Guess who got put on Bedrest???

My wife is in our 38th week of pregnancy which means we have 2 weeks to go! We went to the doctor a few days ago and guess who got put on bedrest for the next 2 weeks? Talon is huge, he’s making my wife’s body painful, irritable, and uncomfortable. Her tests were elevated enough that our doctor said no more running around. This completely screws all of our plans for the next 2 weeks. My wife wanted to go out a few more times together before the baby comes. Now all I do is run down to different food shops to pick up my wife’s “cravings” and haul them all back home. I love my wife but she’s pissing me off Lol I can say that, right?

We do have everything ready for when it’s time to go to the hospital. We know our exact due date but that’s not how God wants my life to go. I know that at 2:20am after I’ve just gotten back into bed from feeding Peace my wife will wake me up and it will be time to go. We have actually practiced what to do when her water breaks, a few times. My wife thinks she can micromanage this baby coming. I just grin and STFU because I know right now, just let her do anything she wants. She no longer thinks my cooking is good enough. I am making too many healthy food choices and “Peanut” is craving fast food. I doubt that, because I know my baby boy is a vegan waiting to join the world Lol But okay. So at least 4 times I day I’m running down a few blocks to whatever she tells me to go get. She seems to forget I’m also trying to take care of the other 3 kids, her cat, my dog, and also still unpack all of my stuff that finally arrived from Chicago.

I’m venting because we just had a “discussion” about the laundry soap I’m using for Peanut’s clothes. Deep breath.

We had a WAR over his come home outfit. I don’t mean she bought an outfit, I bought an outfit and we compromised like to educated, sophisticated, adults. No. My outfit was thrown in the garbage disposal and turned on, only to be shredded into a tangle of mess Lol So in return, her outfit got glued onto a newspaper and hand delivered to her the next morning to enjoy her Life and Style section with an upgrade Lol

We still have not come up with a truce over that. Right now he’s just coming home in a diaper because F*** ME if I’m allowed to help pick out my son’s first outfit!!!!! RAAGGEEEEE!!! Deep breath!


So now my wife is in bedrest which means I get my name shouted out at least 29 times a day and not in the way I like. This sucks. I can’t wait for that baby to get out of here.

And now I know exactly how Ross felt when Rachel wanted to have sex to get the baby moving Lol

I would try that but I’m not allowed in our bed room right now. I’m only allowed to open the door and drop in the sack full of meat, fries, pizza, tacos, or whatever it is she has ordered.

I think she’s revenge eating, guys. Is that a thing?


It’s official, she moved to Paris

I took my wife and Sarah to Paris, France. This was the BIG MOVE. Let me tell you nothing was easy about it. Keep in mind my wife is now 29 weeks pregnant. Nothing she does is easy.

We got to NYC and had another weather delay. That gave me time to rest up before the whirlwind I was about to go through. We finally got going and my wife was not comfortable. No position right now is okay. We finally got her a blanket and rolled it up a certain way to make it work. It’s a long flight and her being able to sit without being in some sort of level of pain is important. We made it over and it was Luggage Ninja Warrior all over again. I decided to slowly move my clothes over a little at a time on each trip over. My wife said she will organize my closet for me so I wouldn’t have to deal with it. She loves to organize. I married an organizer. She likes thinks to match and she also thinks everything has its place in the home. Fine by me. I just want to have clean clothes and a lemony fresh, clean house. Sarah was really happy to be in Paris. She said she loves the city and now sees why I want to live there.

Let’s face reality. I’m not getting any younger. If I wanted to make this move, it’s now when my marriage is still new and young. I don’t think I could have convinced my wife if we had been married for 10 years. Even 20 years I don’t think she would have wanted to. We would have been to settled into Chicago. She was more excited about the move than I was.

We got to the house and Sarah was very happy to see it in person. The photos and videos really don’t do it justice. She said it looks perfect to raise the kids and I told her we made sure there is a spare room just for you. You can come see us any time. She has turned into a daughter to me in some ways. I told her she is welcome to stay, welcome to go. She can literally have anything she wants from me. She said the reason why she doesn’t want to live in Paris is because of her family. It’s too far from Texas and if something happened she would be to far away. I completely understand that. My parents have both passed away so knowing that her parents are still around I know how important family is to her. I still tried to show her all the cool things Lol She was sort of convinced but her FINAL decision is not to move to Paris with us in January. I told her I won’t mention it again. And I won’t.

Brandi loves Paris. She said she has had such a great time looking around. She has met a few nice neighbors that have helped her find places. She said our pets have been great.

When I came in the door I said where’s my boy at and Sam jr hauled a** over to me Lol He wagged and jumped up on me then rolled on his back and ran around. I told him let’s go see your yard so I took him out back to pet all over him. He was almost knocking me into my wife so I needed to give him some running room. I sat out back and held him and talked to him for a while. He really missed me. I missed him too more than I knew. He’s my buddy, he goes with me everywhere. I was able to play with him a lot and throw his ball around. Then we took our walks like he’s used to. Brandi said she had been walking him around and he was getting to know each corner. She said he doesn’t understand not to walk in front of cars and she’s had to jerk on his leash a few times to wait. None of my homes are around a steady stream of traffic like our home in Paris so he’s going to have to learn.

We got everyone settled and got my wife and Sarah fed. I wasn’t that hungry yet. I hit the grocery store to get the things on a list my wife wanted. Apparently Peanut is now craving fruit like crazy. I’m happy to hear that. My wife has several smaller sized snacks throughout the day and she said eating healthy has become a huge priority. She keeps track of what she eats and is still mildly exercising. She said she wants to bounce back from this baby like Courtney Kardashian. Or is it Kourtney? I don’t know and I don’t care what that means.

She is finally there and very happy.

We did tour the hospital where Talon will be born. We had our first doctor appointment there. We brought copies of all of her medical files the past 3 years so they can start her history. Talon is doing great and our new doctor is very nice. She answered all of my questions. She asked if we were done flying my wife around and I said yes. I told her our whole family will come see her at Thanksgiving and Christmas so she didn’t have to go anywhere. She said good because she thinks it’s time to stop flying with her. I agree. It was already uncomfortable and I hated seeing her like that. She loves the house, loves the furniture. All of our stuff she wanted to move will be at the house in another week. It has to get moved, unpacked, and then sent to the house in this huge truck. I don’t know how they are going to do it but I hope it’s easy. Because I will be using all of the same companies to move the rest of the house over soon.

We did a lot of driving around and I took Sarah to the 2 places she wanted to see. We took tons of photos and made sure my wife had everything before we came back home.

I miss my wife. It is not the same in this house without her. Yes it’s easier to get back into the old routine with Sarah and the kids but I’m really trying to balance it all. I took yesterday off of work because I had been away from my kids for a few days. I was also exhausted and needed a day to just chill.

This morning I have a ton of meetings and a very “lively” video conference with Lindsay scheduled. I can’t wait to see what she’s up to now. She’s in Mexico and it looks like she has found something she wants to buy. We don’t do commercial real estate in Mexico we only do our Energy investments. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if she found an oil tanker to buy Lol She keeps talking about them like they are the new Porsche.

This weekend my buddy Drew is finally coming out. We had scheduled a boys weekend but things got switched around so he’s finally able to make it. His work keeps him really busy this time of year.

I think I hear Peace I need to get going.

I’m doing great, my wife loves Paris and my kids are all healthy and happy! Things couldn’t be better. The countdown begins for the big move for myself and my kids. I really hope things hold together until then. My wife is the glue in this family and her being gone, it makes me very anxious.

Have a great week everyone! Love ya’ll!

She’s done working for now

My beautiful pregnant wife Abby is done working for now. She put in her notice 2 weeks ago and finished her last day yesterday. She was emotional when I picked her up from work. She had 2 boxes of stuff that I carried to the Range for her. She said it was a lot of hugs and 2 don’t go please. I know how important she is to the firm but she wants to move. We both want to raise our kids in Paris.

This weekend we will be going to Paris for 4 days. The kids will stay home. We are going to check out the house and make sure she has everything she needs. We also get to tour the hospital where Talon will be born. We have to register and get all of her medical records over to our new o.b. doc. I’m excited to see the hospital. We are taking one of our nannies with us and she will stay there and get things done. My wife will be moving permanently on November 11th. The sooner we get her over there the better. She’s going to take the dog and the cat because they will have to be checked out. I’m taking them both to get their shots updated tomorrow and make sure I have copies of all of their vet records. We can’t enter the country with them unless I can prove they are up to date. They will be soon.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. We had our Halloween office party at lunch time. I lost the apple toss by 2 apples. I was so mad Lol It’s okay though. 2nd place is still pretty good. We gave out prizes for best costume, scariest costume, and most creative costume. We also gave our prizes for the various games we played. I think having fun at holidays gives everyone a break and lets my employees see that I’m not all about work work work. Everyone said they had a good time I cut the day short at 3pm. We had to clean things up and get rid of all of the game stuff.

We got home from work a little later than I thought. We stopped to pick up pizza. We were allowed to trick or treat until 8pm. I took my boys out around 2 blocks. We only went to the neighbors that I know. It was cold and I don’t think they need that much candy. Afterwards we took their bags up to the hospital to get them all xrayed. I hate that’s the world we live in but I would rather do all I can and not ever put them in harm’s way if I can help it. No bad candies which I expected. There was 2 pieces in Heston’s bag that the wrappers came off and I threw them both away. He was pretty pissed Lol They each got to eat 2 pieces. They will get one piece a day until it’s all gone OR until the girls eat it all up. I told them feel free to munch on it all because I really didn’t want them eating a lot of it. The boys did have fun and tried very hard to get out the Trick or Treat. It sort of came out Twip tweep Lol Close enough. My little Batman and Robin had fun. Keep in mind they had already been to 5 different Halloween parties by that time. That’s also why we only did 2 blocks. I was over it.

We got home and handed out candy to the rest of the kids. We gave away the big candy bars. Close to 9 when the last few kids were coming through I started giving out 3 big candy bars each Lol I just wanted it gone. My wife had already eaten 3 big Milky ways by then and told me just get rid of it I’m going to sugar rush Peanut Lol

We all had a great time. The nannies took off to their friends parties after I got back with the boys. Sarah had already got Peace down for the night and by the time she got back from her party Peace was up so I didn’t have to get up to feed her.

All the kids are doing great. Talon is growing and growing. My wife is happy to be off of her feet for a while. She said her legs would cramp up if she was standing too much. I told her don’t get up this morning I would just grab breakfast on my way to work. I stopped at Native Cafe and got my favorite. Always delicious.

My work trips are done. The only 3 trips I have left this year are 2 to Paris and one to Dubai. My wife is thinking about coming with me to Dubai this year. If she does I’m taking twice the amount of security with me. I want to make sure she is okay.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! We all did. Can’t wait for Thanksgiving this year. We will be in Paris for the holiday weekend. It’s going to be a lot of fun to show the kids the new house. I can’t wait!

Traveling Dad

Every night I get home and bring my kids something new. It’s usually just a magnet of whatever cities I was in that day. We have started a collection. The boys help me put it on the fridge. The whole side of the fridge is full of the places we have been. It became a thing last year we keep buying them.

Things are going great. I have been busy traveling going to all of the cities I need to visit one last time. We have decided NOT to do a company/retirement party this year. I don’t want it. I want a small gathering of my local office and that will be good enough. Asking everyone to fly out right before Christmas is too much. I already know how everyone feels about me and I also know we will continue to communicate. My employees are like my family. I love them all. We have all been through so much together.

My wife is now 26 weeks pregnant. Our son Talon is doing great. It’s coming up fast. Probably faster than we are prepared for. In January we will all be moving to Paris, minus 2 of the nannies. We will begin our new life and take a month or two from working on anything to get ourselves and our kids settled in. We also will be welcoming Talon at the end of January, that’s why we want an extra month off after my move.

My wife is moving very soon. Ugh. I don’t want her to go but we need to fly her over before she can’t fly. She also wants to make sure the house is ready and his nursery is ready. Peace and Talon will be sharing a room just as Heston and Alex share a room for now. The new house is big enough for all of the kids to have their own bedrooms when they get bigger. I’m sure at some point Peace will out grow room sharing and need her own Princess space. Lord knows my wife dresses her like one everyday. I come walking into the garage and see more clothes boxes that arrived during the day. My wife is on a mission to buy out all of the baby things on Earth I think. She’s half way done by the looks of it all Lol She said she’s not sure what kind of clothes available over there and wants to stock up now since shipping from the States might be a few extra days. I guess.

We are all in our French speaking mode. My wife is practicing a lot and insists at night after the kids are asleep it’s only French. She is getting very good. The class she took paid off. She is working on writing things now. Even I can’t remember some of the spelling but it’s fun to look it up and learn again.

How is everyone doing? I haven’t been updating as much because I’m out-of-town every single day. Today I am finally staying in Chicago. Peace is 13 weeks and we need to go get her ears pierced today. I’m going into work late. I don’t know why this is a thing but my wife asked me to take her. Of course let her be mad at me Lol She already picked out the little earrings at the shop that will do the piercing. She went in twice to ask questions. I’m supposed to just take her in, get it done, pay for it, then make sure she is okay. I’m sure it’s going to hurt. When I went through my earring phases throughout my life (Yes it was popular a few times) I remember it not being that bad. It was sore but it stopped being sore pretty quickly. I hate seeing my baby girl in pain so I hope she can handle it. My wife says she wants it done. I said okay. I have no idea what the appropriate age is for this thing but she googled it and had asked the doctor the last time we went to see him. He said her ears are fine, go for it.

My dog Sam jr has been very busy. He has a 3 day a week play date set up now. He gets to run around an indoor dog park (Yes that’s a real thing) with a bunch of his dog buddies playing with toys they throw out there and sniffing butts. Sarah said he has a blast and loves it. I think he is much happier with a yard. I am still doing our morning and evening walks together and he sleeps in our bed. My wife banned him for a little while because his snoring was out of control but he warmed back up to her and he’s back at my feet. The cat is still chill. I don’t know what else to say I’m not really a cat person. I have owned a few cats and much prefer dogs. Much easier to take care of. Cats could give 2 sh**s less about anything. My dog seems to care about everything and wants to know where I’m at and what I’m doing.

I had a great workout this morning. I’m going to go start breakfast. I haven’t been home lately to cook for everyone i the morning so this will be fun. Then I have to go wake everyone up.

Have a great Tuesday everyone! Love ya’ll!


Sorry, I’m a little bit busy here

This week has been brutal. I’m working longer hours to get a lot of things ready to hand off to Lindsay in January. My wife is in her last month of work almost and she’s starting to get a little (more) crabby about everything. Her pregnancy is going great. Our son is great and doing little baby flips in there. He’s strong, great heart rate, and a little above average in growth. She has begun to get tired more often. I do all I can to make sure when she gets home from work she doesn’t have to do anything. She hangs out with the kids while I cook, clean up, and feed Peace when needed. I am wearing myself out. My nannies, thank the Lord, the Heavens, the Earth, all of it for them. They have been great. Sarah is the best nanny in the entire world. I literally started crying on Monday night begging her to move to Paris with us Lol She said no. I had to try at least once more. It’s okay. We still are getting one of our part-time nannies. I just wanted Sarah because I honestly get anxious knowing she won’t be there to help us out anymore. She’s that good.

Work is so busy. We have so many projects going on I told everyone no more buying buildings. Let’s work on what we have, let Lindsay do all the buying. She seems to have lots of free time. She’s mostly in Mexico right now. I barely see or talk to her anymore. Her investments in Mexico are HUGE. They are paying off really well and I’m very happy that it’s all working out. I also like knowing how much cash flow she has injected into the businesses. She is brilliant.

Everything else is great. Peace is now 9 weeks old. I can’t believe it. She’s growing so fast. My sweet little baby girl. We finally got her file from my adoption attorney. It contains as much information as the birth mom was willing to give to me about her. When/where she was conceived. What is the story about the two parents. The birth mom filled out this long 3 page form for us and let us know why she put Peace up for adoption. It’s heart breaking and I really wish she would have made it an open adoption but she said seeing her would make her regret everything and she wants to let the baby find her at 18 or older if she wants to. She let us know she will be open to that. Of course we will save this letter and keep it safe. Peace will find her. I know she will. We will help her.

I’m happy to know a little more background on how Peace came to be alive. I love her with all of my heart and I’m so thankful her birth mom blessed us with her. We will take very good care of her. She was so wanted and loved even before I knew she was going to be mine. My wife loves her. My wife will be the only mom she knows until she is old enough to understand she has a birth mom out there somewhere. We will always be very open with all 3 of our kids about their adoptions and we will also let their little brother know all of his siblings are adopted. We have nothing to hide about it. I’m actually very proud that I adopted such beautiful babies. I love my boys. I love Peace. I will love Peanut, or whatever we name him Lol We still call him Peanut. My wife is always telling me Your SON PEANUT won’t stop kicking me Lol But when we are laying in bed and I’m talking to him, she says I love him so much already. Me too!

We have zero name ideas for Peanut. We have a list and we can’t agree on anything at all. I’m not worried about it yet. If we hit January and still no name then I’m going to pull the man card out and just pick one. I can pick the first name, she can pick the middle name. We did the reverse of that to name Peace. I did not want my daughter’s name to be Peace. I fought that. I vetoed it, it finally grew on me. We did only have a day and a half to figure out her name though. Now I love it. It fits her perfectly. She is very peaceful.

I need to get back to work. Hope everyone is having a great week. Sorry I haven’t updated. It really is busy for me. I will response to all of your messages, emails, etc as soon as I can! Love ya’ll!

Go Cubs!

Yesterday we took the twins to the Cubs game. My boys love going. I love being there with them. We will always be a Cubs family. We got in and got settled in our seats. I got out the drinks for my boys and a baggie of their snacks. We were each holding one on our laps even though I purchased 4 seats. I knew I would be putting our stuff in the seats next to us. Heston decided he wanted Mommy. I got Alex for the first few innings. Then the boys wanted to walk around so I took them by myself around the back and started walking with them hand in hand. The people swarm to us I swear and it scares my kids. I do my best to keep them in close to me so we don’t get in anyone’s way and we were walking on the outside of the area so people can walk freely but here they come at us. It makes my heart race and I try to answer their questions quickly so they can go away. I hate being rude but I can’t protect them, pick them up and run faster than any drunk a-hole trying to touch on them. Thankfully at this game we didn’t have that happen. We did the last game. Sarah was of course waiting for me so I could purchase a few things real quick and stuff them in my pockets to take back to our seats. The boys ditched me immediately and went to their SaySay Lol They can’t quite say Sarah so Heston turned it into Saysay. Whatever works, son.

The game was great. The Cubs won of course and we got to cheer them on as my boys would yell just because everyone else around us was yelling. I did pick Heston up once to cheer and he got a high-five from the lady in back of us. He sort of got his hand up for it but that’s the best he could do. He was scared.

We left early because my wife said Alex was getting restless which he always does and we wanted to get out of there before the entire stadium emptied all at once. She takes the bag, I take the both boys and off we go. My boys are both chunks at this point. It’s like carrying two bags of dog food around for 8 blocks. I had to put them down once we cleared the area. Then it’s a foot race to keep them in front of us and not off into the street. Heston is always the one that wants to hit the curb. If there’s a stroller that folds up and you can stuff it in a backpack, let me know. That would sure come in handy for us. If we could at least stroller one of them the other one would be easy to carry for me.

We went out to dinner after the game because other than the hot dog and fries my wife had we really didn’t eat much. My boys had their snacks. They didn’t want anything else. It explains why they both pigged out like I did at dinner though. By the time we got them both in their car seats and headed back up north they were passed out so my wife and I could hold hands as I drove everyone home. She has always done that since we started dating. She likes to hold my hand while I’m driving. I asked her why once and she said it’s a comfort thing. Girls are weird.

This morning my wife, Sarah, and I are going to Church. Everyone else is staying home. We have to stop at Starbucks on our way back and then we are all going out for brunch. My wife found this really cool breakfast place nearby that she wants us to try. She said they make omelette frites that she heard are the best. I’m sure we will have oatmeal or some seasonal fruit which is all my boys want anyway. Man, they can blow right through a thing of grapes. I’ve never seen anything like it. They have teeth enough we can let them eat them but we watch every grape. We don’t want any choking. We all literally watch them chomp it up Lol Sarah still cuts them in 3rds because she said I’m dumb for letting them eat a whole grape like that. If one of them had ever chocked on one yet I wouldn’t, but they really like to chomp hard. I made it into a big game. Chomp on it! Get it! And they do.

Today is lazy Sunday at the Cooper house. It’s going to be a little cloudy and there’s a small chance of rain but it’s going to be hot enough we are all going out on the boat again. I have to put it up once the weather changes soon so I want to get more time out on the lake. I just looked it’s supposed to be 78 degrees. A little rain won’t hurt my group if we get caught in it. This time I need to remember to actually bring the sunscreen. I laid it out on the counter and forgot all about it. Of course it was solely my fault and not anyone else’s fault. That’s okay I’m so used to getting the blame now I just say Yeah okay that’s my fault and we all move on. Even if it’s not my fault, with 4 women versus me it’s just easier.

We are in full Halloween costume mode. We have no idea what to dress our babies. My wife wants Peace to go in a baby pumpkin outfit because she has seen all of her nieces dressed as that. I was wanting something different. We are still searching. I’m really thinking it’s Batman time for my boys though Lol I have been dying to get the all dressed up as Batman. How cool is that! I can’t wait.

I better get in the shower and get myself ready. My wife hogs the bathroom as soon as she gets up so I need to get ready to go.

Have a blessed Sunday and go to Church! We all need a little Church in our lives. I will update more tomorrow guys.

It looked better than it tasted?

My wife’s 2 day birthday bonanza is finally over. Happy Birthday my love! Well it was yesterday but still. She didn’t want a party. She wanted a small family birthday celebration. I also know my wife and the more attention you can give her, the happier she is. We did do the family dinner last night. But we also had a lot of really cool stuff the day before, the day off and right after the family dinner. I sort of got in trouble because I shot off fireworks last night at the lake house. I didn’t shoot off that many but she loves fireworks. I thought I could just sneak in a few. The neighbors called and told me to knock it off Lol I did. We did get off about 8 before they got mad. Hey it was her birthday. I will take getting in trouble just to see her smile that huge. We had the boys inside to watch because I didn’t want to scare them. Heather said they both said ooohhh once. That’s good. I also did it while Peace was still awake. I didn’t want to wake her up.

The dinner was really delicious. My wife’s favorite meal cooked by her mom. Her siblings all came over with gifts and also enjoyed dinner. Her custom made birthday cake matched the flowers I bought. I thought that was really cool. Getting my wife’s favorite flowers was a pain in the ass. I won’t even start on that bs. I did get them in time and I had to go to 2 different places. Everyone loved the look of the cake but I guess it didn’t taste so good. Oh well.

She really does have a huge family. I think my 3 kids and one on the way is a lot until her brothers and sisters bring their kids around. The funny thing is if you didn’t know any of them you wouldn’t be able to tell who is the dad and mom are of the kids. All of the siblings hug up on each other’s kids and also get onto them if they are acting weird. I would think my wife wouldn’t want one of her sisters to get onto my boys but she didn’t say anything and I didn’t either. I asked her why and she said because when you grow up in a big family you have to let each other police the others. If you don’t its constant yelling and fighting. She said let someone diffuse it quickly and it won’t ever matter who it is. That makes sense. I’m still learning.

Our baby boy is doing great. Growing, kicking my wife. I love holding her little belly. I talk to him often. I want him to know my voice. Heston and Alex also talk to him. We tell them say hi to your little brother and they go look for him Lol It really is funny. Peace is perfect as usual. Our daughter is doing so great. She has so much hair Lol It really is a lot. I love holding her and feeding her. I woke up this morning at 3 when she started crying and Heather was already in there with her. I had gotten home from my wife’s private surprise at 1am so I was really tired. She said go back to bed I have her so I did. I slept until 7. Isn’t that great! I normally get up around 5 or 5:30.

I have already made pancakes, sausage, eggs and toast for breakfast. Sarah just wanted the 2 leftover donuts we had from yesterday. The maid comes today so I’m not doing the dishes. I’m actually surprised how clean we do keep the house. I know 2 of my nannies are slobs but they are doing a better job of containing their slobasarus-ness in their own bedrooms. Those rooms are a pit. I don’t even like looking in there. I knock and see the door open and the horrendous mess and ask whatever it is I need then tell them at least take those dirty dishes downstairs please.

The count down is on. We have our Hawaiian vacation with all of my employees very, very soon! I can’t wait to go. I know my boys are going to love it. My nannies have been buying swimsuits online for the past 2 weeks. Sarah is so excited to go back there. Her family has been there many, many times but it’s been a little while since she’s gone. I want to show her all of the places we used to play when she was a kid. She still remembers a lot. I also want to show my wife the big tree where I carved our initials. She wants to take a photo with all of the kids by it. I think that is a great idea. She’s so smart. I love her.

Today is all about getting some work stuff done and getting ready for Tuesday. I asked my wife again are you sure I can’t just go into work from 6 to noon on Monday? I really can get a lot done when no one is there. She said no. She is about to move away from me and we need every free day together. That is true. Work can wait. We are about to spend the next 2 and a half months apart. I will fly over at least once a month. I can’t be without my wife that long. I already miss her and she’s not even gone yet.

She is very concerned about all of the violence in Paris but I told her we live outside of Paris. We are close enough it won’t take long to get there but I told her just don’t go downtown for any reason. These things seem to center themselves in very crowded areas. I told her stay out in the ‘burbs, do your shopping there and you will be fine. I also have security with her and they will drive her around. I really don’t want anything to happen to her or our baby. I’ve lived through that once and I would never forgive myself if something happened. I am doing all I can to protect them both. The plan now is to let the nanny that wants to move with us go over at the same time. They can get the nursery fixed how my wife wants it. That seemed to be the plan at the last family meeting.

We have our final family meeting tomorrow because at the last one everyone said since we all live in one spot it’s not necessary. Just tell us what, when, and where and we will put it in our phone calendars. I said but I like having the family meeting so we all know we are on the same page. I was out voted 4 to 1 Lol I tried throwing my dog a vote but he just sat by my wife and wagged at me (Traitor). We also have a huge whiteboard on the kitchen with the nanny’s schedules. I know every minute of the day who is on duty to help me out. Sarah is loving this because she gets more free time with her friends now. They come up and stay with us. The other 2 usually go to the city to hang out with their friends. It really is like having 3 adult daughters that I constantly worry about. I am still working on Sarah to move with us. She doesn’t want to. Money isn’t doing the trick Lol I’ve tried an insane salary offer and she said it’s not about the money, it’s the location. She wants to get her nursing teaching degree. A master’s. She’s been working on it and I know she will finish it but geez. Teach nurses in Paris, how fun would that be!

Alright I can hear my boys I better go. Have a great weekend everyone! We are going to Gurnee Mills to hang out this morning. We need new clothes for the boys, baby stuff for Peace, and my wife needs more pajamas. The ones she wears aren’t fitting anymore. I love ya’ll! I just added the photos to our family facebook page of my wife’s 2 day birthday events. Love all of the comments and I will read them and reply later. Have a good day!