Tantrum training, for me?

Yesterday was all about running errands and getting groceries. Sarah told me I need to start taking the boys when I go to the grocery store to pick up a few things. She said they need to learn and you need to tolerate. I said tolerate what? She said take them in by yourself and see Lol Okay.

I took the boys to Whole Foods. Are we loving the new prices or what? I talked to one of the assistant managers there and they told me they are going to start getting in a better variety of vegan products. That’s really great for me and my kids. I had them both at the top of the cart. We were cruising around and they thought it was just a big fun cart ride. Until I started putting food in the basket. That’s when they both started gawking at what I had. We went to the fruit aisle first because my plan was to get them a small little sack of grapes. I thought they could munch on those while we shopped. No one wanted any grapes. Of course not. We got a bunch of produce and decided to try the candy and cookie aisle. Nope my boys didn’t flinch at any of that. I thought well this is great. No tantrums. And then…

I rounded the corner and found the chips. They must recognize the bags Lol Heston let off first and Alex wasn’t far behind. The rest of my shopping trip I had 2 little boys wailing at full volume over the chips. I did buy some but I wasn’t going to open the bag and let them munch on them. When I got back home and told Sarah what happened she said buy the little snack size bags of chips and let them share 1 bag. I said but they won’t share, she said you have to make them.

So I’m doing this dad grocery shopping thing all wrong. Tips, please? We have everything on my list I needed to get and a few other things so that’s good. But I need to figure out how to do this. I usually take them by myself to the park or somewhere fun we can run around in. At this age they aren’t bolting off so I can keep up with 2 at the same time. Plus they follow each other. They really don’t go off in 2 different directions. They will at some point but for now they just follow each other around.

Peace is doing great. Our daughter is growing up and getting big already. She is so sweet and happy. I love having her in our lives. She brings a real sense of calm to us. Lord knows she gets enough attention. She is either sleeping or being cuddled by someone. My nannies love having a new baby around. They are so good with her. I am so blessed to have found 2 really sweet part-time nannies to help us out. I knew Sarah would be a pro from the start. She gets very bossy and I need that. I tend to just run anytime my kids cry. She’s teaching me to let them self sooth? Is that a real thing? I don’t know. I am getting better. I’m not hovering so much anymore.

I hope everyone is having a great work week. I go back to work on Tuesday because I was going to go into work Monday when no one was there and do a bunch of stuff. My wife said no let’s have a bbq party instead. Fine by me. I really could get a lot more done with no one around. I also don’t want to miss out on a big day at home when my wife actually has the day off. She told me I’m not going, so I’m not Lol

Still please donate $$$ or things to the Hurricane Harvey survivors. It’s reached multiple states now and we need to make sure we are taking care of everyone not just Texans. Our family foundation has been mailing things down to the charities we have on our list from Church. We have also donated a lot of money and all of my employees are also donating money and items from the list we have. They need us now. Most people have nothing at all. They are living in a shelter and have no home to go to. It’s very sad. Also the pets people had to leave behind are also in need. Don’t forget them. When it’s time to start demo/rebuilding we will send 2 crews down to help. I’ve already had a bunch of construction guys ask because they have family down there.

God bless America. That’s all I can say about the outpouring of love and support. Our President is still a shit but he did show up. So that’s something, right?

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

Not working is awesome

I love being home with the kids. I really do. We are having such a great time. My wife had to go into the city to get some work done. She got back in time for supper. I spent the day feeding, holding, and just loving all over my perfect daughter. The boys helped out a lot and when she was sleeping I mad sure to spend all of my time with them. I forgot how fast this all goes. Early next year I’m going to have 2 almost 2 year olds, a 6 month old and a new-born. I’m crazy, right? 4 kids. That’s God. He put this on me because he knows I can handle it. his is exactly why I’m retiring from SJC. I want to move on, 10 years is enough. I’ve made more money than I ever dreamed of and I’m retaining ownership in everything. I get to cash those checks, that’s it. How great is that?

I want to raise my kids. Not pass them off. As soon as we get the littlest one into school I will only keep a nanny on call. Right now all 3 of them are barely doing anything. It’s easier when I’m at work because they have to do everything. I told them all when I hired them as soon as I’m home from work those babies are my job. It’s what I wanted. I think I value this parenting experience more since I’m a lot older than most dads. I asked my wife several times before we were married if she was sure she wanted an old dad for her kids. She said yes and I’m not that old Wait until Peace graduates high school, (Mr 62-year-old proud father) Lol. She doesn’t care. She said it’s not about my age It’s because I am all about the kids. I have to be. I didn’t have a mom for them to start their lives. That would have been much easier. Now getting to share decisions and getting input, that takes a lot of pressure off.

My wife just pointed out I misspelled decisions. I went back and fixed it. As we all know by now, I don’t give 2 honks about spelling or grammar on here. I run the Spell/Grammar check took. It red lines my mistakes and I go fix it. Th grammar, good luck. At lest I not typ lik dis. That would be bad.

I have more book signings in Chicago coming up. I have a few more the rest of this year. It’s all just an excuse to go somewhere fun on a weekend. I moved all of my out-of-town trips this month to other people. Lindsay is doing all of my West Coast and Nebraska trips. My 3 VP’s are going to take East coast and South. I will do that Springfield trip though at the end of this month. I have to go. I can’t get out of it. That’s a quick flight there and home though. I should be home in time to feed Peace supper and get her in the bath then to bed.

My dog loves his new sister. He sniffs her feet all of the time. He was able to see her a few times and just looked at her. You tell him something and he just does it. Greatest dog ever. The cat, oh man. My wife’s cat does whatever the f-bomb he wants. He does not care. He started sleeping in bed with us but he jumps in around 2am. I wake up around 5 or 5:30 so the first few times I looked at him he jumped off. I told my wife and she didn’t believe me. She said that Tristan (This is the cat she claims can talk) told her he doesn’t like sleeping in our bed. I said ask him to stay out of the bed then. She said he used to sleep on the pillow next to her at night and now that I’m in the bed, he’s pissed. That’s all I need is to piss off a cat.

I made a giant mexican feast tonight for dinner. Between the boys they knocked out one taco and a little bit of the refried beans. I had to chop up the taco into very tiny bits but they love it. I asked Heston did you like your Taco and he said Tacoooo? With a high pitch at the end. It was hilarious.

My wife said finish up it’s time to Netflix. I said and chill? She said maybe if I’m good, later though Lol

Wish me luck!

She’s home!

Yesterday morning we took Peace back up to the hospital to get checked out. The doctor said she’s fine to fly. He said straight home and get her into the house. I said Yes, sir. We left and took one last family selfie before we got in the car. I had to drop my wife off at the plane and then go return the rental car. That took a little longer than I thought. By the time I got inside Peace was up so we decided to feed her, change her, and then leave. I also decided to get myself and my wife something to eat at the airport before we left that way we both can make it. I usually have snacks with but this time in the rush of things I forgot. We both had a light breakfast so we were pretty hungry.

On the way back to Chicago Peace slept great. She woke up twice my wife said but she just held her until she went back down. We landed and had to get my plane parked again. We finally found car service. The guy went to the wrong pickup spot. I was getting pissed and finally told him 5 minutes or we are taking a cab instead. I didn’t want my daughter outside that much. We put the cover over her car seat so she was okay but I didn’t like that. He apologized and made sure he drove safely home.

We pulled into the driveway and around the round part to see a huge Welcome Home Peace sign. I’m guessing they made it because it looked a little janked up Lol Lindsay said they had all pitched in to make it so thank you girls, great job. Still a little janked. We got her inside and immediately she was swarmed. Everyone go a chance to look at her. I made sure each one washed their hands and had on a clean shirt then they could hold her. But only for a few minutes. Poor thing got passed around like a bowl of beans Lol Everyone got photos taken real quick and then it was time to get the boys to sit down and meet her. All they wanted to do was touch her and look at her. Heston was fine with her right away. Alex was a little shy until he saw Heston touch her. Now they are obsessed with her. They are trying to learn her name. They know she is sissy. They have that one down. My dog just sniffed her and walked off. He’s over it Lol He’s so done with me and all my babies. He just wants to hang out in the backyard. With it being fenced all the way on the sides and only open to the beach he spends all day out there. He loves it. He even walks on the beach and checks things out. My wife’s cat Tristan hid. I know  he will come out soon but with all the people in the house, he’s a little scared.

Lindsay did a great job on Peace’s nursery. All of the things we didn’t buy she bought them. She even remembered to get the bath chair for newborns. We have the one for the boys but she wouldn’t fit it that one at all. I am so glad she remembered to get it. That makes it a lot easier.

We got all of our bags unpacked and I showed everyone the videos of when we first met her. They saw it on Facebook but Lindz hooked up my phone to the big tv so they could all watch it better. I am such a goofball I didn’t stop smiling the whole time.

The rest of the day was all about resting and making sure we were ready. She’s home and that’s all I care about. My wife has to work all next week she can’t take off. I will be home with the nannies and we can all pitch in. I told Sarah this will be a piece of cake and she said I’m not really thinking about trying to feed Peace with both boys trying to eat her bottle Lol No I guess not but we will work things out.

This morning we are going to Church. Heather and Brandi are staying behind with all of the kids. I need to go thank God for this miracle in our lives. I promised I would go and I think a little break will be good for us. After Church we are going to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Lindsay gave me a list. She eats the weirdest things, I swear. Why does she need powdered sugar? What is she going to put it on? I don’t know.

I’m so happy to be home. My daughter is amazing. I am so in love with her. I hope we are bonding. I’m spending all of my free time with her and the boys and my dog. We are all hanging out together. When I walk out of a room everyone follows me. It’s so good to be home.

I hope everyone has had a great time the past few days. Thank you all again for the great messages I read them and I appreciate all of the congrats. Adoption really is a blessing. It’s a long, long road of waiting and hoping. I don’t know how this happened soon but it’s been almost a year. I guess it was longer than I thought. I had forgotten when I filed the adoption paperwork. I put it all on hold a few times but as soon as I released it and opened us up for it to happen, bam, 7 months later! God is so good to me.

Go to Church everyone, thank God for all your blessings. Have a great Sunday!

We have her!

We have Peace! We filled out all of the paperwork. The birth mom did not want to meet us. She was very sweet and told them she knows God found the right couple and she doesn’t want to know anything about us. I told the Hospital administrator lady and social services lady to ask her one more time please, they did and she declined so I accepted it. I prayed for her, I prayed for Peace and I let it go. That’s what God has taught me. Accept, reassess, let go, Let God.

I just put the video up from when they brought Peace into the room they had us wait in. I put up my mini tripod and put my phone on it so everyone could see it. I was going to Facebook Live it but I didn’t. Yes my wife and I were both crying. I kissed her perfect little head half a dozen times. She has so much black hair Lol I was amazed. My boys didn’t have this much hair. She has the sweetest little face and she’s very quiet. I know once she gets the cobwebs out of her lungs she will let me have it but for now she’s very chill.

We Facetimed with the boys and they both said Ooooohhh. They have no idea what a sister is but they are about to learn. My wife looks so amazing holding her. That’s what really got me. My wife holding our daughter. Wow. That’s what life is all about. I told her in a few more months we will be doing this all over again and she said when she married me she knew I wanted a lot of kids, she did too but even this is surprising. I told her we can stop for a few years. I don’t want number 5 and 6 to come so soon. She agreed and also told me I was cut off Lol Oh no! I don’t want to be cut off!

Thanks for all the great comments that keep coming in on Facebook. Isn’t she the most beautiful baby girl you have ever seen. She is mixed race. Half Asian/Half Caucasian. I don’t see that as a problem at all and I know her life is going to be perfect. If anyone says one damn thing about her ethnicity they are going to put me in a Try Me mood and I will have something to say about it. No way will I let anyone pick on her.

I get bullied enough online I won’t let that happen to my kids. Not ever. Lindsay has been working very hard to get the trolls accounts Locked up and Suspended. She also has been matching up their IP addresses from Twitter and Yelp. How dumb are they to actually use their real names and locations on Yelp Lol It makes it very easy for her to figure out what troll is what IP and she bans them on here. I told her I want everyone Unsuspended once a month because I believe in second chances. She says she doesn’t and it’s her decision to keep all of them blocked so sorry guys. Unless it was an accidental blocking, you nasty women are permanently banned. She’s also banning your proxy websites you still try to use to read my blog. If you are banned, how about stay away? I don’t read anything you say to me on Twitter, you are all muted. Lindsay is the one that goes around once a day to get you all kicked off. I don’t even know how she does it. All I know is she tells me who is locked up and who got suspended. That’s all I see. That new Mute button, wow that thing works great. I see NOTHING Lol I love it. They are getting nailed for spamming me. If they send me over 5 tweets in a row we can get them locked up in a few hours she told me. That’s amazing. I really want to thank Jack and Biz and all of her friends at Twitter for helping me out. It’s making things so much quieter. I love that.

The hospital doctors all told me to wait a few days before we fly home. I asked if it’s easier for us to just drive back they said she will be okay in 2 more days so we will be here until Saturday morning. I asked if we could bring her back before we leave to make sure and they said yes. This hospital is so awesome. We took photos with her and the staff that was taking care of her. The OB/GYN said she was a very easy birth, 4 big pushes and she came out. He said after a little suction and shaking her chest a few times she let out a big scream and was ready for life. She’s a little bigger than my boys were. She’s healthy that’s all I care about. I counted and kissed 10 little fingers and 10 little toes.

We are at the hotel. I signed everything I needed to sign. I spoke with my adoption attorney and she said if the hospital social services and administration cleared us we could leave. I put my little peanut in her baby car seat and drove about 10 mph over to the hotel Lol My wife said you can speed up a little Sam. I said precious cargo!

She’s taking a nap right now. My wife and I each took a shower so we are completely cleaned up. We have no plans other than to go get food for ourselves. We have formula we are feeding her. We are starting her out on vegan formula. I am going to try this once again. If she starts presenting issues like Alex did I will take her immediately off of it. I won’t go through that again it made me feel like a horrible father. It was all my fault. I decided, he wasn’t thriving so I threw away an entire case of formula.

It’s a 2 and a half hour flight from here so it won’t be that long. My wife said she’s small enough right now she can handle it and after that we won’t have her fly until we leave for Paris. My wife will be moving in November. I’m following with all 3 kids in January. We have a plan and as far as ya’ll have seen God always has another plan for me.

I keep taking pictures of Peace. I was surprised we aren’t taking too much crap for her name. I really thought our family and friends would have a lot more to say about it but so far no. They love it. It really is a beautiful name. I love it. Taylor is for my cousin Taylor who passed away years ago. Her death had a major impact on my life and I wanted to honor her. My wife is the one that came up with Peace. I love it but at first I was like Nooooooooo, that’s weird. It grew on me and she was pretty adamant. I’m happy she got to name our daughter. She said at least we can make her nursery with all kinds of peace signs, that’s easy. Yes it is Lol Great point!

My wife just got back with our food. I love ya’ll and I will update you more tomorrow. I need to go eat. I can’t wait for my boys to meet their little sister. I will video it!


Weekend with the boys

My friends from Nebraska came into town Friday morning. We spent most of the day trying to figure out what places we wanted to visit on this trip. Some of them had some pretty strong opinions of what they didn’t want to do but we all agreed, Cubs games all weekend! After the Friday game we went to a few bars in Wrigleyville. That was a lot of fun. Most of the time we just go home so it was different for me to hang out a little amongst all of the fans. Everyone in Cub Nation is very nice. As long as you support the Cubs. You say anything wrong and that’s it. Conversation over.

Saturday we spent all morning playing with my boys and taking them swimming. Everyone loved that. My boys really enjoy having more men to hang with. They went up to all of them at one point and it was nice to see my favorite people on the planet interact with my kids. Drew even said we all waited a long time for these 2 to come around. I said I know I know. I really do have the most loyal group of dudes. They defend me without thinking twice, they pick on me like I’m the older brother and they love my kids with all they have. Very true friends. Saturday’s Cubs game was not so great but still a lot of fun. After that game we went and picked up my boys and took them out again. This time my wife stayed home. She said she wanted a break. She’s also not feeling that great thanks to the bun in the oven we created. With the heat wave hitting Chicago she decided air conditioning was what she wanted over having a great time hanging out with us. We dropped the boys off and went out to dinner than went out for the night. I was finally able to show them into the club we invested in. It’s been fixed up now and it’s doing very well financially. It’s been a lot of fun being one of the owners. Free drinks for my buddies, orange juice or water for me. And a safe ride home for all.

Sunday we got up for Church, went to Mass together, ate brunch then went to the last Cubs game of the weekend. Now that game was hooooott! And a great game. At the end of my boys weekend I hated having to drop everyone off at the airport. Big man hugs all around and my 6 best friends from back home headed out. I really miss all of them. They are all at different phases in their lives. Some divorced. Some married. Some unhappily married. Then there’s me. So in love with my wife I can’t think straight. So excited for our new baby to get here as soon as possible. More ready for kids than I have ever been. I really thinking having twins the first time prepares you for everything. I think when our new baby comes next year I will think it’s too easy or something. By then my boys will almost be 2 years old and I think that will be the perfect age difference. Especially if my boys turn into holy terrors in school Lol The teachers will all ask are your brothers Heston and Alex? Yes, then a quiet Oh Sh*t Lol

I’m glad we finally got together. It’s been a while and I needed it. My wife said she loves seeing me so happy and laughing. My friends make me laugh constantly and the stories they tell about me are some how funnier now. I love all of my friends and really appreciate them coming to see me. We all had a great time. We all want to make that a yearly trip. I think I’m going to need it.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend. I have several more posts coming up to stay tuned.