Hi from Paris

Hey guys.

Sorry for not posting as much. With my wife not being around it’s all on me to make sure all 3 kids are doing okay. Sarah and Heather help out a lot but I come home from work and it’s game on.

After we play, eat, snuggle, bath, bedtime, re-bedtime for whoever won’t stay asleep, that’s when I have to clean up the house, do the dishes, laundry, get meals ready for the next day, and finally finish my own work that I didn’t get done. It’s mostly emails so it’s not hard but it is time-consuming. I’m sorry for the lack of updates. But as you can see I have done a much better job of posting our photos to our Family Facebook page. Check those out I just added more.

So my wife called me up crying and saying she can’t do this alone anymore. She was struggling to sleep, eat, and relax. She’s anxious about giving birth and MY SON is too big. She’s scared. I tried reassuring her over the phone and finally said Ok ok we are coming. I called the airlines to find a flight out that night but I could only get early morning tickets to NYC. Once we were in NYC we could get plenty of flights onward to Paris. It was REALLY expensive to switch everyone’s travel around but as long as she was happy it made it worthwhile. This meant I had to rearrange the 2 nannies flights back to the states too. They were okay because that meant they get to their families a day earlier. You guys have no idea how hard it is to keep 4 women happy all of the time Lol Ironically I think one person that still READS my blog religiously can (You are still a douchebag). He knows who that was meant for.

So we got tickets, I started packing that night and finally called my wife to tell her. Honey we are coming and we will be there tomorrow late. She sounded a little better. Whatever was going on was not a momentary flip out. If I was longer into my marriage I would have done the It’s going to be okay, I will be there in a few days, stop crying Lol But I’m not and I’m still new at being a husband and I really don’t want to blow the big emotional support moments that I want to get better at. So I sucked it up, I made arrangements and here we are.

I did get a heroes welcome when we arrived. But first let me get back to the flights.

So my kids are not exactly great travelers. Especially Alex. He freaks out when we get on a plane. We can calm him down after about 20 minutes but I had to warn every passenger around us that he will freak out for a solid 10 minutes with 10 extra minutes of soft boo-hoo’ing and then he’s quiet the rest of the ride. They were all very understanding. I mean I could see the look on all of their faces when I show up with 3 kids under 2 Lol It was like Oh GREAT this flight is going to suck! Well it didn’t. It was actually Heston that had the major freak out. Alex mostly slept and Peace near the end of a full day of traveling literally cried the entire way off of the plane, through customs, and into the vans waiting for us Lol The ENTIRE 45 minutes, guys! She was done. She was over it. And thankfully I’m not putting my kids back onto the plane for a long time. They are all now officially moved to Paris. Big huge sigh on that one. My nannies did a great job helping me with the kids. I tried my best. I’m really sorry if you were on our flight Lol The food was crap, we had been traveling all day and all of us had lost our patience while we were in New York City waiting for our overseas flight.

My wife gave me a huge hug and a few kisses when we got to the house. I said HERE, here’s YOUR DAUGHTER! Lol I had enough of the crying nonstop. I had a massive headache. She swooped up all of the kids and sat in the big oversize chair with them while I got bags put up and started to unpack clothes. I finally reemerged to see Peace eating her bottle and both of the boys trying to point out all of the gifts. My wife was sobbing. I mean a full on bawl when we came in. I felt so bad. She really was not in a good place. I said do we need to fly your mom over? She said no. She just needs me hold her. I said no problem. I let all of the nannies deal with the kids and I took my wife into our room. We laid in bed for about 10 minutes before I fell asleep Lol I didn’t mean to but I’m old. I was exhausted. I just couldn’t go anymore. I took a 35 minute power nap with snoring which I rarely do and got up. My wife said she feels better but not fully. She just needs me around. I said okay.

In the back of my mind I’m sitting here thinking am I even going to be able to go back to the states after Christmas for that week? I really have a lot of things to get done. I am going to have to ease into things.

Guys, My dog went NUTS when he saw me Lol He was doing circles. He was running around and jumping up on me. I laid down and let him kiss all over me and kept asking if he was a good boy. He was so happy. I did take him for 2 long walks and he slept with me when I crashed for several hours.

I’m awake. Finally. I’m showered, the kids are good and I’m getting ready to take all of the nannies to the airport. They are such good sports. My wife and I gave them their GIGANTIC christmas checks Lol They were shocked. I was shocked when I wrote that number down on all of their checks but you know what, for almost 2 years they have been there for me. I can’t really come up with the right number for how I really feel but it was a big fat check. And they were all very happy to receive them. I do feel bad they are going back on the planes to get back home and then on to their families but they are young and can handle it way better than I can.

I’m a wuss. I’m so old I get up out of bed all stiff and sore. It’s pathetic. My lower back said “OH you want to stand up Hahahahahha……..no”. I struggle the first few minutes. Does anyone else go through that?

So here we are. The kids are happy. They slept longer than I did. My dog is soooooo happy and my wife hugs me nonstop. She just is scared I think. She watched the birthing video without me. I told her not to. She did. She saw what’s about to happen Lol

I did not look when my twins were born but I was in there holding onto their birth mom’s hand. I was near her head and that big curtain thing covered up the view. What I saw was them hold up Heston, put him on her stomach and let me cut his cord then rush him off. And then I came back to see them struggle to yank Alex up, them not even really put him down, they cut the cord I didn’t and he went right into a flock of nurses and doctors. They were trying to save his life. He was not the right color at all. It scared the sh** out of me. I will never forget those moments until I heard him let out a cry. I pray every day we don’t go through any of that with Talon. I pray he comes out easy, it’s not very painful for my wife and I get to see his little face. I’m so excited. And nervous. I am scared too but not in the same way. I just want my wife and son to make it through the delivery and both be okay. I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to either of them. I would lose my sh**. Thankfully they are both very healthy and doing great and we won’t have any issues.

I need to get going. Sarah just told me to be downstairs in 20 minute. Off to traffic and airport drop offs. I’m going to pick up my wife’s favorite meal on the way back. She found this cafe that has her very favorites she said. I’m going to surprise her. I hope I can do something to make her feel better. I’m trying hard but dealing with a pregnant woman is all new to me. I wasn’t allowed to spend much time with my cousin while she was pregnant. It was in small bits and she wouldn’t really talk to me. She just kept it short and sweet. This is my first full on experience and guys, this is hard. I feel like I’m on eggshells every day. I am trying to be supportive and I don’t even suggest her to try things anymore because I’m tired of getting yelled at. I can’t wait until my son is here so I can have my wife back Lol

Am I sure I want my kids? Yes! I can get through anything cuz I had twins first. One baby at a time is a piece of cake.

Have a great Christmas break guys. I don’t know when or if I will update until after Christmas. I will try. Things are going to get very busy for me.

Merry Christmas and God bless you all!

Love The Coopers, 2017

Paris Trip

We had a great Thanksgiving and the rest of the trip was a lot of fun. We were able to go sight seeing and show the girls around. They had never been to the places we went to and I wanted them to know all of these great stores and shops are very close by. I’m glad we took the time to show them. My wife said Well get your credit card ready now mister Lol Great. Just what I love to hear 🙁

The kids love being with mommy again. They missed her so much. I told them another few weeks and we will go back to spend Christmas with her. That’s when I have to decide. I plan to move over January 2nd. Do I leave my kids there or do I haul them back and forth within a few days? My wife is mad that I won’t be spending New Year’s Eve with her but I told her I have so much to take care of before we go. She said well go back after Christmas and get it done then come home. I need to figure something out. I do want to be with her to start the new year. It would be a lot of fun to go see the fireworks downtown in Paris. I just don’t think I can get it all done by then. She was getting mad but I told her I would figure it all out. I do have plenty of time to rethink my schedule. Plus making a pregnant wife mad is never a good thing.

We left in the afternoon and got home yesterday afternoon. We stayed in NYC for a few hours to go see the Christmas tree and to also hit the 2 toy stores that I knew my boys would love. I try to give them a break after such a long flight I don’t want to rush them into another hours long sitting adventure. They had fun and walked out with 2 toys each. Peace got 2 new toys as well but she wasn’t as enthusiastic about hers Lol I know when she’s old enough to pick out her own stuff she will be much happier.

I can’t believe how big my daughter has gotten. She is so cute. We get a lot of compliments on her outfits which helps a lot because in the mornings when I dress her I have to ask Sarah does this look right. Does this look okay?

Half the time I get the shirt right but the pants are all wrong. I have no idea what I’m doing. Thankfully I have help for that girl stuff.

My wife has bought so much baby stuff. Some for Talon some for Peace. They are both going to be very well stocked up once we have both of them at home.

My wife’s family are all unhappy she won’t be back for Christmas but I told them all this was her choice. I offered for her to stay in the states and have the baby her. She said no. She wanted him born in France. I’m fine with that. I think that would be a good fit for our family.

So now I have a few weeks to get my things ready to move. I couldn’t be happier to be leaving my job. All of my companies are in a great spot financially and I know Lindsay will run things at a good pace. She will expand but not too fast. I told her if she opens up in a bunch of new cities too fast we will lose it all. She said Duhh I’m not stupid and told me to get in the car and STFU. That was the last talk we had about work things.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Back to work for me. I have no more out-of-town trips until my Dubai trip in December. My wife was going to go but with the last doctor’s checkup we both decided no way. Lindsay will be going with me to Dubai this year. Dave won’t be coming with her. They are in some sort of kerfuffle over who knows what this time. It might be because Ben is hanging out with them more and more. I wouldn’t put up with that sh** Lol No way. It’s cool to be friends and be friendly if you randomly bump into them. But to invite your ex over for dinner a few times a month, that’s wrong. I don’t know why she does it.

I need to get going to work. Have a great work week everyone!

Black Friday

My wife is burning up her Ipad looking at websites to find awesome gifts on Black Friday sales. She keeps asking me if she should buy this or that. She’s really excited. I’m happy she is in a good mood today because yesterday…

Thanksgiving in Paris. That was fun in theory. I brought all of my kids and the other 2 nannies with me to France. I asked them if they wanted to spend it with their own families and they said no since we are all about to be split up in January. That was very nice of them. I paid them all extra Lol We had a horrible plane ride from Chicago to NYC. However, on the flight from NYC into Paris no problems at all. Peace was content sleeping or being held. The boys were both kept super busy with distractions or walking around a little. We all tried really hard to make it without any huge meltdowns. The only meltdown we had was from my wife texting me nonstop while I was over the ocean.

My wife is VERY pregnant. We are 31 weeks in. This means we have 9 weeks to go and she is freaking the F out Lol She said she has been to the doctor twice since she moved there. That freaks me out until I find out she just had a bad stomach ache or she is having really bad back spasms. I scheduled massages for everyone to try to help. She said she has calmed down so we are going to make that a weekly thing. She just can’t get comfortable.

According to her, MY LARGE SON is crushing her bones from the inside out Lol Yes he is a little longer and bigger than an average baby. She knew this going in. I warned her before we started trying for a baby. She said she’ll just get drugs and won’t feel a thing. She seems to forget she’s the growing vessel that holds him in and she will be feeling him grow. She loves being pregnant. She wants more kids. She also wants smaller babies and unfortunately that won’t happen with me. The whole flight over she kept telling me how she can’t sit down. She can’t stand long. She can’t sleep well. I told her I had bought this pillow thing that helps pregnant women sleep instead of the body pillow she has been trying and we will try that. She told me SHE DOES NOT WANT IT. I said well we are going to at least try it out. She said NO. I said I’m not arguing we are going to try it. PERIOD. That went over well.

We landed got through security got our bags outside and there she was. I was so happy to see her. We hugged and kissed a few times. I asked where my dog was she said she decided to leave him home this time. That’s okay. We loaded everything up and off we went. HOME.

We got inside and my dog went nuts seeing me. I missed him so much guys! We got the kids settled and got them all a snack then started unpacking the things that needed to be put up. It was so good to see Brandi. She is the fun one. She always makes all of us laugh and I’m glad she’s happy living in Paris. She gets days off. She has been helping my wife out with decorating and shopping. She said she loves it there. She was going to go home for Thanksgiving but decided to stay. All of my girls back together again…let the picking on me constantly begin!

We had a great meal. Man was that good. Turkey, tofurkey, sides, appetizers, desserts. We have a fridge full of leftovers still. Everyone was so happy to be together again. I thanked them all and thanked our new staff. We invited our security team over for the meal. I handed out Christmas bonuses because I want them to have their money sooner so they can spend it however they like. My wife said I gave them all too much but I don’t care. I really appreciate everyone taking such good care of me, her, and our kids. I love them all and want them to feel special and appreciated. I try my best to always make sure they feel like family.

We got everyone ready for bed and it was bed time for us. I pulled out the new pillow. She threw it down. I got out of bed and picked it up. I said just try it please it’s for Talon too. He wants mommy to try it. That worked Lol Somehow. She laid down and lights out 4 minutes later after she told me she hated it. I had wanted some Hi I’m here sex but I also saw how uncomfortable she had been so I let that go. We made up for it this morning Lol Don’t worry we are always all over each other. We are still newly married and in that phase. I hope that never goes away.

When she woke up she said it just felt right. She said it felt like it cupped her in the position she needed to be in. Now she loves it and wants to order a second one just to have on hand. No problem. It will be here next week.

Today all we did was hang out at the house. I did not want to drag the kids anywhere when they are still trying to get on schedule. I don’t like seeing my babies struggle to sleep. I know this is a short trip here and we will have to do this again at Christmas but I was really hoping by coming over Wednesday it would be easier on them. Maybe we need to come over on Tuesday instead? I don’t know.

Tomorrow we are all going out for a tour of the city. I set that up with a guide that will help my wife and Brandi find other places to go. They are sticking around our suburb for now because they are both a little nervous to venture out. Thankfully a lot of people do speak english and when she stumbles on her words she said they have been very nice. I think it’s because she’s at least trying to speak french and fit in. She said the neighbors have been hanging out with them a little and I’m very happy to hear that. She said the pets are doing great. She thinks her cat Tristan loves it there because there’s much more traffic and people walking by to enjoy some window time. I’m glad to hear that. I think that cat hates me or at the most tolerates me.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I got all of your well wishes and messages. I just answered you all back. Thank you guys for thinking of me and our family. Now go shopping! Enjoy the sales and make sure you spend quality time with the people you love this weekend! I will update more tomorrow!

It’s official, she moved to Paris

I took my wife and Sarah to Paris, France. This was the BIG MOVE. Let me tell you nothing was easy about it. Keep in mind my wife is now 29 weeks pregnant. Nothing she does is easy.

We got to NYC and had another weather delay. That gave me time to rest up before the whirlwind I was about to go through. We finally got going and my wife was not comfortable. No position right now is okay. We finally got her a blanket and rolled it up a certain way to make it work. It’s a long flight and her being able to sit without being in some sort of level of pain is important. We made it over and it was Luggage Ninja Warrior all over again. I decided to slowly move my clothes over a little at a time on each trip over. My wife said she will organize my closet for me so I wouldn’t have to deal with it. She loves to organize. I married an organizer. She likes thinks to match and she also thinks everything has its place in the home. Fine by me. I just want to have clean clothes and a lemony fresh, clean house. Sarah was really happy to be in Paris. She said she loves the city and now sees why I want to live there.

Let’s face reality. I’m not getting any younger. If I wanted to make this move, it’s now when my marriage is still new and young. I don’t think I could have convinced my wife if we had been married for 10 years. Even 20 years I don’t think she would have wanted to. We would have been to settled into Chicago. She was more excited about the move than I was.

We got to the house and Sarah was very happy to see it in person. The photos and videos really don’t do it justice. She said it looks perfect to raise the kids and I told her we made sure there is a spare room just for you. You can come see us any time. She has turned into a daughter to me in some ways. I told her she is welcome to stay, welcome to go. She can literally have anything she wants from me. She said the reason why she doesn’t want to live in Paris is because of her family. It’s too far from Texas and if something happened she would be to far away. I completely understand that. My parents have both passed away so knowing that her parents are still around I know how important family is to her. I still tried to show her all the cool things Lol She was sort of convinced but her FINAL decision is not to move to Paris with us in January. I told her I won’t mention it again. And I won’t.

Brandi loves Paris. She said she has had such a great time looking around. She has met a few nice neighbors that have helped her find places. She said our pets have been great.

When I came in the door I said where’s my boy at and Sam jr hauled a** over to me Lol He wagged and jumped up on me then rolled on his back and ran around. I told him let’s go see your yard so I took him out back to pet all over him. He was almost knocking me into my wife so I needed to give him some running room. I sat out back and held him and talked to him for a while. He really missed me. I missed him too more than I knew. He’s my buddy, he goes with me everywhere. I was able to play with him a lot and throw his ball around. Then we took our walks like he’s used to. Brandi said she had been walking him around and he was getting to know each corner. She said he doesn’t understand not to walk in front of cars and she’s had to jerk on his leash a few times to wait. None of my homes are around a steady stream of traffic like our home in Paris so he’s going to have to learn.

We got everyone settled and got my wife and Sarah fed. I wasn’t that hungry yet. I hit the grocery store to get the things on a list my wife wanted. Apparently Peanut is now craving fruit like crazy. I’m happy to hear that. My wife has several smaller sized snacks throughout the day and she said eating healthy has become a huge priority. She keeps track of what she eats and is still mildly exercising. She said she wants to bounce back from this baby like Courtney Kardashian. Or is it Kourtney? I don’t know and I don’t care what that means.

She is finally there and very happy.

We did tour the hospital where Talon will be born. We had our first doctor appointment there. We brought copies of all of her medical files the past 3 years so they can start her history. Talon is doing great and our new doctor is very nice. She answered all of my questions. She asked if we were done flying my wife around and I said yes. I told her our whole family will come see her at Thanksgiving and Christmas so she didn’t have to go anywhere. She said good because she thinks it’s time to stop flying with her. I agree. It was already uncomfortable and I hated seeing her like that. She loves the house, loves the furniture. All of our stuff she wanted to move will be at the house in another week. It has to get moved, unpacked, and then sent to the house in this huge truck. I don’t know how they are going to do it but I hope it’s easy. Because I will be using all of the same companies to move the rest of the house over soon.

We did a lot of driving around and I took Sarah to the 2 places she wanted to see. We took tons of photos and made sure my wife had everything before we came back home.

I miss my wife. It is not the same in this house without her. Yes it’s easier to get back into the old routine with Sarah and the kids but I’m really trying to balance it all. I took yesterday off of work because I had been away from my kids for a few days. I was also exhausted and needed a day to just chill.

This morning I have a ton of meetings and a very “lively” video conference with Lindsay scheduled. I can’t wait to see what she’s up to now. She’s in Mexico and it looks like she has found something she wants to buy. We don’t do commercial real estate in Mexico we only do our Energy investments. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if she found an oil tanker to buy Lol She keeps talking about them like they are the new Porsche.

This weekend my buddy Drew is finally coming out. We had scheduled a boys weekend but things got switched around so he’s finally able to make it. His work keeps him really busy this time of year.

I think I hear Peace I need to get going.

I’m doing great, my wife loves Paris and my kids are all healthy and happy! Things couldn’t be better. The countdown begins for the big move for myself and my kids. I really hope things hold together until then. My wife is the glue in this family and her being gone, it makes me very anxious.

Have a great week everyone! Love ya’ll!

Home from Paris

What a whirlwind the last few days have been. At noon on Friday I left work and went to pick up my group from the condos. My wife said a tearful goodbye to our first home together. As soon as she’s moved over to Paris my 2 condos are going on the market.  I don’t want or need them anymore. She loved living there. She loved the location but with thing way things are going I don’t want to live downtown in Chicago anymore with our kids. I don’t want to raise our kids there. It was a great location to start out. Right across the street from a hospital. I really liked that part. I can pretty much handle things now and I’m not so worried all of the time.

We will skip the stop in NYC for a few hours because that was a mess and I’m still angry Lol

We got to Paris and it was dark. We had a driver with 2 huge vans pick us up at the airport to get everything and everyone loaded. We had every piece of clothing that Brandi owns, we had our 2 pets and we had all of our luggage for my wife and I. We had a LOT of stuff. In fact one and 1/3 van was just our stuff Lol

Now before we left I took both of our pets down to get all of their things updated and ready to go. It turned out they both were up to date on all shots and microchips and everything. I just needed their paperwork. It took longer get US through inspection than it did the dang dog and cat Lol They just looked at them and said Okay. I was like WTF! I wish it was that easy for me. I got flagged or something and had to be taken to a back area. I guess being this good-looking is dangerous in France Lol Okay that was lame I know but for whatever the reason I got pulled aside. I knew I hadn’t done anything but there’s always that Oh SH*T moment you feel. After about 10 minutes I was able to rejoin my group and my wife asked what happened. I said they told me I’m too good-looking to enter France, she just rolled her eyes so my joke failed.

We got everything through, everyone loaded and headed to our new home! That part was exciting. I had seen the photos and a lot of videos but it’s completely different looking at it all in person.

WOW. Our new home is awesome! I love it. We are 15 minutes outside of Paris. We have a nice sized walled around back yard which I prefered. We live in Asnière sur Seine which is west and north. It has everything we want and need. Great location and it won’t take us long to go do all the things we want to do. Immediately my wife started testing out her French. She has gotten good and I only corrected her a few times. I’m surprised at how well she caught on. Great job! Brand and I are both fluent so that wasn’t hard. We decided to only speak French until we needed to throw out English. My wife wanted us to and I was fine with it. We did the big tour and looked at all of the bedrooms. We let Brandi pick her room. She is on the upstairs in between the kids room. I think that’s awesome because our bedroom is downstairs and there’s a small bedroom across the hall from us that we were thinking of putting Peace and Talon in for now. The other 2 part-time nannies will be on the adjacent sides of the boys’ room.

We did talk about maybe putting them all in one room but my wife said with the babies getting up so often not a good idea. She said maybe when all 3 boys are older they can share a room or something.

We looked at the entire property and my wife kept hugging me. She loves it.


My very pregnant wife, who I love to death, has major attitude right now Lol Making her happy will be short-lived but also welcomed. She did manage to make it a full day before she started getting mad at me again. So I did have a little break from the puffs, huffs, and side eye.

We looked around the area a little before we got to unpacking things. I wanted the ladies to know where the groceries were, where the police station is, our new bank, and where to go shopping at. It’s all very close which I love. We got unpacked, got all of the pet stuff set up and then I took Sam jr for a nice walk. He just wanted to sniff (and pee) all over his new area. The cat hide for the first few hours but Tristian is not a very social cat at first. It takes him a while. We ate, got changed for bed and all decided to at least try to get 5 hours in. I knew we would all be too excited to stay in bed and that’s exactly what happened.

In the morning we had to go to the bank first and make sure our new account was active and ready. I did a wire transfer from home to test that out. I will need to move money both ways so I wanted to make sure we had plenty. Also my wife will be moving this weekend and I made sure she has PLENTY of money and access to more if she needed it. I was happy with how fast they took care of us. We all 3 tested out our new ATM cards and made sure we had some pocket-money on hand for the weekend.

Next stop groceries. I told Brandi buy anything you want for a week. She picked out the things she knew and wanted to try a whole bunch of new things. I picked out 2 things to try also. I’m very happy to report how much vegan selection they have. I do see I will need to order some things from the states but for the most part I’m going to be okay. So are the boys and Peace. We will have plenty to eat. I know it’s really dumb but I did have a fear they wouldn’t have much of a selection. Way to go Paris on that one.

We spent the afternoon buying vehicles. We took the vans back and met up with the rest of the staff. We finally got to meet the security staff. Great guys who I have known for years. I was very happy my wife and Brandi liked them. We had a family meeting and I told them all to keep their f’in hands off of my wife and our staff Lol I meant it. I know these guys and I was not going to put up with any of their crap. From what I can tell they have all changed. Maybe a few bad moments but it seemed like to me they have all matured. I’m very happy to find that out.

We got everything we wanted and got back home. I told my wife just send someone if she didn’t want to go. I know she’s not used to it and I’m not really that used to it but that’s what I’m paying them for. I said be patient with everyone until they figure us out. It’s going to take a while. She said she would try. I said BE NICE. She said STFU Lol

Shelter, food, water, fun. We finally got to look around the next 2 days. My wife wanted to go see the Eiffel tower during the day and at night. We also drove past a lot of things but really didn’t stop in to go look. We had a bunch of other things to check out so I said sorry, maybe later. She was okay with it.

Of all the cool things at the house my wife was most excited to see a Chipolte Lol I couldn’t believe it. I mean I knew the Starbucks being far away would be a major issue but as soon as she saw the Chipolte she made us go in and eat. That helped. I told here there are so many cafes with way better coffee choices and she can’t even have it right now anyway. She said okay with a pout. We will have to figure that out in February Lol

By the time we got up Monday morning and went over to my Paris office to check in it was already time to get ready to go home. Everyone was fine there. They love the new location of the office. They fee safe and that’s all I care about. Business is doing well but not amazing. That’s okay. It’s a small office and they generate profits at least. Not a huge amount but enough to keep the place going and throw money into the savings each month.

We got packed up went for a nice dinner and crashed for a few hours. Our flight was late Monday night with another stop in NYC.

I made sure Brandi had everything she needed. I told her the next time I saw her we would have all of her boxes for her and anything else she requested me to bring over. She said she would take good care of our pets and that she was going to go check things out. I said take security or you won’t be allowed to leave Lol I mean it. Ya’ll have seen the violence over there. It is random and kind of scary at times. She said fine. I gave her some extra cash and told her to stuff it in her bedroom that it was an emergency fund. I told her I would give her more next weekend so not to spend it all by then. She laughed and said I’m not Heather. That’s true Lol She gave us hugs and told us to text her when we got back home.

We made it to NYC and had a nice long wait before my wife was ready to go. I went in and out of the airport 5 times getting her stuff. It would have been 4 but I forgot her snack the 3rd time in and had to go back for a 4th. Then I made the huge mistake in telling her I saw some new Pringles flavor and she made me go back to get them Lol

We finally left, great flight home and boy is it chilly! We (I mean me) got all of Our (Her stuff) off the plane and into the Range. Sarah told us Brandi had called twice and so far no problems talking on Skype or the home phone at the Paris house. I told her to test all of it out. That’s a relief.

We got home and I went right up to see my babies. Everyone was playing upstairs. It was really weird walking into the house without my dog there. The cat tolerates me and I do pet him but my dog is by my side 24/7 at the house. I already miss him Lol I made Brandi send me a video of him.

My boys hugged me and I got a lot of kisses. Peace just smiled and smiled. I gave her tons of hugs and kisses too. My wife and I sorta passed them all around for a while then we snuggled on the couch. I missed my kids so much! I don’t like being away from them. I hope they missed me too. It’s hard to tell with Peace. She’s still at the smiling at everything phase. My boys cried a lot the first few hours. They clung to my legs as I tried to walk a few times. I even had to take a piss with them in there. They wouldn’t let me leave the door closed Lol Oh great. Now they have started that and it sort of makes me shy. I know it’s normal and I know they need to figure it all out so we can get them out of the diapers soon but I still get shy with that.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We did. We are both exhausted and all messed up from Daylight savings and jet lag. I’m going back to bed now. Thankfully my wife gets to stay at home and relax. The movers will be here tomorrow to box up the last of the things they didn’t finish over the weekend. Everything is getting sent out Thursday so that all we need to do Friday morning is get my wife, Sarah and I on the plane and off to NYC to catch our flight to Paris!


Weekend in Paris

We are packed and ready to go. I have to go to the office this morning for some meetings and then I am out of there at noon. I’m taking my wife, Brandi, and Sarah and our 2 pets with us and dropping them off at the condos. They are going to take one last look around and chill with some of their girlfriends while I’m at work. The plan is pick them up, go grab something quick to eat then fly us all to New York City. From there we will park my plane and we will grab a commercial flight (Yuck) to Paris. The next 4 days will be about checking out the house to make sure it’s ready for her to move into next weekend. Also making sure the nurseries are ready or at least close to being ready and making sure our pets are there safely. We also will tour the hospital Talon will be born in and go meet our new o.b. for a checkup.

Our kids will be with Heather and their grandparents. They are coming to our house this morning to stay for the next few days. That will be fun. We didn’t even get a chance to ask my mother in law just said they were going to stay there and help out. I’m giving them a check for their help and if they don’t cash it, it’s not my problem. However my wife said to tell them to use it for grandkids Christmas presents Lol Brilliant way to get them to think it’s not really for them.

I’m really excited. I love being there, I love the food, I will love to show my wife around all of my favorite places.

We will have a 3 man security team with us. I do realize that Paris has been hot with terrorist activity for the past several years. We will not be strolling around any major tourist spots. We will go from Point A to Point B and get out of there as soon as we are done doing whatever it is we went to go do. I told her we can do all of the tourist things later on. She has promised me to take security with her everywhere she goes. She is annoyed but I told her these guys are professionals. They are Americans and have lived in Paris the past 10 years doing exactly what I have hired them all to do. I know them well, I trust them with her life, I know we will be safe. I have already gotten 4 comments about please be safe there. We will do all that we can. Thanks guys!

My wife is now 7 months pregnant. We have a letter from our doctor saying it’s okay for her to fly. He said don’t fly after 34 weeks is the norm and that’s exactly why we are moving her over now. I want her there, comfortable, and getting settled. If she has to go on bedrest she will be already over there and can just hang out all day. I will be moving at the start of January that way I’m there in plenty of time. My prayers every day include Please God don’t let her go into labor without me there! This is her first baby so labor is supposed to go a while. I already have a plan to just drop everything and leave if I have to. Lindsay would immediately fly into Chicago, stay at the house and work from our headquarters. We have gone over this a 100 times and she always says she’s bringing her dog. I said it’s fine but I don’t like her dog at all Lol Lindsay’s dog is an ex military dog. She rescued it and got it into the vet. Now she has it trained to kill, growl, or even look tough just to be a shit. This dog is huge. One of those big German Shepards that you see at checkpoints. Massive! It follows her like a ninja. You never even know it’s there until you try to move. Then it corners you Lol She thinks it’s hilarious. It’s really not. It’s scary. That dog scares the sh*t out of me and I’m not at all ashamed to say it. I also am afraid her dog will eat Sam jr but every time we put them together they just run around and they even sleep next to each other. It’s pretty funny.

I won’t update until we get back home. I hope everyone will have a great weekend! TGIF guys! Love ya’ll!

Change in plans, as usual

Brandi has already decided to move to Paris with us and be our nanny. Sarah is starting to come around. I’ve offered her a wad of cash so big she said that’s too tempting Lol I’m a **** I know it but I really want Sarah to come. If she decides to stay that’s okay too. I just want my boys to be happy. Brandi is great with both of them and she’s already got Peace in a routine. Since she told us she wants to come we have made Brandi the personal nanny to Peace. She hangs out with the boys but Sarah and Heather have been their nannies. We thought it would be better this way. Sarah didn’t like the change at first but now that her schedule has lightened up she’s much happier. I swear sometimes I think Sarah acts just like Zoila Lol If you don’t understand that reference you need to Google it right now.

My wife spent most of yesterday shopping and packing. We are going to leave Friday at noon to go to Paris. We are taking Brandi and both pets. Sarah has said she wants to go when we actually move my wife next weekend and that’s probably not a bad idea. That might sell her on this! I pray every night for Sarah to change her mind. I ask God to show her the path to the decision but I know that’s selfish and wrong. I can’t help it. My wife doesn’t even get mad because she sees how much my kids rely on Sarah. I’m probably going to cry more than she does when we leave each other Lol I don’t know what I will do without our Sarah.

Work is going great. In October I was able to visit all of my companies and tell them all goodbye. I handed out bonuses for Xmas early. I wanted to personally do that so it’s done and no one expected that so soon. I wanted to thank each employee and let them know that next summer we will all be together again in Hawaii. I think making that a yearly trip will be good for everyone. Months after they all still talk about how much fun it was. I’m so happy to hear that because that’s exactly why I decided to do it. They all deserve a break even for a few days.

I’m not going to say the exact date but Happy 1 year anniversary to my wife and I for our marriage! Who would have thought we would make it a full year without her killing me Lol She said it’s been an adventure every day and she never has felt so loved in all of her life. She feels beautiful even being pregnant and feeling fat but I make it seem like she’s a Queen, which she is. She never dreamed her life would have so many kids this fast but she knew coming into our marriage that I wanted a big family. She said she can’t wait to spend the rest of her life with me and our kids and make more babies.

I love my wife with all of my heart. We will have a very special day celebrating the actual day. We will be in Paris on the date and I have all kinds of gifts for her. Things sentimental but not all material. She’s going to be so surprised. I feel the happiest I have ever been and it’s all because of my wife and kids. She really takes care of me and makes me feel like I can do anything. She supports all of my crazy ideas and doesn’t let me get away with anything. I love that she cares so much and I see all of her friends always gushing about her. She really is an amazing woman. Smart, beautiful, blonde, and all mine!

I love you Abby. I can’t wait to see what the next 60 + years has for our life. God brought you to me and when you asked me out after I broke things off and we had a break. I never thought we would end up married. You are the best thing in my life right next to my kids. I can’t wait to see what our Talon looks like. My good looks and your brains, look out world! I want more kids with you, I want more time with you, I want every special event in my life to have you right next to me. Thank you for loving all of us. I told you in my vows that God sends your soul mate at the right time and right place. We found each other and you said Yes. That’s all it took for us to become a family. I love you. Wait until you see what I have planned for our 1st wedding anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to us!