F*** Donald Trump and Homeschooling Lol

Here we go, here we go, here we GO! Hey guys. Yesterday we spent most of the day getting the bedroom down the hall from my bedroom into our home school classroom. The other half of the day was unpacking our boxes from Amazon of school stuff for the classroom. This is going to be hard. 1st grade is not necessarily hard, but the hours per day commitment for my kids will be a real challenge. Making them sit there as Sarah and I try to figure all of this out is the problem. She wants to teach nursing in college, that has been her goal for years, this is her preview. If she can survive 4 weeks (Maybe more?) with them she may skate by with college kids someday. We have all of the things we need downloaded to start the first week of school. We both looked it over and she is coming up with a schedule. I’m going over things with my girlfriend, Kate, today. She’s a teacher. We will tighten up what Sarah’s plans are. I may need to just hand over my phone and say work it out girls, we want the best for all of this. I don’t know yet.

I have more boxes coming in today. It’s what every thought we needed to homeschool. I’m looking forward to getting this room done. It’s been a lot of talking. I don’t understand why it’s a huge deal, it’s just a classroom. I thought a table and a few chairs was good enough. Boy, was I wrong. We are all working hard to make it perfect. I know the kids will destroy the room by October Lol I hope this works out. I really don’t know what the best thing to do for all of this. I do feel much better the kids have to stay home the first 4 weeks. This may be what we do the entire half of this school year. I don’t know yet.

Kate is also getting info about the start of her school year. It’s a lot of school talk right now. It’s really fun. She knows everything Lol I know nothing. Not surprised. She’s been such a huge help the past 2 weeks figuring out what is the best thing to do.

I’m going to start my exercise routine up again. I’ve had a few ridiculous health issues so I haven’t been able to work out like I want to. I’ve been swimming and…. well mostly swimming. I walk back and forth all over the place so I do count that too. We have been trying to teach the boys baseball but they don’t have the passion for it that I thought they might. I think they are in it for hitting the ball Lol I don’t think they care about rules of the game or anything else. I have not gained pandemic pounds. Because of the nature of my illness I actually lost a lot of weight and have been slowly putting it back on. Thank you Youtube/WebMD/ and various google searches that did nothing to help me figure out what was going on. I went into the clinic and they figured it all out within 15 minutes Lol I’m an idiot. I’m glad the antibiotics have kicked in and I feel MUCH better. Finally.

How are you guys doing? Any back to school stuff going on for you? I love reading your comments. I have finally answered back all of the comments/emails/DM’s I have received. Check your inbox. I even checked my spam folder to make sure nothing went in there. Nothing from you guys did, just some random buy this health candle ad that smells like the pine forest. No thanks. Better than whatever Gwyneth Paltrow is selling Lol Yes I had to google her name to know how to spell it. I got it wrong the first try.

We are all doing well. We are surviving the global pandemic. I am happy Biden/Harris presidential campaign has started. I’m happy she is our VP pick. I am not a Democrat but at this point I would vote for a bedroom lamp before I voted for Don and his ghostly buddy. No way!

Have a great week guys. I am blogging more often. My blogging club friends encouraged us all to write things out. Write it don’t fight it, that’s their club mantra. They think it’s healthy for our mental health. They are probably write (See what I did there).

We are going back to Hawaii

I’ve been waiting for the US/Canada border to open back up so I can go and visit my girlfriend, Kate, Not her real name, and hang out for a weekend or a week. It’s getting pushed back, again, to the end of July. So we decided to go back to Hawaii for 3 weeks and enjoy ourselves. We are going to leave some time Friday. I wanted to leave Friday night late but the girls think it’s a better idea to leave in the afternoon because of the time change and the kids. I guess.

Brenda and Lynn have moved back in to continue being my nannies. They have been home for a little while and decided maybe with Sarah being here, with me doing it all on my own, it would be a good idea. I was fine. I could use some help, yes, but I was really managing it. It wasn’t that hard. The hardest part was trying to get everyone ready for bed. That part was trying to do too much all at once. I’m happy they are back. I’m happy to have them under contract for the next few years. We are going to do this the right way. The other thought is, homeschooling. I may need them to help me if the schools do not open back up this year.

Sarah is here. She’s doing great with her baby. They are both getting used to each other. That baby is cute af. She’s precious. And my little Sky is getting to be a big girl. She finally said DA DA. It melted me. She’s reallllly close to walking. She has been lifting herself up and she tries to take steps holding onto my fingers. She’s almost there. Her 1st birthday is coming up and I know she’s going to grow up super fast now. After 1 it all goes fast. Look at my twins, already 5! It’s crazy.

I’m doing good. A few minor family issues but we are doing okay. Work is going well. I’ve been spending a lot of time on my yard this year. I wanted to have our first spring be a full success and a smooth summer. That didn’t work out because we weren’t home. I’ve been trying to catch up on all of it with the baby in tow. Sky loves to be outside and I only do an hour or so per day before it gets hot out. The kids LOVE hanging out in the swimming pool. It really is a lot of fun. We are trying to keep our spirits up during this whole 2020 is a dumpster fire mess.

The other issue is living in Denver, I can’t take my kids out and feel comfortable. These people don’t give a sh** about the pandemic. I don’t understand that but not my business. What is my business is keeping my kids safe and healthy. In Hawaii we can actually mask up/glove up and go out and enjoy all of the islands. I just had a negative COVID test and I got the additional paperwork so I will not have to quarantine 14 days. Everyone else will. Sarah had a negative test too but not within the past 30 days so she has to stay in. She’s not very happy about that. 2 weeks on the compound, after that we can explore. This time we will. There are so many places I want to show my kids. It’s going to be a fun 3 weeks. If the border continues to get delayed we will stay longer. I joke I may not even come back to Denver this year, but there is a chance. COVID is not going away. It’s not getting any better at all.

I hope everyone is doing their best. Please always wear a mask outside. It’s important to not get sick, spread it around, and drag it home to your kids. Go out in public, but with a mask on. Live your life the way you want, but consider you live amongst other people. Not all of them are as healthy as you. That’s why you need to wear a mask. It’s to protect yourself.

Have a great start to your summer guys! Prays for Kate’s grandma. She had a minor health setback (NOT Covid) and she could use some prayers. Also to my buddy Joel. I miss seeing him on Tv. He’s a sweet guy. Love you guys! Stay safe!

It’s August 1st, 1 month to go!

Having my kids full time with no help has kept my pretty busy. I love it. My kids are hilarious. They say the funniest things and my gosh how smart they all are. Alex has finally hit the last of his milestones so he’s all caught up with Heston. Thank goodness. They are now the same height, within 2 pounds of each other, and have all the same abilities. It has been a lot of hard work for him and I’m so proud he stuck it out. I kept telling him he’s going to catch up soon. He was not listening to me but that’s okay. We are finally there! We had our checkups on Wednesday and I was able to see the growth chart since they were babies up until now. WOW! Just wow. A huge difference. I don’t know how I have survived all of this. I really don’t.

I feel like all of my food prep work with the kids in the morning with breakfast is helping us keep a semi-normal schedule for them. We have been out in the city going on adventures and exploring a lot of the kid friendly sites. We have spent more time down at Navy Pier than I can remember. There is so much for us to do. This weekend the nannies are taking the kids so I can have my first set of movers come in and help me pack up some of the spare rooms we don’t use. Mostly the nannies bedrooms. They did take all of their things over the past month so it’s just a shell of a room in each one. All of their furniture is going to a Domestic Violence recovery house. And all of my spare beds in my house and the guest house will also be going. Lindsay finally got the key to her new house (Cough cough mansion) and she’s out of here. She is so happy. She still comes over to eat with us because she’s not going to cook yet. She said she hasn’t had time to go get groceries so I told her I would take her to my club (Haha Sam’s club) this weekend and we will load up both of my Range Rovers with stuff for her.

I am really going to miss living in Lake Forest. This place has served as my home base for over 10 years. I have grown so much as a man and now as a father here. It’s home. I just need to move on though. Selling it will really be an emotional thing for me. I do have several friends interested in buying it and I’m definately getting back more than I paid for it. This month is going to be a lot to deal with.

But Denver…..oh Denver, Colorado. You had me at Mile High! It’s closer to Alex’s doctors and I really want his growth spurts to be monitored and we take all of the precaustions we can with him. It’s the best move for my kids and right before they start their main school. My goodness I’m going to have 2 kindergartners next month. What??? Their birthdays fall within range of them going in. They will be not the youngest in their class but it’s better I get them in early. I don’t want to make them wait another year. We did so much prep work last year to get them a really good start. Plus I really think they are ready. Socially they are both so friendly. They make friends very easily because the kids are amazed they look exactly alike. It’s hard the first week to know who is who but I put them in shirts that have their names on the back. So far they aren’t hip to the fact they can just change shirts. I know they will pull that one me when they are older Lol I hear almost all twins do it. Thankfully they are still my sweet little boys and I don’t have to worry about those kinds of things….yet.

Guys, my daughter is perfect. She is so sweet, so smart, and she runs this house. Whenver she’s upset we all 3 rush to her side to see what’s going on. The boys are already protective over her. Maybe too much so. I admit when the boys are in school I am absolutely going to love my one on one time with her. Last year we did the shopping and errands together. Or we would go have fun play dates and do fun things together. She’s so easy to take care of. I love every day with her. She’s much easier than the boys and I have to say it’s special bonding time I don’t want to give up.

That’s why I won’t be working. I will be available as a consultant. The offices can call me anytime but I’m no longer going to be making many decisions. It’s all on Lindsay. I trust her. Of course I do, I just gave her the keys to my empire. She is the right person to run things, she has amazing staffs and she knows how I expect things to run. Kindness, take care of our customers as we take care of our employees, and pay them all well. She has done a fantastic job and I’m so proud she’s helping me keep my businesses not only running but successful.

I want to raise my kids. I want to meet the love of my life and get married again. I have so many hopes for moving. It’s a fresh start and I can’t wait. I’m so excited.

How is your summer going, guys? Do anything fun? I just uploaded all of the photos and the videos from this week. Go check that out on our Family Facebook page. I hope you enjoy seeing my kids grow up. They are so happy. I’m doing the best I can to raise them up right, whatever that means. I hope you all know how much I appreciate you still coming here and reading about my life after all of these years. The trolls have gone way and crawled back under the rocks they live in. It’s nice and quiet and I love it. Life couldn’t be better. It’s boring just the way I want it!

I’m so lazy its a Hammock life right now

I have been trying to figure out where I am going to move my family. I love the Chicago area, I love this house, but I want and need a change in my life. The kids are getting to be school age and if I move them soon enough we can get them settled and ready for the beginning of their school careers. Right now we are doing the prep work so that the boys will have the greatest success from day 1. It’s a lot of hard work for them but they are soaking it all up. I love seeing them learn new things. They get so excited. So after a bunch of back and forth debates on what the best city is for my family I’ve choosen Denver, Colorado. I bought a house there a few months ago. It is being renovated right now and it’s almost done. My plan is to sell this mansion, sell a lot of the furniture and things that go with this house and get ready to move us by September 1st. The boys’ school will start the middle of September so I really feel like this is my best time. Big deep breath. I have prayed and prayed on this decision. One of the main factors is that Alex’s doctors are all there. He is getting much better, we fight a small infection here and there but he is doing great. The house I bought is in the northwest side and has a lot of great amenities to the property. I’m actually downsizing if you guys can believe it. Those that have seen my Chicago house folder on Facebook can see how much space I have now. Our home is HUUUGEEE. I don’t need this much house. I need room for me, the kids, and a few bedrooms for guests. That’s it. No more crazy yard space, no more lake life. Okay, I’m obviously not going to be mowing my own lawn Lol That’s not the kind of downsizing I’m doing. I’m $till a $poiled brat. It’s time I just settle into dad life. I think this is my best option and we are going for it. I actually have several friends interested in my house and will be working with a local broker to help get this house on the market soon. I already have a survey done and the house inspected. The 4 things that needed to be updated or fixed are getting done in the next 2 weeks so I will be fully ready to say LIST IT!

Being closer to the west coast is going to have a lot of advantages for me. It’s also a great part of the country and I’m really looking forward to exploring the city.
I wish I had more of a huge update but I don’t. Oh wait, I’m going to Comic Con next weekend, that’s some news. Umm, I think that’s about it. I did upload a ton of new photos and videos on our Family Facebook page. Go check those out. We have done a few Periscopes and Facebook live videos. Those are also on there. Life is quiet. I love it. Hope you guys are enjoying your summer!

We are moving home today!

We are all up early. I went and grabbed breakfast while Sarah got everyone dressed and ready for our flight. The kids are eating. I’m waiting for the shipping company to come pick up our boxes and then it’s time to go. Mike’s mom is on her way here to get the keys. I’m having a cleaning service coming today to clean the whole house from top to bottom. The landscapers came yesterday to clean up the yard. I think we have everything on my list done. The only thing I need to do is load the cat and dog into their crates and off we go.

Thank you Denver/Colorado Springs! We had a great time but you aren’t home. Hello Chicago, we are coming home soon! I posted the last of our photos from my phone. We had a great adventure here. The staff at the Denver hospital was very nice in taking a photo with us so I can say thank you to them and let everyone know how awesome they care for kids. It’s all on our Family Facebook page. Check out the photos and videos.

As soon as they load up all of our boxes we are heading to the airport. It’s going to be a quick flight then Brandi and Heather will pick us up. My vehicles are being shipped back also. That was expensive. I should have just paid 2 friends to drive them back or something. As long as they get back home in 1 piece, it’s worth it.

It’s moving day! I’m really excited. I missed my home.

Have a great day, guys. I may take a few days off from blogging so I can get the kids, pets, and myself settled. See you all soon.

My little helpers x 3

School is going great. The boys love it. They are making all kinds of new friends. The moms and the 2 dads that do drop offs and pick ups are very nice. We all share funny stories about our kids while we wait the few minutes until our kiddos come out of class. I guess I’m making new friends too. We have a playdate for this weekend. My boys have attached themselves to the little Asian girl in their class. Their sister is half Asian so I get it. It’s pretty cute. Her mom said she talks about the twins nonstop. My boys share with her. Let’s review that one. My boys are actually sharing with other human beings. That’s a miracle. We are doing our “homework” at home. We are just supposed to notice different colors of things and see if the boys can tell me the right color. They get purple and blue mixed up. I’m sure I would too at that age. They do okay on red and black. White is easy. Yellow is the one that trips them up. We are working on it. Peace helps. She has all of the colors in her wardrobe so we pull out her things to give them the full rainbow to work with.

My 2 hours with my Sweet Pea is awesome. She is so funny. She says dada and then lights up into a whole story of babbling. I just say Uhhhh huhh. Yeah??? Really now. She goes on and on. I love it. I’ve waited her whole life to talk to me and now that she is, I can’t get enough.

We get the boys after running our errands and go home. We put up all of the shopping stuff I bought and then it’s play time before we all help make lunch. My kids love to help me cook. The boys have little stools and we put Peace on the island to watch us. She grabs the fruit I slice up. She can’t help herself. We eat, clean up and go outside and play. We have started to do little field trips to places around Colorado Springs. I want to explore with them. I want them to get used to being in crowds. It’s tricky but we are figuring it all out.

I have hired 3 babysitters. I told them I can always give them advanced notice. If I actually need a babysitter it would only be for a few hours here and there.

Jen finally met my kids. They like her. By the end of the event the boys were holding her hands. It was pretty cool. She said they are all adorable and she can see why I never want to leave the house. I told her our dates are now going to have to be at my house or at hers unless I have family or friends in town to help me watch them. Mike lives here and said he can babysit if he’s not working late. I wouldn’t go out anywhere until after my kids are asleep anyway. I haven’t even kissed Jen yet. We are still just hugging. She lingers a little more each time and one time she ran her fingers in the back of my hair. I just laughed because it caught me off guard. She’s cool. Casual dating with friendship is fun. No pressure and we can just hang out.

We are moving back to Chicago in 3 weeks. Sarah found a school I can get the boys in. It’s pretty much a glorified daycare but it’s very close to my house. That part I like. I’m going to finish having this house renovated and Mike said he and his mom want to move in it and pay me rent. That’s fine with me. His mom lives in Denver and she’s wanting to be closer to him. I won’t charge them much for rent but I also won’t give it away. We are still thinking about a rent to buy option. It’s a nice house. I’m not sure they want to live in the neighborhood though. We will see.

I can’t wait to get home. I’ve missed everything. It’s in time for football season. And hopefully I can get in a few Cubs games before the season is done.

1 week to go, Folks

Tomorrow morning when we wake up my wife will have 1 week to go before we meet our son Talon, hopefully. She is being a real trooper through all of this but geez I feel bad for her.

I am on my BEST BEHAVIOR because my wife ratted me out to my mother in law and she texted me some things that I won’t repeat Lol So now I don’t fuss, argue, eye-roll, or even let out a sigh anywhere near her. At all. I hold my tongue, I hop up and get whatever she needs. She is carrying my boy. I need to help out more. I thought I was but apparently I wasn’t. Sorry but I do have 3 other kids to tend to so if I screw up here or there, I don’t see a reason to run to your mom and tell on me. Deep breath!!!

We have flights booked for the few that will be coming over next week. We have their bedrooms already for them. I know Lindsay will be coming in from Tokyo so she’s going to be exhausted. I asked what she was doing over there and she said research. I don’t want to know. I’m not supposed to “worry” about the business stuff anymore because it’s all “handled and STFU about it”. That’s what Lindz told me via text a few days ago.

My job is full-time dad in waiting. I’m here to make my wife’s life a perfect whatever it is you have to do. I’m getting a little nervous though. She has no idea what she’s in for during the birth. I don’t either I just know that my hand was squeezed until my knuckles were white and I did my very best to stay calm and not freak out or pass out.

Yes I’m going to be in the delivery room. AND NO OTHER family or friend will be. That’s my wife’s choice. That means no creep-a** father-in-laws all up in there taking photos and staring at my wife’s vajayjay Lol If you don’t get that reference, just comment me and I will explain. I’m laughing just typing that one!

Only me and our medical team are allowed in. Every one else can wait outside and if she poops on the table that’s not public knowledge Lol I’m not supposed to say if she does or doesn’t. I already know her face will be a mess and she’s going to be exhausted right after. I am bringing up some extra pillows because we will be in there a day or two. It all depends on how it goes.

We did a quadruple check on his nursery. We have everything and if I forgot something Lindsay will go to the stores and stock us up anyway. She usually buys us 3 months worth of stuff for each new baby Lol It is very helpful and we really appreciate it.

Drew is in charge of telling the entire family and friend group everything. He said he made a list on his phone or who to call and how to text.

Now it’s just a waiting game. And boy am I impatient. I just want to see his little face and hold him. Ryan was my first boy and I never got to see him or hold him. He passed away a few months before he was born. This is my first biological child and not my last. We do want 1 more and we want to adopt 1 more but not for a few years. My wife said I am CUT OFF MISTER and I’m also not allowed to talk to my adoption attorney Lol She is serious. I agree. 4 kids, man. Who would have thought this would be my life.

I am so focused on my home life I only have 3 things written down for what I want my next chapter to be. I don’t want to divulge my list yet because after my son’s birth that may all change. I’m okay financially neither of us have to work, ever. I still want to keep busy with something though and so does my wife. We will figure it out.

Right now and for the next 7 days, life is all about my wife.

Wish me luck?!??!??