twice. We also got into a Toy Store that wasn’t very busy. I loaded my kids up with 2 toys each because it has been so long since they could go to any store. They were very excited. I love seeing them happy.

We did Lindsay’s birthday party. It was low key, she was mad but she gets it. We need to wait before we start planning big blow out parties again for each other. The cake was good, her dogs each got a piece, she did enjoy the meal. I tried to make it special. There simply is no way to please her.

We finally found out that my downtown condo is not big enough for my crew. I’m going to have to find a new one. It sucks because I’ve only owned this one for 2 years. I thought it would work. I was wrong. We are too cramped in there. I need to sell it, find a bigger space for when we go back and forth. I really love the location. I can walk to my office from there. I called my realtor and told her the good news. She’s “on it” and I’m not supposed to “worry about a thing”. Fine by me. We need more bedrooms, more bathrooms. I tried to pile the boys in 1 room, all the girls in another, me in mine, and 1 extra bedroom for the nannies to figure it out Lol I’m an idiot. We need more rooms.

I had a great time. I miss being in Chicago. I do not miss living in Chicago. It’s changed. When I first moved there years ago it was so exciting. A new event every weekend, always a mixture of fun things to do and nice people to meet. Now it’s crazy. People aren’t so nice, the events are strenuous and I’m not having the time of my life anymore. I’m happy in Denver. I mean I’m not happy about the weather. That is like a whiplash head turn every other day. Snow. Snow in May. Snow in May in Denver! Yes that’s real.

I’m good. I’m happy. Life is going along. We are trying to finish this virtual school year strong. Homeschooling the kids is hard. Sitting there while their teachers try to wrangle all of the kids is frustrating. We are almost to the summer when we can sleep in and travel. I have plans but just like last year, who knows what’s going to happen. We are going to take it one weekend at a time. The health and safely of my family is #1 right now.

Hope you guys are doing fine. I have over 100 DM’s to answer. I will get to that this week. I just finished up writing back to all the emails and comments from here. Have a great week guys. Love you!

Peyton, I will call you today, I swear

Dinner with Peyton. Here’s what happened.

Damn she looked good. That kind of surprised me. The last time I saw her she was in a beachy summer outfit and not really fixed up at all. I wasn’t either so I’m not bashing her. She cleans up good. She looked great and very professional. She said she created a response team at her hospital and they sent her to a conference downtown to learn more about how to facilitate it, how to staff it, how to get support staff, and how to request budget, equipment, etc. How cool is that? She was pretty excited to tell me all about it. It was interesting to learn about. She even showed me the pamphlet they made today for her to kind of explain what it is.

We caught each other up on our lives. I showed her more recent photos of the kids and pictures of our new house. She said Vegas is close to Denver if we ever wanted to hang out some weekend, she could fly up. I said hmmmm and changed the subject. She dropped it from that point. She told me about how her family is doing, how work is going, those kind of things. We had a delicious meal. Wow, was that salad good. I mean I liked my entree too but that salad. I’m going to have to take the kids there before we leave. I bet they would love all the things in that salad. So at the end of dinner I had no plans to extend the evening. I was going to drive home and probably go to bed early. I was pretty tired from helping move out furniture and then rearrange the house all day. Well….

So we walked out into the lobby and she said do you want to come up so we can talk privately? I said come up where? She said to my room. I said no Lol She said then how about the bar? Okay. We walked into the bar and sat down in a booth in the back corner. It wasn’t a big room but it wasn’t full of people so it was a good, quiet, spot. She started in with she has been thinking about me for a while and this week I’ve been on her mind a lot. I said I have to go and started to scoot out. She grabbed my arm and said Let me say this please. So I sat back down and listened. She told me that she regretted not finding out how far our relationship could have gone and that she doesn’t want to get back together. She liked how well I treated her but I have not in anyway held her back from dating and trying to find love. She said she had a serious boyfriend but they broke up because he wasn’t honest with her about some big things. She said he was hiding things from her and she didn’t want that in her life. She said the age difference between us wasn’t that noticeable and she didn’t care. She hopes that I do find the love of my life, she knows it’s not her, and she really does wish me and the kids well on our move. I said we didn’t even have to have dinner for that we could have said that over the phone. She said well if there was a chance for us to start back up she would see it on my face or in my eyes. She said that I had made it more than clear that I’m not interested in her and that she just wanted a solid closure on us. I do understand that. I wished her well and said we can be friends. I told her maybe some time next year in the spring she could come up to visit. That would give me plenty of time to get moved in, get the kids in school and get through settling in. She said okay with a laugh.

Guys, I was sweating Lol I wasn’t sure where things were going and I didn’t want to be that guy that said “It’s not you, its me”. We didn’t have to go there and I’m glad. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings more than I probably already did.

She walked me out to the lobby. We hugged goodbye and I turned to leave. Then I turned around and planted a giant kiss on her Lol I have no idea why I did it other than if this was real closure, I wanted one last big kiss with her. She melted into it and I did the only thing I could think of. I bolted out of the lobby with no explanation.

Guys, I kissed and ran Lol It was a “walkby snogging.” If you have ever seen the movie that quote is from you would be proud I used that last phrase properly. I had 4 texts messages by the time I got my Range Rover and a missed call by the time I got home. I answered none of them. I know I will call her back some time today but not yet. I don’t know what to say Lol The majority of the texts were What the hell was that????? Do you want to start over??? Was that a goodbye kiss???? Hello????

I’m an idiot. When it comes to women I know NOTHING. I had a clean getaway, I had left things in a very mature, friend in the future, spot. I ruined all of it.

WTF am I supposed to say to her now? Hellllllllllllppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!

Back home

I got home from Denver last night. My house is going to be done in about 3 to 4 weeks so I’m going to be in full on purge mode this week.

I spent about an hour at the airport getting my plane maintenance and fueled back up before I put it in my rental hangar. I sure love that darn thing. It has given me years of pure joy. It also makes it very easy to travel. I love being up in the clouds. It makes me feel so small and humble. I love flying.

I missed my kids, I gave them all kinds of kisses and hugs as soon as I came in the house. They had all kinds of fun it sounds like. I saw some of the photos on the girls Facebook pages so that was fun. All of my nannies are officially done. I told them I wanted the last month to handle my kids all by myself. I need to get them and mainly myself into a routine. I really haven’t been using nannies unless I travel but it’s time to figure this all out. I’m confident I can handle it. I have 3 good kids that love to help. The grocery shopping will be something I need to figure out. They are all done with their summer camp and we are all done with their speech therapist so I really have no backup other than when Lindsay is in town. Her house is almost done so she will be leaving in the next week. The week before we move I’m taking the kids to the condo downtown and we will all stay there while my movers come in and pack things up for us. I have a cousin of mine who will fly with us to Denver to watch my kids in the plane and also make sure my pets are fine. I have to fly my dog and 2 cats with me to Denver. I found a neighbor who wants the parakeets. Thank goodness. I never wanted them in the first place but they are left over from when my ex-wife lived here. I did text her and say come get your cat or the cat is moving with me to Denver. She called right away more interested in me moving away. The call ended with her not wanting the cat for some pretty lame excuses but that’s okay. I love the cat, she’s mine now, she’s more than welcome to live with me forever. Oh yeah, speaking of ex’s.

When I got home and got everyone settled in my nannies told me I had a voicemail on the home phone. No one ever leaves me voicemails or even really calls my home phone so that was a surprise. They started giggling and told me to go listen. Of course all 3 of them went with me and listened in. They had already played it I don’t know how many times. It was Peyton. Yes, Las Vegas Peyton. The girl I dated right after Meri. She left a nice message and told me call her. I played the message twice trying to hear if it was an emergency or if something was wrong. Then we all sat around for a good 10 minutes debating if I should call her back or not.

After a few minutes I decided to call and see what’s up. It’s human nature to be curious about things. Peyton and I broke up only because I moved from Las Vegas back to Chicago. It was a friendly breakup and we remained friends for a few years after. I haven’t seen or talked to her in over a year so this was unusual.

I went outside for privacy because they wanted me to call her back on speakerphone. I said no and walked out. It was a little awkward at first but finally she told me what was up. She has a work conference in Chicago this coming weekend and wanted to see if we could grab dinner. I said Uhhhhhhhh Lol I said why? She said it sounded fun and we can catch each other up on our lives. I said I can do that right now. She said with a sigh, Sam. Fine, we can do dinner. Then she asked if I was single or would I be bringing someone. I said I’m single and not wanting to date right now. She said she has been single for 4 months. And then I got off the phone pretty quickly. I told her call Saturday so I know where to pick her up at. She said it would be easier to eat at the hotel restaurant. I said fine, then we exchanged cell numbers and I said, Good talk, see ya then hung up Lol I didn’t know how to wrap that conversation up. She sent me a text this morning with her flight info and hotel info. It was all on the same email page so she just screenshotted it.

So Peyton and I will be having dinner Saturday night. This whole thing played out on my Twitter last night. My friends were giving me advice on what to do or what not to do. It was pretty funny and the Dm’s were even better.

I have no intention of dating Peyton or even planning more than this dinner together. I have no feelings for her and I’m sure she feels the same way. It will be good to reconnect and maybe we can start up a friendship? I don’t know. We will see.

I’m taking my kids to the grocery store. Pray for me Lol See ya guys!

I’m so lazy its a Hammock life right now

I have been trying to figure out where I am going to move my family. I love the Chicago area, I love this house, but I want and need a change in my life. The kids are getting to be school age and if I move them soon enough we can get them settled and ready for the beginning of their school careers. Right now we are doing the prep work so that the boys will have the greatest success from day 1. It’s a lot of hard work for them but they are soaking it all up. I love seeing them learn new things. They get so excited. So after a bunch of back and forth debates on what the best city is for my family I’ve choosen Denver, Colorado. I bought a house there a few months ago. It is being renovated right now and it’s almost done. My plan is to sell this mansion, sell a lot of the furniture and things that go with this house and get ready to move us by September 1st. The boys’ school will start the middle of September so I really feel like this is my best time. Big deep breath. I have prayed and prayed on this decision. One of the main factors is that Alex’s doctors are all there. He is getting much better, we fight a small infection here and there but he is doing great. The house I bought is in the northwest side and has a lot of great amenities to the property. I’m actually downsizing if you guys can believe it. Those that have seen my Chicago house folder on Facebook can see how much space I have now. Our home is HUUUGEEE. I don’t need this much house. I need room for me, the kids, and a few bedrooms for guests. That’s it. No more crazy yard space, no more lake life. Okay, I’m obviously not going to be mowing my own lawn Lol That’s not the kind of downsizing I’m doing. I’m $till a $poiled brat. It’s time I just settle into dad life. I think this is my best option and we are going for it. I actually have several friends interested in my house and will be working with a local broker to help get this house on the market soon. I already have a survey done and the house inspected. The 4 things that needed to be updated or fixed are getting done in the next 2 weeks so I will be fully ready to say LIST IT!

Being closer to the west coast is going to have a lot of advantages for me. It’s also a great part of the country and I’m really looking forward to exploring the city.
I wish I had more of a huge update but I don’t. Oh wait, I’m going to Comic Con next weekend, that’s some news. Umm, I think that’s about it. I did upload a ton of new photos and videos on our Family Facebook page. Go check those out. We have done a few Periscopes and Facebook live videos. Those are also on there. Life is quiet. I love it. Hope you guys are enjoying your summer!

We are moving home today!

We are all up early. I went and grabbed breakfast while Sarah got everyone dressed and ready for our flight. The kids are eating. I’m waiting for the shipping company to come pick up our boxes and then it’s time to go. Mike’s mom is on her way here to get the keys. I’m having a cleaning service coming today to clean the whole house from top to bottom. The landscapers came yesterday to clean up the yard. I think we have everything on my list done. The only thing I need to do is load the cat and dog into their crates and off we go.

Thank you Denver/Colorado Springs! We had a great time but you aren’t home. Hello Chicago, we are coming home soon! I posted the last of our photos from my phone. We had a great adventure here. The staff at the Denver hospital was very nice in taking a photo with us so I can say thank you to them and let everyone know how awesome they care for kids. It’s all on our Family Facebook page. Check out the photos and videos.

As soon as they load up all of our boxes we are heading to the airport. It’s going to be a quick flight then Brandi and Heather will pick us up. My vehicles are being shipped back also. That was expensive. I should have just paid 2 friends to drive them back or something. As long as they get back home in 1 piece, it’s worth it.

It’s moving day! I’m really excited. I missed my home.

Have a great day, guys. I may take a few days off from blogging so I can get the kids, pets, and myself settled. See you all soon.

My little helpers x 3

School is going great. The boys love it. They are making all kinds of new friends. The moms and the 2 dads that do drop offs and pick ups are very nice. We all share funny stories about our kids while we wait the few minutes until our kiddos come out of class. I guess I’m making new friends too. We have a playdate for this weekend. My boys have attached themselves to the little Asian girl in their class. Their sister is half Asian so I get it. It’s pretty cute. Her mom said she talks about the twins nonstop. My boys share with her. Let’s review that one. My boys are actually sharing with other human beings. That’s a miracle. We are doing our “homework” at home. We are just supposed to notice different colors of things and see if the boys can tell me the right color. They get purple and blue mixed up. I’m sure I would too at that age. They do okay on red and black. White is easy. Yellow is the one that trips them up. We are working on it. Peace helps. She has all of the colors in her wardrobe so we pull out her things to give them the full rainbow to work with.

My 2 hours with my Sweet Pea is awesome. She is so funny. She says dada and then lights up into a whole story of babbling. I just say Uhhhh huhh. Yeah??? Really now. She goes on and on. I love it. I’ve waited her whole life to talk to me and now that she is, I can’t get enough.

We get the boys after running our errands and go home. We put up all of the shopping stuff I bought and then it’s play time before we all help make lunch. My kids love to help me cook. The boys have little stools and we put Peace on the island to watch us. She grabs the fruit I slice up. She can’t help herself. We eat, clean up and go outside and play. We have started to do little field trips to places around Colorado Springs. I want to explore with them. I want them to get used to being in crowds. It’s tricky but we are figuring it all out.

I have hired 3 babysitters. I told them I can always give them advanced notice. If I actually need a babysitter it would only be for a few hours here and there.

Jen finally met my kids. They like her. By the end of the event the boys were holding her hands. It was pretty cool. She said they are all adorable and she can see why I never want to leave the house. I told her our dates are now going to have to be at my house or at hers unless I have family or friends in town to help me watch them. Mike lives here and said he can babysit if he’s not working late. I wouldn’t go out anywhere until after my kids are asleep anyway. I haven’t even kissed Jen yet. We are still just hugging. She lingers a little more each time and one time she ran her fingers in the back of my hair. I just laughed because it caught me off guard. She’s cool. Casual dating with friendship is fun. No pressure and we can just hang out.

We are moving back to Chicago in 3 weeks. Sarah found a school I can get the boys in. It’s pretty much a glorified daycare but it’s very close to my house. That part I like. I’m going to finish having this house renovated and Mike said he and his mom want to move in it and pay me rent. That’s fine with me. His mom lives in Denver and she’s wanting to be closer to him. I won’t charge them much for rent but I also won’t give it away. We are still thinking about a rent to buy option. It’s a nice house. I’m not sure they want to live in the neighborhood though. We will see.

I can’t wait to get home. I’ve missed everything. It’s in time for football season. And hopefully I can get in a few Cubs games before the season is done.