The votes are in

We all voted today and have decided to go home on Monday. We may leave late Sunday evening so my kids can sleep the whole way. We won’t have to quarantine when we get home since we’ve been in quarantine since March 12th.

When I get home I’m going to have to figure out a lot of things really fast.

I’m glad for the time we have all had here. We are going to have a great weekend. I am ready to be home. This has been a wild experience.

I want a little Peace at home

Hey guys. How are you doing tonight? I’m good. I’m listening to a podcast as I type this. It’s pretty funny so I may pause a few times to listen to a story they are telling. I hope this won’t take that long. Like right there. I just learned how they both figured out Santa was more of a helper to our parents than we all figured out Lol It was a great story.

I have decided to keep Peace at home now. I put her into daycare to give her time to socialize and see if that would go well. Her brothers are in school all day now and I want her to feel a part of all of that. She only went half a day. This allowed me time to bond with Sky. Sky is older, sleeping longer at night, things are smooth.

Now I get both of my girls at home all day and I’m trying to figure out all of the girl type things they might want to do together with me. So far I planned a very special lunch that got crapped on by a bad phone call. It took longer than it was supposed to and I ended up missing out on the entire meal that I prepared. Peace was mad and she had every right to be. So I did what every guilt ridden, single, Catholic parent would do, I took her for ice cream. It helped but she still let me know that was not okay.

I am sorry Peace. Next time I will put you first and make a better choice.

Sky decided to chill with us the rest of the afternoon and it’s very interesting to see my girls interact. Peace loves her little sister. Now keep in mind she hates being a big sister to anyone. She still wants to be the baby of the house. And I tend to favor her over everyone in my life. I am working on that. She’s so dang cute though. She looks up at me and I just melt.

The boys are doing great. We had a great Christmas, a great Disney trip, and my quick trip over the weekend was a good break for all of us. I had a business trip to Napa, California and I got back way too late the next morning. That meeting turned out like complete crap. I’m not happy at all how that business is going and it got a huge change of command as of NOW. Not me, I put someone else in charge. It did not go over well but it’s a business. And I let it go for 3 years now. I’m done.

2020 for me is the year of ZERO FU**S. I mean it. I’ve finally been setting boundaries and walking away from my toxic friendships. Certain people in my life have about 1 more phone call left in me before I say, I’m done, bye. Click. I love my friends but some of them, time to go. And 2020 was the year.

The podcast I’m listening to is debating if some guy should shave his back Lol I do not have a hairy back. I have no opinion of this at all but I think it’s funny the answers they are offering up. A back scratcher with a razor taped on it? I guess that might work. I also do not have a hairy butt, thank goodness. Hairy legs, yes, hairy armpits check, yes. A small patch of chest hair I usually just shave off, yes. That’s my usual stuff. Shave your back Lol Wow. Good luck to that guy.

So much for finishing this blog. My kids are fighting over a puzzle so I’m wrapping this up. Have a great evening everybody! Tomrrow I’m getting us a new vehicle. I’m selling my Range Rovers. It’s going to be sad but I need a much bigger vehicle now with Sky in our family. Love you guys.

Back home

I got home from Denver last night. My house is going to be done in about 3 to 4 weeks so I’m going to be in full on purge mode this week.

I spent about an hour at the airport getting my plane maintenance and fueled back up before I put it in my rental hangar. I sure love that darn thing. It has given me years of pure joy. It also makes it very easy to travel. I love being up in the clouds. It makes me feel so small and humble. I love flying.

I missed my kids, I gave them all kinds of kisses and hugs as soon as I came in the house. They had all kinds of fun it sounds like. I saw some of the photos on the girls Facebook pages so that was fun. All of my nannies are officially done. I told them I wanted the last month to handle my kids all by myself. I need to get them and mainly myself into a routine. I really haven’t been using nannies unless I travel but it’s time to figure this all out. I’m confident I can handle it. I have 3 good kids that love to help. The grocery shopping will be something I need to figure out. They are all done with their summer camp and we are all done with their speech therapist so I really have no backup other than when Lindsay is in town. Her house is almost done so she will be leaving in the next week. The week before we move I’m taking the kids to the condo downtown and we will all stay there while my movers come in and pack things up for us. I have a cousin of mine who will fly with us to Denver to watch my kids in the plane and also make sure my pets are fine. I have to fly my dog and 2 cats with me to Denver. I found a neighbor who wants the parakeets. Thank goodness. I never wanted them in the first place but they are left over from when my ex-wife lived here. I did text her and say come get your cat or the cat is moving with me to Denver. She called right away more interested in me moving away. The call ended with her not wanting the cat for some pretty lame excuses but that’s okay. I love the cat, she’s mine now, she’s more than welcome to live with me forever. Oh yeah, speaking of ex’s.

When I got home and got everyone settled in my nannies told me I had a voicemail on the home phone. No one ever leaves me voicemails or even really calls my home phone so that was a surprise. They started giggling and told me to go listen. Of course all 3 of them went with me and listened in. They had already played it I don’t know how many times. It was Peyton. Yes, Las Vegas Peyton. The girl I dated right after Meri. She left a nice message and told me call her. I played the message twice trying to hear if it was an emergency or if something was wrong. Then we all sat around for a good 10 minutes debating if I should call her back or not.

After a few minutes I decided to call and see what’s up. It’s human nature to be curious about things. Peyton and I broke up only because I moved from Las Vegas back to Chicago. It was a friendly breakup and we remained friends for a few years after. I haven’t seen or talked to her in over a year so this was unusual.

I went outside for privacy because they wanted me to call her back on speakerphone. I said no and walked out. It was a little awkward at first but finally she told me what was up. She has a work conference in Chicago this coming weekend and wanted to see if we could grab dinner. I said Uhhhhhhhh Lol I said why? She said it sounded fun and we can catch each other up on our lives. I said I can do that right now. She said with a sigh, Sam. Fine, we can do dinner. Then she asked if I was single or would I be bringing someone. I said I’m single and not wanting to date right now. She said she has been single for 4 months. And then I got off the phone pretty quickly. I told her call Saturday so I know where to pick her up at. She said it would be easier to eat at the hotel restaurant. I said fine, then we exchanged cell numbers and I said, Good talk, see ya then hung up Lol I didn’t know how to wrap that conversation up. She sent me a text this morning with her flight info and hotel info. It was all on the same email page so she just screenshotted it.

So Peyton and I will be having dinner Saturday night. This whole thing played out on my Twitter last night. My friends were giving me advice on what to do or what not to do. It was pretty funny and the Dm’s were even better.

I have no intention of dating Peyton or even planning more than this dinner together. I have no feelings for her and I’m sure she feels the same way. It will be good to reconnect and maybe we can start up a friendship? I don’t know. We will see.

I’m taking my kids to the grocery store. Pray for me Lol See ya guys!

What time is it? Get in the truck

We are back in Colorado Springs. I told everyone last night we are leaving early in the morning. I needed to make sure Alex would sleep the whole way and he did. That was one of my better ideas. I got the luggage loaded, the kids loaded and had to peel one of my nannies out of bed Lol In that order. Thank you Denver for a great family reunion. I’m over it.

This morning I have to hit the grocery stores, start getting laundry going and figure out all of the boys school stuff. I also need to drive them over there so they know where it is and what playground stuff they have. They keep asking me if they get to play outside. I have no idea. On their first day we get to go through the whole 2 hours with them to figure it all out. I’m happy to see how their day will go. I need to ask if they ever get to go outside to play. I probably should write that down.

So we are back! Yay us. And everyone is sleeping still Lol I am working on my grocery list then I’m going to make breakfast and get to the store. I have a lot of things I need and want to get done today so it will be pretty busy.

Have a great weekend, guys!

Denver, it was fun, but I’m leaving

We have spent this week family reunion-ing with my peeps. I have had a great time. My kids are having a great time and I just don’t want to see these people ever again until the next family reunion Lol I’ve had my fill. So we are packing up and leaving in the morning. I want to go home. I have a lot of things left to do before my kids start school. I have to figure out where to drop them off at, what time I need to pick them up. A lot of logistical things I haven’t figured out yet. I’m glad it’s only 2 hours a day. It kind of feels like I’m dropping them off to a daycare. I don’t know how any of this will go but I am going to enjoy my time with playing daddy at home while they are gone for a short time. This is supposed to boost their education. I don’t know. I read the things they will do the first month. It just sounds like a huge play time thing. I’m not very cool with that. I want them to be there and learn things. Not fight with whoever over legos, trucks, and anything else.

I have finally posted a ton of photos and a few short videos from our time in Denver. This trip has been full of family stories and laughs. Check out my Family Facebook Page and see how it’s been going. Yes my hair did get a little lighter in color. That’s what happens when your cousin is a new beauty student and talks you into going a little big lighter for the rest of the summer. Good thing my hair grows fast and I don’t mind cutting it all off if I decide I don’t like it. So far, it’s okay. I can’t wait to see Jen’s face when I get back home and she sees it. I told her about and she just laughed.

Jen and I have been talking off and on. Mostly texting. I have been busy but I try to answer her back. She’s very nice. I am having fun getting to know her and I did tell her I would like us to keep a friendship after we move back, if we do. That is also still up in the air.

I hope you all are having a great time. Lindsay will be logging in here tonight and doing our latest rounds of bans. So bye bye stalker trolls. See you nowhere for a while Lol It’s still creepy you give this much care to what I’m up to. And as always, go do something meaningful with your life. I really don’t see, read, or care what you have to say to me. Everyone has moved on a looooooooooooong time ago.

Thank you Lindsay. Thank you all my batfans. And thank you family for a great week together! Love ya’ll!

Last day in Colorado Springs

I’m leaving the Springs in the morning. I’ve had a good time here off and on. I was able to go home for a little while because I had to. I’m not ready to post about any of that but I can say I’m recovering….okay. I’m here. That’s the best answer I can share.

My pending divorce is taking a lot longer than I want. My soon to be ex and I barely communicate and she has gotten herself into some trouble. I’m trying to be kind even though I don’t understand her at all right now. I feel like I married a complete stranger and she has turned into something more vicious than I was aware of. My kids are adjusting the best they can but they still ask about her. Not as often. She has only seen them twice. That’s her choice. And at this point I want her to stay away from them. We are getting all paperwork in order to ensure I am the only legal, custodial, you can’t have them at all parent after all of this is over with. She has signed off on them. That breaks me apart. I also realize the giant headaches it is going to relieve me from in the coming years and lucky my boys are small enough they may not even remember any of this. I can hope at least.

My new plan is to focus on my new app, work hard on getting that launched the middle of next year, and hanging out with my kids. It’s time I start planning our summer. I had all kinds of things happening and it’s about dang time I get home and just be a dad for a while.

I feel kind of broken inside. Maybe a little lost. I’m healing but just not the way I wanted to. Life is what happens when you tell God your plans. He says no son, here you go Lol

Mike and I went out last night with 2 of his female neighbors. We went to see the new Jurassic World movie. It was pretty predictable but I liked it. I’ve seen them all now. It’s way too scary for my kids but for me it was good. I don’t really go see movies that often. I can’t sit still through them. Most movies or tv don’t hold my attention. Maybe it’s the million things I have to get done or I can’t seem to reward myself with 10 minutes of relaxation without doing 3 other things all at once. I’m trying to figure out a much better balance. All I know is staying up all night wasn’t doing it. Sleeping all day because of the intense depression wasn’t doing it either. I’m coming back to life. Slowly. The hurt doesn’t hurt quite as much anymore. I think a fun night out with that group helped a lot. Mike had a lot of fun and I think he’s finally made some new friends. They are much older than he is but that’s okay. I think living in the same building they can watch out for him.

My Cubs have been playing well. 42-34 so far this year. I can’t wait to hit a game or 12 when I get home. It’s about that time to load up the family and go to Wrigley. My other plans include going into the city 2 days a week to work on my app. I can do it from our headquarters. I think that might keep me focused. And I’m going to redo my entire bedroom when I get home. My nannies said they will help me out. Lindsay is back in Las Vegas and loving it. Sarah comes only on the weekends to help out. I think things are okay. I think we are all going to survive this.

Divorce sucks. It sucks even more with kids involved. I don’t know how to explain anything to them. I feel like a total failure but I also know that’s my own personal pity party that I need to snap out of.

I just read through a lot of great messages. Thanks guys. I miss you all too. I will be updating a ton of photos from Colorado Springs plus photos of my kids. Check out our Family Facebook page later this afternoon. I have maybe 120 photos to add. And 6 videos from Colorado Springs. Mike has been showing me all of the cool places. We did do a Facebook Live last night of the review of Jurassic World. The 2 ladies helped us out. That’s already on there in case you haven’t seen it.

I’m going to miss the mountains but I don’t belong here. I healed, I hurt, I healed some more. I’m ready to go home.

I pray you all are having a great summer. I look forward to getting home and blogging more. I have a lot more to say but not yet.


OKC, San Fran, and Las Vegas book tour stops

These 3 cities were pretty much the same exact event in copy/paste format. All of the others we did more interactive things to help promote our books. That’s why I’m lumping them all together.

We did have great crowds in each city. It was really cool meeting everyone and I did enjoy the Q & A sessions. Lindsay was over it. She just wanted to go home. She was answering questions in a very short format. Yes, no, complete and total silence Lol I tried to warn everyone she’s in a bad mood today but they loved it. I guess Lindsay’s reputation online preceded her Lol Aiden our book tour manager said is that show she always is. I said yes. It’s been that way the entire 23 years I’ve known her. She has never changed anything other than her weight, hair, and clothing styles. She’s exactly the same, stubborn, mouthy, extremely direct girl. He said God bless you and I said thanks.

We finished the tour on semi-speaking terms and I left asap. I flew back through Utah to drop off the 2nd donation check for the group we support with book proceeds. They were so thankful and we did a quick Facebook Live/Photo session than I said I’m out.

I got to NYC and pretty much crashed. I was exhausted. I was also very excited. My facetime call with my wife that night ended with her saying she’s picking me up at the airport. She wanted to see my handsome face as soon as she could. I said just meet me by baggage claim don’t park and wait. She said okay. It was a great spot. She had a little sign that said Sam (Husband) on it. It was very cute and very much How I Met Your Mother-ish. I loved it. I laughed and gave her a giant kiss. Then I gave her a hug and we wiped our tears away. I really missed my wife so much. I couldn’t wait to get home and just chill out.

When I got home all of my babies were sleeping. I peeked in on them and they were tucked in and happy. I left them alone. Talon woke up first and boy did he wiggle Lol He’s going to be 8 weeks old this week and man did he grow in 2 weeks. My little man is a long-legged kicker. He’s tall for a baby which we expected. The doctor said he’s doing great. He had a checkup with our nutritionist to monitor his weight and growth. She said we can continue on the vegan formula. My wife was happy about that. She has weened him off completely. We just give him formula now. I was so happy to feed him. Peace woke up next and was very clingy. My daughter is the sweetest little girl in the world. I gave her a million kisses all over her cheeks and she just smiled away.

Finally my boys got up. BOYS! Daddyyyyyyyyy!!!! They piled on me and had to tell me everything. Heston was bad Alex was bad Mommy mean. I love you, I miss you Daddy. All the good stuff you want to hear.

Thank goodness I don’t have to go on a book tour until later in the year.

My wife started her brand new legal consulting job today. She’s working on getting licensed in Paris. It’s going to be a lot harder process than she thought. So she took a consulting job for now in an American law firm downtown. That’s the closest she can get to working as a full-time attorney again.

Honestly she was ready to go back to work. She was counting down the days. She loves our kids so much and she’s a great mom. She just isn’t a stay at home type. That’s on me. I love staying at home with the kids. So she’s back to work and really loving her first day. I got a text a little while ago checking in with me. She said everyone is very nice and there are some new words she needs to learn for her job. Her french is coming along great but she does get tripped up a bit. I will help her the best I can. Heck, maybe there’s legal french terms I don’t even know. We shall see tonight.

My plan is to take 1 week off to rest from the crazy book tour schedule. Then I’m going to start doing whatever my Next Chapter is. I have some ideas I talked with Lindsay and Drew about. They both gave me some great advice and we came up with a list of 5 things I’m very interested in. I told my wife I was bringing the final list home so that her and I can sit down as a couple and figure out what will be best for me. I trust her completely and she is always very logical so I appreciate her input. Whatever it is I want it to have a flexible schedule, I want to work from home with the option of getting an office space AFTER all kids are in school for a full day. I think that part is very important. I have agreed to be the full care parent for the kids when they are still at home or off at school. If something happens at school it’s my job to go deal with it, I’m not supposed to call my wife unless myself or the nannies can’t do it. I don’t see that ever being the case but you never know. My wife was very specific about her expectation level at home now since she’s working. I clean up, cook, shop, and do everything anyway. I didn’t see anything new on her list she gave me on how she wants to balance work life and home life. I told her if she has the chance to travel for her job or if she wants/needs to go out with co-workers after work to get to know them, go for it. I trust her, I know where she will be at and I know she will be safe. She said she was nervous this morning but excited. She loves her job. She actually is a brilliant attorney. I fell in love with her mind before I ever thought about having a chance with her body Lol She was very traditional until we were engaged then all bets were off. Speaking of that, we are FINALLY able to make….cupcakes Lol It’s been 8 weeks and she was so ready for me to be home. She was teasing me on the phone a little about how many cupcakes we would make Lol I was very happy to hear it because I’ve been dying without her cupcakes. We had a great time and I sent her off on her first day relaxed and happy with a quick morning cupcake making session Lol She was happy and excited as she left. I gave her $100 for lunch money and she just laughed. She said I’ll just swipe the card I said I know but that’s just in case you want to treat everyone and you need tip money or something. It was in different denominations so she could do anything with it. She said I was sweet but a dork.

I can’t wait to see her tonight and hear all about her day. My day so far is chasing kids, feeding, changing diapers. I’m working on potty training my boys but trying to make them understand to pee at or on the Cheerios we throw in the toilet is the goal Lol Heston gets it. Alex just pees all over the place. He’s a mess. We are working on it. If I can get those 2 out of diapers and into big boy underwear soon that would be awesome. I also know it’s going to take a lot longer than just the 2 days I’ve been working with them but I’m trying.

My wife and I want more kids but not any time soon. I’m just happy with the 4 pack.

I hope everyone has been doing great. I will be able to catch up on all of the messages tomorrow. I loved hearing from everyone. Thanks for all the people leaving me comments on my blog! I read them all just now and I appreciate the support.

Love you guys! Have a great day my wife will be home from work soon!