Birthday or Birthdays?

We survived the coldest I’ve ever seen in Chicago. We pretty much just stayed inside and did nothing outside. It worked. Hi guys. Sorry I haven’t been updating much. A lot has happened.

The twins are having another birthday bash coming up soon. We are going with the construction/fireman theme. That’s what they wanted. I’m fine with that because it’s easy to find things for it. The invitations have all been sent out, the party treats have been ordered and the cake is going to be amazing. I’m going with a non-vegan cake for everyone to enjoy. The boys will be getting a smaller version all vegan. I’m pretty happy with how it’s all coming together. I swear it gets easier every year. I am going to go through this whole thing with a positive attitude and do my best to keep my mind off the fact that Talon can’t be with us. I still am not ready to talk about his passing. You know, maybe I never will be. Either way I’m going to do my best to focus on the boys and how much I love them. My daughter has been helping too. She is getting so big. It’s unreal how much my life has changed.

We did get into a truck accident last week. It looked worse than it was. I want to thank the makers of the Cadillac Escalade for making your vehicles so safe. My kids and I were hit twice and we all came away with small bruises. It was scary af. I almost had a heart attack. Okay not really but it felt like my heart was coming out of my chest. It was a reason to go get a new Escalade. Thank you State Farm Insurance. You guys are also the best. Made it a lot easier to deal with things. I have no idea what the rule is about pulling car seats out of an accident and re-using them in the new vehicle but I bought all new ones. I did not want to deal with it. I thank God we are all okay and no one else involved was seriously injured.

I just uploaded a lot of photos to our Family Facebook page. Including the photos from the accident. Well I should say of the truck after the accident. It was pretty crunched up, completely totaled. The new one is better and a lot stronger. I love it. I’m already having fun playing with all of the bells and whistles.

Let me think, the boys school is going okay. They could be more focused but it has a lot of play time and they can’t help themselves. The pre-pre-k school ends at the end of April so that will be fun. I think putting them into a school environment early was the best move. They need to learn how to share and how to follow instructions better. We are working on that. Things are going to get easier in the fall I’m sure.

Jesse and I are still dating. She’s pretty awesome. We are still not serious but we are both monogamous. We see each other about twice a week. It’s nice hanging out with an adult some times. My kids enjoy her. She loves to play with them while I cook and then after supper we sit and visit while the kids go crazy with their toys.

Guys I’ve settled into the good part of my life. It’s quiet, it’s no drama. Things couldn’t be better. I’m so busy taking care of my kids I don’t think to update this as often. I will try to do a much better job. I hope you all are doing well. I hope this is one of the few places online you can go to avoid all of the political crappola happening other places. I don’t support Trump at all but I also don’t feel the need to bellyache over him much. He is who he is and I don’t like him. That’s all I know.

It’s Sunday. Enjoy your last weekend day! Love ya’ll!

It’s the weekend, lets party?

We are hosting a bbq tonight for friends. We all have been having a very boring end of summer (Thankfully so) and I decided to get the group back together for some fun. We are going to hang out at the house, cookout and play cards tonight. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see everyone again and be among adults again. I love my kids and they are finally at the age where it’s all fun and no more tantrums on an hourly basis. I miss hanging out with my friends.

I’m getting ready to hit the stores. My nanny is on the way to watch the kids for a few hours while I get all the things we need. She is working out very well. She asked me not to use her first name on here so I will just call her my nanny. Easy enough. She’s great. The kids like her, they listen to her and she is very interactive. It’s been a big help having her come over as needed. I’m trying to balance my life out a little better. She comes by on our preset schedule and when I do need her for something she is available. It was a good choice.

The kids are doing great. It was a hard adjustment coming back here without Talon. That nearly killed me but I am dealing with it and trying to make the best of a really bad situation. His room has been turned into a spare bed room that we don’t open. It’s too hard for me. I miss him more than I can express.

I hope everyone is having a chill weekend. We are going to party like it’s 1999….no. We are going to party like adults with nothing but fun in mind. I might even bust out the guitar and dust it off for a few firepit songs. We will see.

I just got all of the messages returned and posted the latest photos and videos on our Family Facebook page. Thanks for checking it out guys!

It’s a Winnie the Pooh 1st birthday party and a surprise announcement

My daughter’s 1st birthday is tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s been 1 whole year since she came into the world. I didn’t get to meet her until 3 days later but it was worth the wait. She is still perfect. She’s very chill except when she’s saying dada over and over. She is my little snugglebug. She loves to be held, she loves to laugh and play. She’s doing all she can to grow up into a sweet little angel. Until her brothers take her things, then it’s whack-city Lol

Over the weekend we had family and friends fly into town. We were going to do her party on Saturday. Saturday morning she woke up sick. I said let’s try for Sunday. She still wasn’t doing better so I told them sorry, go home. We are going to do a small party with a ton of food and decorations because I still have everything we ordered. My living room looks like a garden Pooh party. You can barely get around in there.

Did I mention I’m still in Colorado Springs? Yes, we will be here for the next 7 weeks. Our house is finally all set up and ready. The nannies helped out so much with that. God bless them both. Sarah is flying in tonight. She wouldn’t dare miss the make-up birthday party. I texted her early Saturday and told her to hold off on her flight. We have a poop issue, not a pooh issue. She said okay. Lindsay has been here for a few days. She’s been very entertaining. She has Peace thinking that she runs the whole house, which she probably does. Peace gets everything she wants right now. Thankfully she’s not of age to know that she has such powers full-time. She mostly just wants some fruit. That kid is a fruit nut. She loves all kinds of chopped, pureed, or diced fruit. I’m very happy about that.

I had to reorder the Pooh cake because the boys destroyed the first one. I wasn’t very happy but I have to remember, kids will be kids. As long as we have the new one in time tomorrow morning I will be fine with it.

Alex is doing great. He’s getting around much better and his breathing treatments at night are going faster. We get to reduce down the dosage. I just wish that machine was quieter. It’s loud.

Man it’s been raining here all day. I wanted to get the backyard set up with a bouncy house but that’s not going to happen. I bought a nice size inflatable swimming pool so that the smaller kids could at least dip in with their parent holding them. It’s not big enough for adults to do anything but sit in it. I thought the 1-year-old friends might enjoy a dip. The sun is supposed to come out right around party time at lunchtime so I’m really hoping that we can do something fun outside. If not we can play the 3 games I found for babies and hope they have fun.

I’ve tried so hard to get this party perfect. I ordered way too much stuff. I made too many birthday present choices. I wanted a nice, small family gathering. It turned into a shindig.

Colorado Springs is pretty awesome. I’m starting to find my way around town. I love the local radio stations here. The morning talk stuff is pretty funny. They are playing a great selection of the newer songs and the old. I listen to it a lot while I’m cooking breakfast and then cleaning up. I really have enjoyed my time here. We haven’t been able to get out and explore much but I hope to soon.

Happy Birthday to my little girl, Peace Taylor! I love you very much and I really hope you enjoy your special day even though you aren’t going to remember any of this. We are still going to take a mountain of photos and videos. I will do a special Facebook Live tomorrow with the birthday girl for you guys. Be sure to check it all out on our Family Facebook page. I will try to update more tomorrow.

Have a great week! Love ya’ll!

Opening Day #GoBears

  Today is the opening day for the Chicago Bears. Go Bears! I gave my tickets to my buddy Josh. He’s taking his brother. Have fun guys. I want to go but I need to stay home this time. That photo I’m using as my featured image, isn’t that fish? I don’t know what kind but it looks like a fish plate.

Also tonight we are hosting our adoption attorney and her team for supper. I’m having it catered because she wanted fish. I don’t cook fish that well (Vegan) since I don’t eat it and I don’t want to screw it all up. I probably could have figured it out but I don’t want to. We have a great chef that comes to help us for our events when needed. I asked her if she was available and she said Ye$.

This weekend we are getting the party plans ready for next Saturday when we have our Baby Open House. Since we adopted Peace out of the blue we didn’t have a baby shower. We have the invites done and sent out already. It will be from 8am to noon because I have Cubs tickets for that afternoon Lol We will be at the office to make it easier for everyone to come see us. I don’t think it’s fair to ask all of our family, friends, employees, and co-workers, to drive all the way up here. I also want to show off our new building. Most of our family and friends haven’t seen it yet. It’s gorgeous! It really turned out great and I’m already filling up the bottom floors with leases. Very happy things went well. Much nicer building. My other one is getting renovated. We will use it for more offices for our other divisions. I think holding onto it will be lucrative in the next few years. Someone will make me a fat offer and I will take it.

Also this weekend we are taking my wife shopping for maternity clothes. Her stuff is snug. She squeezes into it and then she said she feels fat. I say you look beautiful and she said this is all your fault. This may be the only time I’m very happy to take the blame for something. Yes it is my fault! She helped!

Peace is doing great. She’s gaining weight and looking good. The boys love their little sister. I can’t believe she’s already 2 weeks old. It has been a big adjustment but I really think the boys are in that in between age where they want to help but they also don’t want anyone else to have my attention. It’s getting easier to deal with them now that I know when one of them is about to have a fit. Do you know who’s the biggest baby watcher of all? The darn cat Lol Tristan has stopped hiding and has decided he needs to watch after her every moment. He even tries to sleep in her nursery but we shoo him out. He wants to know where she’s at all of the time. When I pick her up and take her out to the living room he follows us. It’s the weirdest and sweetest thing. My dog does the same thing but he also hangs outside most of the day. He loves having a yard. I guess I thought taking him for walks 3 times a day or taking him to the dog park a few evenings a week was enough. I was wrong. He really loves this place. We barely see him until it’s time to eat. I have 3 water bowls outside that we clean and fill up twice a day. He doesn’t need me anymore. I miss him Lol At least he still sleeps in our room. That way I know he’s okay.

We are still getting in some great messages. Thanks again everyone. The name Peace is a huge hit. It fits her. Everyone says wait until she’s a teenager, she won’t be so Peaceful then. Maybe she will. I wasn’t that much of a handful as a kid. My wife says she wasn’t either, her parents confirmed that. She said all of her brothers were. The boys in her family are still getting into trouble.

I need to go get my wife up for work. She said last night she will get here when she gets here for our special supper. She is so busy at work. I told her don’t rush, it’s fine.

Hope everyone has a great day. Almost the weekend! God loves you and I love ya’ll too! Peace!

Exhausted Parents

Friday night my boys left to go hang out with my in-laws all weekend. I was not very happy about that. My wife started dancing around a little right after the door closed and I went to the bedroom. She came in and said I know what will make you happy and I said don’t touch me Lol That’s how bs I felt the whole thing was. We decided to go out for a nice quiet dinner at my favorite place and I was getting texts from Brandi at that point. Letting me know they made it. She sent me photos of the boys’ nursery over there. Another photo of their supper. And one more of them in the bath. Then she got them to bed and texted me the time she put them down. I know they are fine. I had already knew I was being ridiculous. I just don’t like being away from them. Big giant sigh.

By Saturday morning and lots and lots of sex later I was feeling more relaxed. Funny how that works. Saturday my wife and I went to 4 things around the City we have wanted to go check out together. It’s one of those things where you hear about it then you say to each other Oh Yeah we need to go check that out. But never do. She picked 2 places. I picked 2 places and we had very nice meals out all day and night. By Saturday night we were too tired to go hang out with any friends. I told her we could go out, she said okay but neither one of us got up off of the couch Lol She said she wanted to sleep in so we would go to the later Church. I was fine with that too. And by Sunday at 4:07pm my boys were back home. I was VERY READY to see them. They did have fun. I got to see a lot of photos of them and a few videos. My mother in law said she would like to do that again sometime and I said maybe next year and didn’t laugh but everyone else did. I was serious. She’s not taking them away again. My wife nudged me and I said nothing. I know it’s healthy and I know it’s good, but no. They are my boys and I decide. I didn’t like it. I didn’t enjoy my weekend I had fun hanging out with my wife and all of the sex of course but I was constantly thinking about them. It’s one of those instinctual things that I can’t explain to anybody. I just knew it felt wrong. My boys were fine. They came back happy, laughing, and full of presents and new clothes. Very sweet of my wife’s family, but no Lol I want my boys with me. I can’t help it. I’m not ready to let them go even for 1 weekend. I did compromise and tell her later on that on my overseas trips they can watch the boys if they want to but don’t tell me about it and she just laughed and said deal. We had a very long talk about it at the family meeting on Sunday night and I told all of the ladies that I just am not ready for that kind of stuff. I won’t even let the part-time nannies take them back to their apartment all weekend. The only reason I let this happen was peer pressure and hoping to give my boys something that I can’t offer them, grandparents. It’s not something I can articulate very well but I’m not ready. That’s when the girls finally understood this was pretty hard for me. I didn’t feel comfortable and I didn’t like it. They thought I was being overly dramatic at first until my wife said you really didn’t have a good weekend, did you? I said no. I thought about my boys 98% of the time. She said okay.

So now I think they understand and we don’t have to go through that again anytime soon. Enough of that.

So here’s the other thing going on with us. My wife is pretty sure she wants to move to Finland. At first I thought it was a huge joke but she said no. The more she researches it the better. And tonight with the news of the explosion in London she says we need to stay out of Paris. She thinks it might be too dangerous. I’m torn. I mean Finland, really? It’s in discussion and we have plenty of time, but Finland?

What else? Everyone is doing great. My boys are happy, healthy, really getting big. I’m able to have full conversations with them now and they do answer with a few words. Sometimes it makes sense. Sometimes not. They look exactly alike. We do have different haircuts on them but I guess everyone this weekend kept saying how they completely look-alike and you can’t really tell who is who. Yeah, that’s what identical twins means Lol

This week I have a few trips out-of-town but I will be home in time for supper. I just have to get up earlier which is no big deal. In fact I need to get off of this and go back my backpack for tomorrow’s trip.

Hey, Dallas, Texas! I will be there in the morning. I’m going to be meeting up with my very hard to reach friend Jackie Overton. We are going to have lunch together and share notes on some things. I love it when the trolls continue to claim I am her, she is me. We are one. Lol Come on ya’ll. Get a F-bomb brain already. You can’t stand being wrong. I understand your need to pick on somebody because your own life is shit, but move on already. No one cares anymore. And leave my friends alone. You go way over the line every single day and it’s not okay. Do I really have to get Lindsay back around to get all of your accounts locked and suspended again? I can do that. It’s very easy for her to do. Other can you people just get a life already and leave me alone?

Nah, I already know that answer. I will call Lindsay tonight Lol

Have a great work week! I hope everyone enjoys the weather this week. See you tomorrow, Dallas!

#NYC on Saturday

I was up early to get a good idea of my schedule. I met Lindz and 2 of our VP’s downstairs at 6am to go over everything. We ended up going to the venue and looking at the floor plan. Most everything was already done. The tables and all of the food tables were set up. The decor was on its way to being done. This has been a really big deal planning it. It looked great. It looked even better that night.

I went back to the hotel in time to get breakfast for everyone. I ordered up whatever they wanted and we all had a quick family meal. I gave the nannies cash for the boys. They were told to buy them stuff. Tshirts, stuffed animals, legos. Whatever they felt would be a good trip reminder. I sent 2 security guards with them and car service. The car service was included in the security so it was all decked out with all kinds of things inside I was told. Well, I guess they take it pretty serious. I just wanted to make sure everyone was okay. The girls told me the places they wanted to go. They all decided to stay together the entire day and they will split up tomorrow to get some individual time in NYC. Fine by me. I kind of preferred that anyway.

My wife went to a spa. She needed a massage, her hair and nails done and then she was meeting her family and friends back at the hotel to get ready for the party.

I left at 10:30am to go downtown. My first book signing was from 12pm until 2pm. That gave me enough time to get back to the hotel, shower, change, eat a little snack to hold me over, then head to the party with everyone. My boys were coming with us but everyone was going to leave shortly after pictures. I don’t need my sons to be at a big event like this for long. They are kind of like Richard Simmons. Make a quick appearance so everyone can see half of the face (Oh come on that’s hilarious!) then leave. Everyone was supposed to be back at the hotel by the time I returned from my book event.

I got to the book store and there were actual people waiting in line. I knew darn well it wasn’t for me and I was right Lol Some other author was there just before me and his fans were still waiting for a chance to see him. I told my publisher team if he needed more time he could cut into an hour of mine because I wasn’t expecting a crowd (At all). They said no. He wrapped things up. They changed out the big background thing with their company logo on it and sat me down in a slightly crapped office chair Lol The wheels wouldn’t scoot so I had to shove it up closer to the table and then just try to remember it wouldn’t roll back at all.

The event started and I did have what I would consider a small line. There were 24 people waiting for me. I did my smiling, I promoted both books. I shook hands, smiled for selfies, did 2 videos and waited for the 2 hours to be up. I had 2 people who would not go away. I was also told not to write about them on my blog because we ended up having some words after the event was over but I don’t give a damn Lol These 2 people were obviously trolls. Not the trolls I know but probably new trolls that will be joining my I Hate Sam army soon.

The book signing was fine. The 2 people stayed behind to harass me a little. They were nice. At first. That’s how trolls are. But as soon as Lindsay showed up to pick me up that’s when all hell broke loose. Lindsay was going to hurl my book at one of them but she put it back in the box and just told them to go fuck a Twizzler Lol Both of the ladies were so shocked they left but not before Lindsay told them to come back for cheese and crumpets Lol I was dying laughing. The book store people were not and definitely my publisher team was not. I was told not to have Lindsay at any more of my events. I said technically she wasn’t at it. She came after to pick me up. And whatever happened they saw the 2 rude ladies trying to start trouble. They all agreed it wasn’t my fault. I stood there laughing and said nothing at all. I didn’t have to. I had seen Lindsay walking towards me and I just knew she would handle it for me. She usually does. I prefer the ignore and walk away approach.

We got out of there with a stern reminder not to be late to the Sunday book signing because they were having a second event right after mine and I had agreed (No I didn’t) to take photos with that author. You mean to tell me I’m not their only client Lol I’m amazed they find someone else to put up with the enormous amount of bs I have had to deal with. We left and grabbed something to eat really quick then made it back to the hotel.

My family had arrived and were getting ready for the evening. I ran into a few of them in the lobby. They all wanted to chat but I told them I had to get to the boys. I got back to my room in time to see my wife, my very beautiful blonde haired wife in this stunning dress. My mouth dropped. I was so mesmerized by her. She really did look gorgeous. I will put a few photos of our weekend on Facebook probably Monday night. She turned around to see me grinning at her. All kinds of thoughts were going in my head but I grabbed her hand and went on one knee and asked her to marry me, again. She laughed and said Yes, Of course but I want a bigger ring! I got up and gave her a quick peck on the cheek so I wouldn’t mess up anything and went to get ready.

At 6pm sharp we all made our way to the lobby looking Super Fly. The Coopers are in town. All 1,000 of us. We got to our vehicles or cabs and went over to the hotel. I walked into a beautifully transformed room filled with flowers and really amazing decor. It looked awesome!

The whole evening was a lot of fun. Lindsay and I got a lot of congratulations and a lot of great job on the party. All I know is my wife thought it was a great event. And that’s all I wanted to hear. It has been worth the countless emails back and forth with everyone making decisions and picking out menu items. We had so much fun. Our silent auction did amazing. The two local charities made money and we did present them with our own checks. It was worth it. Everything I have done leading me up to opening a business in New York City has been worth it. I hope to make money soon. It may take a while but someday we will be showing a profit.

My boys were a huge hit and I took them up on stage so everyone could see them. Then I said take your photos now because they are both leaving in 5 minutes Lol They left, shortly after I got the text saying we made it back to the hotel safe and they were putting them to bed.

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day for everyone. We are all kind of going off in our own groups. Brandi will be with us in the morning and Heather in the afternoon. Then Sarah will take over in the evening as we fly home.

My wife has a few places she wants to visit. More photo ops I’m sure. I’m just happy most of my stuff is over with. I have another book signing but after that I’m free to roam around with my family.

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday. I don’t know when I will publish this one but soon I’m sure.

God loves you and I love you too!

#NYC on Friday

We arrived in New York City on Friday evening. As soon as we got off of the plane my wife announced she had forgotten her shoes for the party. Of course. That’s fine I travel with 3 shoe collectors who might have actually brought something they could wear and if not we will go buy some first thing in the morning. Problem solved, right? No. If you are going to be on your feet all night with dancing involved or networking with the guests you must have comfortable shoes. I offered to get them Fed Ex’ed overnight but she didn’t believe me when I said they could arrive by noon on Saturday. Fed Ex does have that service, you just have to pay more. She said she would figure it out. Crisis #1 averted, temporarily.

We got the boys settled into the hotel. Auntie Lindz was already there and waiting. She took the dog and the  dog nanny to their room. She took the dog out for a short walk and got him fed and ready to chill for the night. She made sure the dog nanny had food with room service or if he wanted a pizza brought in. Him and his guest were all settled and ready for a quiet evening. They were planning on staying in Friday night to plan out all of Saturday. I guess this was some sort of dream vacation for them both as they have been best friends from high school and always wanted to go together to NYC. Well have at it kids, as long as my dog is taken care of first.

While Lindsay was taken care of that I got my wife and the boys settled into our suite. Right next door the nannies got themselves settled in and began the never-ending this room is mine, you 2 share that room battle. Sarah always wins it I really don’t know why the other 2 continue to try to get a room each. It’s ridiculous. The beds are huge, those 2 small framed ladies can squeeze in together. Not a big deal. They do it all of the time unless Sarah doesn’t go with us then they each get their own bedroom.

My wife immediately got the boys out and into the baths. A nice warm bath right after a long flight was in order. We got them fed, played with them then story time and finally it was bed time. It was actually very easy to get both of them to sleep. I was surprised. I think so much activity wore them out.

Finally it was our turn. My wife and I began unpacking everything we brought. We made sure our outfits (All 3 of them) for Saturday were ready to go. We unpacked all of our bathroom stuff and finally we were able to enjoy a quick hot shower which turned into something a lot more Lol That was her fault but we won’t get into that. Then it was time to go to bed.

That sums up Friday evening in NYC. I would love to say that we whisked into town, we got the babies throw into the nannies room then my wife and I went out for a wild and fun evening on the town. But I’m 44 now and she’s not quite 30 so we were tired from a long work week and really tired from traveling. We did order in food and have a nice romantic dinner overlooking the city. That was nice. Our room faces some great buildings and it was very private and quiet.

I will write about Saturday next. The party was a huge success. Our silent auction raised almost $95,000. It was close and I believe everyone had a fantastic time. I know I did Lol