Back home in Denver

It’s good to be home. We have been home and enjoying getting our life back on track. Can we even say normal? This whole year is not normal. I’m doing the best I can to shield my kids from too much information on this global pandemic. They know something big is going on, however, they are not sure what it really means. That’s how I’m keeping it for now.

My kids are very happy to be back home. They are really enjoying being home and playing in their rooms with their own toys. I missed my bed. It’s stupid but I missed my own bed.

We began to transplant some of the stuff we planted in Hawaii. I had things in orange containers, but the other stuff had to stay. Mads said he is going to take care of it. I hope they flourish. The kids and I have begun our gardening here, we picked a spot that would be sunny but not full on sun the entire year. I think we have a great start. When I can I will go get more things to plant but for now it is not essential so I’m not even worrying about it. Remember, everything I have started out as seeds. I don’t want plant starters because for me that’s cheating. I want to grow the entire way through.

The other day my former nanny Sarah, had her baby girl! She is healthy, Sarah is healthy, everyone is finally at home at Sarah’s parents’ home and enjoying the sweet little bundle. Sarah has turned in the DNA for testing and in a few weeks she will know who the father of her kid is. It’s a little up in the air. It’s either David, her ex-boyfriend, or it’s the random party hook-up guy. I’m very happy to know that Sarah and her baby made it through everything and they got the heck into safety as soon as possible. She has a beautiful name and even better middle name. And she missed Lindsay’s birthday by 1 day. Lindsay told her she better push hard, she wasn’t sharing her birthday Lol

Happy Birthday to Lindsay, this past Sunday was the celebration of the Nascar Experience that Drew and I got her. She loves it. She is going to go as soon as they can schedule it. It may be next year. I’m happy she’s happy. We didn’t know what to get her at all. I’m glad she’s staying in Chicago and not going out. She’s working from home and doing the best she can to help our businesses survive.

That’s about it guys. Not much happening. I love being home. I’m excited to get into our summer months. I am opening our pool up this week. It’s a heated pool so come on over if you live in Denver Lol The pool and the hot tub are all hooked into each other so it’s a nice experience. The view from my backyard is dreamy, I can’t wait for our garden to grow and we get to enjoy the full beauty of my home. I’m so blessed.

Stay safe guys. I love you! I hope you are okay. I will start getting back to your messages this week finally. Have a great week!


Anyone else having trouble sleeping? I am sleeping from about 7pm until midnight or 1 am. My sleep schedule is completely messed up. I’m all over the place. I am trying to focus this week on making sure I’m well rested. I did sleep 6 straight hours last night. My kids are all going through it too. They are going to bed shortly after we eat supper. I know that’s not good but that’s what they are doing. We wake up and start getting around at 4am. I’m getting all of my morning stuff done by 9am Lol It’s like military life all over again. I don’t like it.

I haven’t told my kids about the pandemic. They have no idea what’s going on. They keep asking why we can’t go home. Why are we staying here and not going back to school. I’ve been waiting to tell them because I was sorta waiting for all of you to tell your kids, then I would read on social media how you did it. I have read things for about a month now and I think I know the right language to use. I’m going to tell them today. I hope it goes well and I’m able to show them what’s going on all over the world. I found a website that is going to help me explain it. The whole reason we are here is for them. I hope they don’t get mad at me. I had to make that tough decision for my family. And this is why I’m happy I did decide to come here.

Law of Epic Attraction

Good morning everyone. Yes, 2 days in a row with a blog, look at Sam go.

Yesterday I had a pretty fun day. I took my 2 and a half year old Peace to a nursing home to help serve toast to seniors. They loved it, she loved it. It was instant happiness between both parties. She did a little song for them and a dance. I was a very proud daddy and then we handed out slices of sort of almost burnt toast Lol Hey, did you guys know the knob with numbers on a toaster is how many minutes the toast will…well toast? Yes, that’s important when you are doing the easiest breakfast food. So when we realized after 2 rounds of slightly burnt toast, I had to turn it down to 3. What is your toast number? I’m a solid 2. I don’t like it that crunchy. A mild scolding I would label it. We got going and Peace had more fun with her plastic gloves than actually doing the work. She kept waving at me just to watch the air flow move her way oversized glove around. It was a very fun father/daughter activity and I think we made some new friends.

After that I came home with donuts because I was not going to cook and fed my troops. The morning at home started off great then Alex decided his new lego tower they built needed to be flung into a flower vase. The vase broke, the tower got taken away and I had to vaccumm up tiny glass shards for what seemed like a 10 minute marathon. I have 2 cats and a dog I can’t have broken glass anywhere.

The rest of the morning was dedicated to getting the girls’ house in order. It’s really looking good in there. I know it’s my guest house but I really don’t care what they do in there. You can visually tell the difference between male and female décor Lol My house is more clean, modern, industrial white everything. I love a white house. Theirs is now very colorful and feels like a real home. I like it. I’m so happy to have my own space finally and to be able to provide them with a spot. I really think this will ease the separation we are about to try this year. It’s going to be okay.

Let me think. I have to skip last night because….I have to skip last night Lol


I am going to build a cabinet. I’ve been meaning to do this project since I moved into this house but I got lazy and/or busy. Today is the day. I have the plans drawn up and by the end of this, I will either have $35 of disposable wood cut into pieces of a really nice cabinet for Sky’s nursery. I’m hoping the second option is what happens. Wish me luck? No! Let me draw into the Universe what I want.

Give me door number 2, Finshed Cabinet please!

I hope everyone has a great day. I’m really loving 2020 so far. Good things are happening and I can not wait for this weekend. I am going for all fun, both Saturday and Sunday.

Enjoy your Thursday! I love you guys!

Bat sized Update

Hey #Batfans. How’s it going? Things have been so busy I’m sorry I haven’t updated anything lately. Let’s start with some good news. My broken hand is all healed up. I no longer have to wear that stupid brace on it anymore. Thank goodness. I’m okay. I was walking and slipped in my new dress shoes and completely caught myself on my hand. My full body weight. Snappppppp. It hurt. I tried to make myself believe it was just a sprain but after it puffed up like a popcorn ball I figured I better go to the hospital. I’m all better now.

I just uploaded probably 200 photos or so. I couldn’t find the time to clear off my photos from my iPhone until this morning. Please enjoy the new albums in there as well as some updates to the existing albums. There are a ton of new photos of baby Sky. She is getting so big. She has a massive amount of hair. It’s a little weird to deal with but she’s so pretty. I love her so much. She is sleeping almost all the way through the night. We put her to bed at 9pm now. It was hard finding the right time that works for her. She does like to stay up but we decided by 9pm she’s good to go and she gets up around 4 or 5am. That’s not too bad. It also depends on well she sleeps too. She’s not doing anything fun yet but she will soon. She is growing up way too fast. This is my last baby (I swear Lol) so I’m really trying to enjoy every day with her. When we drop the kids off at daycare and school, I get that precious few hours with her and I love it. I’ve really bonded with her which is more than I can say for my boys when they were little. Back then it was just putting out screams with food or a new diaper. I didn’t even realize how fast it all went by. It sure didn’t feel like it at first.

The boys are doing well in school. We’ve had a little bit of drama from a 3rd grade teacher who kept trying to….I actually don’t even know but I had to tell her to leave us alone. I’m at the school to drop them off and pick them up. That’s it. I did get to eat lunch with them last week but that was a special occassion. Heston, first born, was awarded Student of the Week! He received a certificate, a new book, and I was allowed to come eat lunch with him and Alex. It was so much fun sitting with his group of friends and watching him interact. Alex just talks all through lunch I had to tell him a few times to eat, and less talking. I didn’t realize how much he talked at school. Thankfully Alex’s friends are also talkers so they get along great. I’m so proud of both of my boys for hanging in there with this Catholic school. We originally started out at the Deaf school because I wanted to get them the foundation for communication. One of the teachers was a complete tool so I pulled them, despite what Father Tom wanted me to do. I don’t care. If I don’t think my boys will like it, and both of my boys said they hated it there, time to go. They didn’t like the Catholic school either but they were assigned a wonderful woman to help them out all day. She said they have both blossomed and are learning at the same pace as everyone else. The only issue we still have is their teacher will ask them a question then turn around and they can’t see her talking Lol I’ve told her over and over for them just face them, they can read your lips. I think she forgets so they have to get it translated with sign language and can answer her questions. It just takes a few seconds longer.

Peace. Oh my gosh. Where do I even start with this child. I’m not even sure she’s mine anymore Lol She belongs to her “fans”. She rocks her baby aviator sunglasses like she’s one of the Kardanshians? Is that even how you spell it? I have no idea. Okay I googled it. I’m right. Her outfits get more and more outrageous and she is throwing tantrums like a dice game. It’s too much. She is way too much. Then…at school everyone says how smart she is. Just my luck, the 2 year old who already runs the house is getting smarter than the boys. I’ve had 3 teachers now come up to me and tell me they need to watch her development. She may be ready to jump a grade by the time she starts kindergarten. WTF, Peace! I don’t know how or why but okay. It’s probably all of the one on one time she gets with me or Sarah. We are constantly playing educational games with the kids. I don’t want them to waste time on toys and silly things. If we are doing something together it needs to have a little value. I mean I already have no clue what I’m doing as a father but I’m trying hard. I keep reading these parenting books to figure out what is coming next for the kids. Some of it rings true but some if it is not stuff I would adhere to. I think you just figure it out as you go? I’m not sure but I know my kids are all happy. That’s all that matters right now.

Sarah’s pregnancy is going very smooth. We had a minor hiccup when her parent’s house got smashed in that Dallas tornado. They were slightly injured by we flew down to help them out. They are okay, just fighting with their home owner’s insurance. Isn’t that usually the case? You pay the bill every year and the 1 time you need to put in a claim it’s a battle royale Lol Geez. Glad it’s not me. We survived a snowstorm? Was that even a storm? It was more like a giant puffy snow blizzard then days of cold af tempertature and light to CHUNKS of snowflakes. The weather here is very confusing. At this point I have a light jacket and a full on snowsuit Lol I don’t know which one to wear half of the time.

Let’s talk about my love life. This should be interesting. I met someone. We have been talking for months. Things were going okay then a big thing happened. Then another big thing happened and finally we are both dealing with a ton of crap in our lives. Things sort of faded and are in the process of friendly to not even talking to each other. I’m not sure what to think about any of it other than hmmmmmmmmmmm alright. That’s where I’m at. Her life isn’t going to change any time soon and I’m sitting here wondering what to do about all of it. Dating has been taken off of the table for some time now. I don’t even have any plans to go visit her or even make plans to go visit. That’s not even a topic we discuss. I’m thinking it’s fading but I don’t know. Yesterday was an absolute shitshow so I kind of just backed my ass up from the situation Lol I don’t need stress, she definately doesn’t need stress. We shall see, guys. I don’t know.

Denver is getting fun. I am finally getting out more exploring. I have made some new friends and plan to start hosting dinner parties as well as playdates for the kids. I’m hosting the teachers, my boys’ helper, the Vice Principal and Principal for dinner tonight. I want them to see how we handle the boys at home so everyone has a better understanding of why my boys do the things they do. There has been so much confusion that I finally said, come see for yourselves. If I’m doing this all wrong at home, help me figure this out. I offered to get catered dinner and as I’ve always known, teachers LOVE FREE food Lol

I have to get the house cleaned up and get the kids off. I will update more, I swear. Things have been busy but I do have more time now. Thanks for sticking around, guys. I love you all. Check back soon!

I’m FINE! I’m fine…im fine…I quit…cries

Yesterday was one of those rare bad days that piled on and piled on. I had family come stay with the kids while I was on a business trip. They also took it upon themselves to help start unpacking my boxes and setting up house. It actually made it a lot easier because they placed things on shelves or just left them in a pile so all I had to do was get home and start arranging things.

I mean they also caused a bunch of drama and we had a few small arguments but hey, who’s family isn’t completely dysfunctional some times? If you are reading this you just said “I know mine can be” in your head. The rest of this post is dedicated to you Lol

The boys ate meatloaf the night before when it was offered. I honestly didn’t think that they would eat it because they don’t like meat. The both loved it. Peace (Who has now been promoted to my favorite child) said no and smacked the meatloaf offering away Lol They each ate half a slice and went on with their lives. My family members left and went back home, I got my house back in order and everyone went to bed. Until….

At 3am someone threw up on my carpet. I know this because not only did I sat up scared, I also stepped in it when I got up and flipped on the light. I got both boys into bathrooms and started texting my nanny to come over to my side of the house. She was up with Sky so thankfully it wasn’t a big ordeal. I also had 1 family member still here (Little Tyson, Big Tyson is in L.A.) so things were divided. We went through 1 round of you know what each. That woke up the entire house. Peace woke up with a slight fever, and Alex decided he needed to beat that so he developed an even better slight fever. Insert worried dad mode here. Heston who has the gut of a soldier eating MRE’s all week decided the other end was the way for him and off we went. 3 sick kids. I IMMEDIATELY blamed the meatloaf. Then remembered Peacy pie didn’t have any so then I got really concerned. Sky was sent over to the other side of the house in quarantine with the nanny. We called her sister, my backup nanny, and we all had to figure out who needed what.

By the afternoon I was done. Not the I give up kind of done. The I’m leaving done Lol I didn’t go anywhere but I really wanted to. It was all too much, all at once. One nanny decided 4 kids, 1 a newborn was too much and quit. So did her sister, my backup nanny. I just paid them both and told them to go. I didn’t even have an argument in me. I’m left with little Tyson and myself. He decided he was flying out this morning to go back to school.

That leaves me. Here. Alone. With 4 kids. I can’t call the nanny service to find me a new one until Monday morning, which also happens to be their first day of schools. I did what any logical, desperate, crying dad would do.

I called Sarah.

The begging started immediately. I’m not even ashamed of myself at all. She said she needed a night to pray on it and needed to call her family to see what they thought. She told me the rate I was paying her would now be more. I’m fine with that. I’m pretty sure I said something about a blank check Lol I’m really sure I said take it all just get here please. Who knows. I mean I was crying. I did calm down after a while but it was a complete meltdown. I admit it. I lost my sh**, guys. I think anyone that’s a p aren’t gets it. What do they say? Do you feel me? Yeah that.

I did get a little sleep. Sky eats, wants to wiggle, wants to be held, then she goes back to sleep. She’s an easy keeper. Thank goodness. I have cameras on and in her crib so her little video feed is all over my tv’s and on my Ipad I carry around to make sure she’s okay.

Finally Sarah called this morning. She’s booked a flight I have to pay her back for because last minute flights are expensive, and she’s coming this morning. I don’t know how long she is staying here. I sorta don’t care. I just need help. I’m sure we will have a full discussion and now she’s going to be here soon! I told her grab a cab please, no way can I leave the house to come get her. She will.

I mean she really is the best person in my life to help with the kids. She’s dropping everything. She was in between jobs anyway so this worked out great. She had job interviews but none that fit what she wanted so she was still applying for things. This is a blessing. God is taking care of me. I prayed this morning to accept whatever her answer is and move on. I signed up for 4 kids. I can do this. I can do this! I can’t do this Lol I can’t do this by myself. That’s the right one.

The kids slept off and on. I did too. They are all slow going and not as sick as yesterday. I think it was just a small bug, nothing rampant and bad. The main thing (little cough).

Oh sh**. Am I getting sick now?


School is starting Monday, am I ready for this?

Hey everyone. I’m finally back from my trip(s) and ready to update you all. Sky is doing great. She’s starting in her little fussiness already but it’s fine. I’m doing all I can to bond with her. I’m getting up at night, I’m doing diaper duty, feedings, holding, kissing, rocking, carrying around. She is a blessing. She’s very easy during the day. At night she has begun to get a little cranky but I get it. At night or deep into the early mornings I’m also cranky Lol

The boys are wonderful. They really are great kids. They help with their sisters and our pets. We made it all the way to our new house with the dog and both cats. The parakeets got rehomed. I didn’t want to deal with it. I really didn’t. The lady they went to loves them, she posts photos on Facebook and she keeps them active. I’m very happy to see they are okay. That was my main worry. Heston and Alex are getting taller. They are sprouting up so fast. I love watching them grow. Peace is still my sweet baby girl. I love her to pieces or (peaces Haha) and I know how happy she is here. She LOVES her room. I can barely get her out of there. Winnie the Pooh all over. The boys we did baseball theme since they are getting into that most. Sky’s nursery is clouds and sky of course. It’s all working out.

So we moved to Denver, Colorado finally. The move was okay. The business trip I had to squish into this move weekend ended up extending. I had to go, do business, leave, go back to Canada. It was very hard. I found out I don’t like Canada but I sort of like Canada? It’s different. I’m not sure how much business we can do in that area but we did finally made an end all decision on Detroit. It’s just not making us money. The commercial buildings have to be torn down and the dirt has to be EPA approved before we can rebuild. It’s costs us way more than we can get back through leasing. It really has been upsetting so we have decided to pull business out of Detroit this winter. We made the announcement today. Of course it didn’t go over well but I understand. We gave everyone 3 months notice. That should help. I wanted to tell our employees in our factories first because they depend on that paycheck. Our staff can fold into my other firms around the U.S. so I’m not worried about that. It’s the best decision. Denver is awesome! I love it here. I am finally relaxing and enjoy my house. I’ve been here, left, been here, left.

My kids are all outside right now playing in the backyard. Sky is hanging out with me in her baby seat. I’m so thankful that my new nannies are working out. It really was something I’ve been worried about. My kids love her already and our new neighbor (Nickname is on Facebook but I won’t put it on here Lol) comes over a lot to help or hang out. She’s very nice and thoughtful. We are the only 2 houses in this area but I’m sure more construction will be happening some day. I bought this lot and the one next door so that I could have a huge backyard for the kids. I think everyone is happy. I had to do a ton of bribing at first. I had gifts for a few days in a row per kid. That way they would be excited to stay. I’ve been planning this move for so long I feel like a huge relief? is that what this is? now that’s done. I don’t know. There’s still so much to do.

I’m thankful to my family members that have come out to help set out house and watch the kids with the nanny while I was away on business. I made a huge Taco bar last night to thank them and we had a heated discussion about my weekend plans. I’m going back up to Canada. I have one last thing I need to get to and this time I didn’t need my staff with me. It’s so hard to talk privately, to plan privately with 5 people with me 24/7. This will be my last trip for a while. I’m going to have to stay put and raise my babies. Sky and I will be getting plenty of bonding time. The boys start school on Monday morning and Peace is going to a half day daycare program with the nanny. She’s getting a jumpstart to early education but it’s mostly about socializing. I don’t have a mommy for her so I’m trying to introduce women into her life. If she doesn’t like it she’s coming home. I’m not going to force her into that program she is still pretty young. I’m just trying it out. I think Miss Social Butterfly Peace will be fine though. It’s not at the boys’ school so it’s a little bit of a ride between the two places in the morning. We have our school supplies ready, backpacks full, teacher supplies and extras ready and new school clothes. I have to get the boys haircut today but other than that, we are ready for school!

Who else is stoked school has started? The boys get to go all day long. I am so excited! I get my girls all afternoon and we can play and learn and just really enjoy a little quiet time. I can’t wait for Monday.

Everything else is fine. I’m just busy trying to get my new house in order, find the stores, and figure out what I’m going to do with my next chapter.

I have met someone. We have been talking almost a month now. She’s great. She had inserted herself into my life around the whole Peyton dinner thing in late July. That discussion started something between her and I we weren’t looking for. It’s always so great to start out as a friend first. We are still in the “Oh this is new, you are new, I like talking to you” phase. No pressure, no drama, just laughs and life stories going back and forth. I’m opening up to her more than I did with some of my past relationships. She’s well aware of my kids, my new born, my life decisions. She’s shared her stories too. She also has kids so that’s very cool. We have a date on Saturday. Wish me luck Batfans!

I love you all. I will try to update more. Now that I’ve moved things might slow down a little. Prayers for everyone dealing with all of our world’s tragedies. Mass shootings, Hurricanes, Forest Fires, Protests for weeks on end. It’s all too much to get into. I pray the world heals and finds love for each other. That’s what life is all about. Oh and ice cream. Definitely ice cream!

Vacation anyone? Okay

We will be leaving tomorrow for our 1 week vacation. We will get home late Sunday night next week. I’m really looking forward to the warm weather and playing with my kids in the ocean/sand. It’s going to be so much fun. I’ve hired 2 nannies to help me. Okay, well they aren’t nannies. They are friends of mine who wanted to go Lol We are also taking Jesse. It’s going to be our first trip together. We had a lengthy discussion about getting 1 room for her or she shares my room. Then it turned into okay we share a room, but 2 beds? We settled on a shared room with 2 beds in case she feels like it’s weird but she said or we can just mess up both beds Lol Soooooo I’m thinking this vacation is already awesome and we haven’t even gotten there yet!

Sun, sand, nothing to do but play with the kids all day. It sounds perfect. I’m almost done packing up for all of us but I’m still not sure what else we need. Oh well I will figure it out. I have someone coming to stay at the house all week to take care of my dog, my 2 cats, and the damn birds. I really wish the cats would get used to the birds instead of trying to eat them every morning. They also both sit underneath the cage and plot how to jump high enough to knock it down Lol

I hope everyone has a great week coming up. Stay warm and enjoy the week ahead! I will miss you guys. Love ya’ll, see you soon!